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Thursday 9 February 2012

Thai Green Curry Roast Chicken

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The quickest way to enjoy a bowl of comfort curry dish at home is by using curry paste that is easily available at major supermarkets. In Singapore there are many different types of curry pastes ranging from Chinese(Singapore curry, nonya curry), Malay(rendang, kari ayam), Indian(fish curry), to international choice of Japanese, Thai and etc.

Here we are using Thai Green Curry paste which is best with chicken(recipe HERE), pork or seafood whereas Thai Red Curry works best with beef, lamb or oily fish such as salmon.

Monday 10 October 2011

Chilli Jam Chicken

When it comes to prepare dishes for our daily meals I am always on the move in searching or creating quick and easy dish that can be served within an hour. With a kid at home as well as busying with work and household chores sometime I would also need some help from those instant sauce to add flavour to the dishes. Like example; today I am using the "Dancing Chef - Special Sauce" which is a closer version in term of taste to the western "chilli jam". And this sauce actually goes well either meat and seafