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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Sunset Grill And Pub(Seletar)

Sunset Grill And Pub is quiet a well-hidden place right behind the Seletar Airbase at 140B Piccadilly Road. Since there is not bus access to that area if you don't drive or take a cab you would have to prepare to walk quite a distance (roughly about 2km) from the entrance of the seletar camp(old entrance). Along the way, upon nearer to the restaurant you will pass by a couple of airplane hangers or jet planes which are quite a sight to recognize (for your information there is a small signboard near the entrance of the hangers showing Sunset Cafe) .

The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating area which similar those western country outdoor Al Fresco dining with checker table lining and plastic chairs which so "country style". We arrived at about 6pm on a Saturday evening and all the indoor seating are being fully taken up so we have to join in the outdoor seating which is almost half full.

Our aim for this trip is to try their famous Buffalo Wings which starts from Level 1 - 10 from the menu or it you can have special order from Level 11 - 35 upon request. And anyone who could finished at least one wing of Level 30 or 35 spiciness will have his/her name written on its wall of fame and receive a certificate too.

Since we have tried Level 2 at Buckaroo(read more HERE) we decided to put ourselves to test with their level 5 Buffalo Wings which recommended by my friend Joyce. At the 1st bite the spiciness level was still quite bearable for level 5 and it's only maybe when you have the 3rd bites you would realize the numbness starting to form from your lips onwards. Out of the 6 wings I only managed to conquer two with 30 minutes interval with at least 4 cups of ice water. However to me there is nothing special about these Buffalo Wings except there were deep-fried coated with layers of "HOT" chilli!!!!!!!
Price: Half Dozen Level 5 Buffalo Wings @ S$20.50

To accompany the Buffalo Wings, we also ordered the "BBQ Platter" which comes with serving of half pork ribs rack and half BBQ chicken with fries and some salad green. Overall nothing very special about this set but at least it is still edible.

Although Sunset Grill might seem sort of run-down with wooden tables, plastic chairs and in-accessible location that puts you off but somehow or rather there are still large number of crowds whom are attracted to this country-side style dinning.

Sunset Grill And Pub
140B Piccadilly Road
Seletar Airbase(Republic of Singapore Flying Club), East Camp
Singapore 797754
Telephone: +65 6482 0244

Opening Hours
Daily: 4pm – 11pm; (Closed on Tuesdays)

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Buffet Town International Seafood Mixed Grill and Teppan Yaki

Buffet Town is a pretty new (about 3 months) buffet restaurant located on basement 1 at Raffles City where Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar used to be. The concept of restaurant is quite similar to Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant at Heeren's where you could see a spread of international food in different allocated stalls with 450 Seating Capacity. And for families with active kids, there is a mini playground where young children (between 2 to 8 years) can enjoy themselves with various games and parents can conveniently watch over them whilst eating too.

About three weeks ago we were there for a lunch buffet on Friday and have to join in a long queue(as there were about more than 50 people in front of us) since I could not get through their Reservation Hotline even after a few days of calling.

After about 45 minutes of queuing time we were finally being bought to our seats which were so cramp due to the overwhelming crowds that afternoon. But since everyone was hungry due to the long waiting hour we decided to start with the food without much complaints.

As my boy cannot find his favourite sushi over at the Japanese Counter he decided to settle with some chicken rice. According to him the rice was a oily and not fragrant compared to the usual one he loves to eat but the accompany chicken was still quite tender and juicy.  My aunty and I are both Sashimi lover so after eating the above items shown we both agreed that the Sashimi and cold seafood served are really fresh and definitely worth the price. But on the downside the replenish time was rather slow and a lot of sushi and maki plates were empty each time we went to the Japanese counter.

I was caught by this Rojak Counter while roaming around to check out the different serving counters. My favourite combination of Rojak is always fried fritters(you tiao) with the pairing sauce. But for a chance I decided to try the usual mixed combination and surprisingly the pairing here were rather good and flavorsome too.

You could find Western Food Counters at the right side of the entrance ranging from seafood/mushroom pizza, German sausages, array of pasta cooked according to your choice, soup of the day and etc. And at the back row of the buffet you could also pick up some grilled satay, salmon head, saba fish, king prawns and etc. But bewared of the food from this grilled counter as they are always being snatched off from the serving plates once the cook replenished the items.

After eating all the desire main courses, you can relax at your seats with a cup of freshly brewed coffee/tea or even homemade soya bean milk/beancurd from the beverage counters. To go with your drink, pick your choice of cakes from the Dessert Counters or any waffles or pancake.

Overall Buffet Town has a wide varieties of food which is freshly prepared and served but the only set back is the replenished time of the food is rather a bit slow perhaps due to the overwhelming of crowds or shortage of manpower. If not try to be early and get into the buffet on time in order to sample more choices of food especially those on the Grilled Counter and Japanese Counter. So is like either you get to EAT or you DON'T if you are not fast enough to get the food. Do share with us your dining experience if you have tried Buffet Town before.

Buffet Town International Seafood Mixed Grill and Teppan Yaki
Raffles City, #B1-44E
252 North Bridge Road,
Telephone: (+65) 6837 3793

Operating Hour:
11.30am to 3pm daily (Last order at 2.30pm)
6pm to 10.30pm daily (Last order at 9.30pm)

Pricing for Lunch Buffet:-
Monday to Friday: Adult : $23.80++; *Child : $16.80++
Saturday, Sunday, Eve PH and PH: Adult : $28.80++; *Child : $16.80++

Pricing for Dinner Buffet:-
Monday to Friday: Adult : $33.80++; *Child : $19.80++
Saturday, Sunday, Eve PH and PH: Adult : $38.80++; *Child :$19.80++

  • *Child age 6 to 12 years old
  • Prices are subjected to Service Charge and any other prevailing taxes.
  • Mode of Payment: Cash / NETS / MasterCard / VISA /

  • Thursday, 6 October 2011

    New Dishes From Golden Village Gold Class Lounges

    It has being ages since I last step into cinema to enjoy a good movie as well as pamper myself  at their Gold Class Lounges. Recently Golden Village (GV) has introduce a new Gold Class menu with a mix of hearty Western delights as well as contemporary local favourites to bring an exclusive and luxurious movie experience within the Golden Village Multiplex. (Gold Class is available at GV VivoCity and GV Grand)

    These GV's Gold Class signature dishes are prepared by Executive Chef Chris Foo and Chef de Cuisine Ronnie Ng, backed with almost 50 years of combined culinary experience in French, Continental, Chinese and Singapore cuisines.

    Golden Abalone Soup Noodles @ S$18.00
    (*New / Exclusive to GV VivoCity) 

    If you are looking for something to pamper yourself after a hectic work week while enjoying the movie, perhaps you might want to consider a bowl of this Golden Abalone Soup Noodles. It consists of homemade rich abalone broth served with noodles and accompanied by seafood dumplings, tiger prawn and abalone. And this dish is food for the soul, presenting a hearty yet comfortable option especially for rainy day.

    Trio of Desserts @ S$14.00
    (*New / Available at both GV VivoCity and GV Grand)

    For those who craving for dessert and cannot decide on which to choose; a sugary combination of Cinnamon Praline Mousse, Wild Cherry Almond Tart and Blueberry Pannacotta will be a great choice to delight any sweet tooth.

    Diners may also choose to indulge in the 3-course Gold Class Set Menu at S$30.00 / S$33.00 which includes a choice of one appetizer, one main course, and dessert, served with coffee or TWG Tea, or soft drinks of their choice. And all GV Movie Club members also gets to enjoy a 10% off menu prices at Golden Village Gold Class by presenting their card before payment. For more details, you can visit

    Tuesday, 26 July 2011

    Cotton Bleu - Bistro.Bar.Tapas

    The Cotton Family, winner of last year FairPrice Family CookOff Season 1 has fulfill their dream of owning a restaurant whereby they setup a French-style family restaurant known as "Cotton Bleu". Their restaurant is located along Upper Thomson Road with varieties of choices from Appetizer, Main Course to Dessert. Below are some of their dishes that we have tried during the Press Conference of this year, FairPrice Family CookOff Season 2.


    Marinated Duck wrapped in French Crêpe is one of the finale signature dishes cook up by the Cotton Family, during last year FairPrice Family Cook Off Season 1. The slices of flavorsome duck are wrapped in thin layer of freshly made French Crepe, give it a juicy and smooth combination which is quite different from those popular Asian Peking duck wrapped in pancake wrapper.

    Fresh Mozzarella Salad with Tomato, Prosciutto and Oriental Pears in balsamic vinaigrette with Mint serves as a great option for weight watcher as well as customers on vegetarian option. This is indeed a refreshing dish to start off before the main course.

    Half Dozen baked Escargots with Fresh herbs, Tomato and Garlic Butter suits those who love the combination of herbs, garlic and butter. The texture of the escargots are nicely done and infused with the aroma from the seasonings. And if you prefer you can even dip the bread roll into the butter herbs sauce which gives it with a great finishing taste .

    Roasted Spring Chicken in Beer and Juniper Berries, on a bed of Tagliatelle is my choice for the day. I love the roasted chicken which is wrapped with a layer of bacon which adds an extra flavour to the moist and tender roast which sits on a bed of tagliatelle.

    Grilled Codfish with French Beans in Provencal Sauce taste great with its special tangy Provencal sauce that help to ease out the greasy feel of Cod. But perhaps the french beans can be slightly under cooked to retain it's crunch bites which will be better in taste.

    Rosemary Lamb Racks with Pommes au Gratin and Red Kidney Beans might sounds tough if the rack is not properly cooked. But to our surprise the lamb was juicy and tender pairing with an unusual addition of kidney beans that release a sweet flavour when eaten with the lamb. Overall this dish received quite a number of thumbs up for that day too.

    Cotton Bleu FairPrice CookOff Winning Dessert: Floating Icebergs suits those with sweet tooth especially kids. I love the thick and creamy homemade custard base which top with generous scoop of poached egg white and drizzle of caramel sauce which give it 3 different layers of taste and texture. Indeed this is a very special homemade dessert which is pretty easy to make and it will definitely received well comments from most of guest. If you are interested to put your hand in trying out this dessert you can take a look at their recipe at FairPrice CookOff Official website Here.

    Accordingly to Herve and Susan(owners of the restaurant), during some of the days or special occasions they do prepared limited set of "Special" menu to surprise their guest. So if you want to find out more about their menu or make any reservation, you can either ring up the restaurant directly or drop-by their official facebook page to check their updates on the daily menu too.

    Cotton Bleu - Bistro.Bar.Tapas
    205, Upper Thomson Rd
    Singapore 574345
    Reservation: +65 6252 5525
    Facebook Page: Cotton Bleu - Bistro | Bar | Tapas

    Opening Hours:
    Mon - Fri: 12:00pm - 2:30pm(lunch); 6:00pm - 10:30pm(dinner)
    Sat - Sun: 11:30am - 3:00pm (lunch); 5:00pm - 12:00am(dinner)

    Saturday, 12 February 2011

    [Valentine's Day Special] Fish & Co. XoXo Platter For 2

    Countdown to another 2 more days before Valentine's Day on Monday, 14 February 2011. Have you decide on what to eat and where to make your reservation on this Special Day? If budget is your concern, why not consider this Fish and Co. XoXo platter for 2.

    What's more, for this Valentin's Day Special set it comes with 2 exotic drinks, 2 seafood chowders, a platter for 2, and a hot fudge chocolate cake for sharing that cost LESS than S$50.00 after all the GST and service charges. And this special bargain is available at all Fish and Co. outlets starting from 11 February till 14 February 2011.

    1st 100 couples whom order the xoxo set meal on Valentine’s Day will also get to receive a “Spin the Bottle” raunchy fun game and a limited edition Fish and Co. pouch for FREE. *While stocks last.

    For a start let indulge ourself with a glass of  "Tropical Punch" which is flavour with exotic passion fruit fragrant and sweet sensation taste. You can also adjust the sweetness of this drink by slowly stirring to mix the syrup at the bottom  together with the sparkling water to suit your taste.

    As usual for starter, their signature hot and steamy "Seafood Chowders" is served less than 5 minutes after our order. But today the soup seems a bit diluted and I cannot seems to find my favourite "chowders".

    For Kid's meal, my boy order his favourite "Fish Tale" that comes with a choice of soft drink and you can choose either to have rice or chips as side too. For S$6.00, this can be a huge portion for younger or small appetite kids.

    Most of their serving staffs are very cheerful and friendly towards each and every customers. Some of the staffs even try to keep an eyes on the food serve after each interval in order to make sure there is enough space to cater the food and it is not sitting on the table for too long before it gets cold.

    A minute or two after they clear my empty soup bowl, our XoXo platter arrives with generous array of seafood such as two big pieces of Crispy Salmon, 6 Grilled Peri Peri Prawn, Fried Calamari, Blue Mussels served on bed of paella rice and fresh yummy coleslaw.
    Price: S$39.95 (includes 2 drinks, 2 soups, 1 platter set and 1 dessert)

    The peri peri sauce for the "Char-grilled Prawns" seems a bit different from the one I had at their flagship outlet at Glass House(read more HERE). This one seems to be a bit salty but overall it still taste fine with that hint of char-grilled aroma from the fresh prawns.

      As you have notice Salmon is always one of our favourite seafood dish at home and this "Crispy Salmon" taste great with it's spicy mango vinaigrette dressing which makes it look and taste sort of like those deep-fried fish which served with Thai sweet sauce.

    Although from the initial look you might have the impression that the fish could be tough and dry due to deep-frying process but when you take a bite you will be delighted with it's soft and juicy texture.

    Thanks God their "Fried Calamari" serves in this set is not those chewy rubber band texture which sometime might happen in certain outlets. The one we had this afternoon was great with extra points given to its' crispy and fragrant batter.

    Out of all the items on the platter, these "Blue Mussels in Tomato and Pesto Sauce" are the least favour towards our liking. We find the sauce taste rather cold and sourish and the mussels was a bit over cooked which makes it tough to bite.

    Here is part of my share which is taken from the XoXo Platter Set. Eating in small portions like this makes me less guilty on feasting such a huge portion of seafood platter.

    After waited about 10 minutes I decided to check with the serving staff for the whereabouts of our excited dessert. And to our surprised he has actually forgotten about it.........

    For your information every set of the Valentine's Day XoXo Platter comes with a plate of "Sexy Fudgy Chocolate Cake" as dessert for sharing.

    As you can see from the above photo on our desier for it which makes this our most favourite dessert to order whenever we visit Fish and Co. The warm, moist and rich chocolate cake blends well with the cold and creamy vanilla ice cream which makes this a heavenly match dessert for any age.

    Lastly I would like to thanks Hazel from Thox Pte Ltd and Fish and Co for their dinning vouchers on this Valentine's Special XoXo Platter. I wish each and everyone of you "Happy Valentine's Day", may you and your loves one have a wonderful and memorable time on this special day.

    FISH N CO.
    53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3
    AMK Hub, #02-03
    Singapore 569933
    Telephone: 6555 6298 

    Fax: 6555 6098

    Operating Hours:
    11.30am - 10:00pm Daily

    Tuesday, 21 December 2010

    Western Chow @ Bishan

    Western Chow is a fusion of Western and Hainanese cuisines which starts off their 1st stall in a coffe shop. Now they have 2 outlets and 1 restuarant in Singapore located at Bedok Road (New Restaurant), Lor Ah Soo and Bishan. Their Bishan outlet at the S-11 coffee shop where they offer similar menu like the main restaurant. We order a set of their promotional set meal that comes with Soup, Main Course and Dessert that cost S$7.90 which is quite a good deal for the serving portion.

      Yummy Mushroom Soup with thick and creamy texture that serves together with slices of button mushroom.
    Price: S$2.50 per bowl

      Each main course comes with two sides of your choice and the waitress has mistaken my orders and swaps one of my sides of this "Chicken Chop with Mushroom Sauce" set from coleslaw to rice. Overall we find their chicken chop is quite tender and it goes pretty well with their mushroom sauce.
    Price: S$5.90 per plate

    Some of my twitter friends who tried their main course over at Bedok Road Restaurant suggest that this “Dory Fish with Assam” is a good catch to try out. The grilled herb dory fillet taste fresh and moist with a twist of their Assam sauce that goes well with rice as side.
    Price: S$6.00 per plate

    Complimentary dessert for the set meal perhaps can be something better than these miserable slices of peach cocktail in syrup.

    Western Chow's food is definitely suitable for everyone as it is Halal which means all Singaporean can enjoy it according to their preference  of choices from the menu.

    Western Chow
    S-11 Coffee Shop
    Block 504 Bishan Street 11
    Singapore 570504
    Telephone: +65 8188 1901

    Thursday, 28 October 2010

    Fish & Co. New 4Fs Dining

    Recently in September 2010 Fish & Co has launched their new 4Fs in dining which are “Fresh healthy food, Fabulous service, Family-friendly environment and Fun”. And in order to serve healthier food to their customers they also introduce some new dishes prepared by cooking methods such as bake, poach or grill which are approved by the Health Promotion Board’s Healthier Choice.

    At our recent visit to their flagship Glass House outlet at Park Mall on the “Halloween Set”(read more HERE), we also tried out one of their new items on the Grilled menu section which we find it rather a good choice from the usual deep-fried stuffs.

    To complete the set meal, you can always top up another S$5.50 for an additional soup of the day and complimentary drink or coffee. On that day we are lucky to have our favourite “Clam Chowder” served as the soup of the day. We love the thick and cream soup with chunk of vegetables and lovely seafood taste in it. But we felt a little pity that it would be great if it does serve with some toast which we could dip them with the soup.

    For those who frequent Fish & Co I am sure there is definitely one condiment that suits your taste out from the range that they served. For us their Sambal Chili and Tatar Sauce are always the two items that we are to grab for more. Here are some of the condiments that they would usually served:- Tatar Sauce(White), Sambal Chili, Minced Garlic, Sweet Chili Sauce and etc.

    We have "Pasta & Shrimp" as starter because we love its light and refreshing taste with a tinge of cold noodle and crunchy bites of shrimps and salad green that are toss with the special dressing and sesame seeds. For your information, this starter is also one of dishes with the Health Promotion Board’s Healthier Choice symbol.

    Our family loves fish especially when they are grilled with herbs or spices as this method retains the freshness and sweetness of the fish. And for those who love their fish with a hint of spiciness, I would recommend this New “Grilled Red Fish Fillet with Peri-peri Sauce”. The peri peri sauce used in this dish is not those extreme "spicy” type and I find it blends quiet well with the grilled fish that you could still taste the freshness of the fish.

    This set also comes with 2 sides of your choice which you could choose from either mashed potato, mixed vegetable, homemade coleslaw, rice and etc. As for me I find their butter rice goes well with the fish and you can also pair them together with either mixed vegetables or coleslaw to balance the meal.
    Price: $15.95 per set (serve with 2 sides of your choice)

    As usual after you have made the payment, their friendly staffs would always offer you some mint sweets depending on the number of person. And this is also one of their signature items that even some patrons would love to purchase some extra to bring home. For those who are interested, Fish & Co NEW healthier menu is available at all Fish & Co outlets around Singapore or you could join their exciting Facebook Page for more upcoming contests at this link HERE too.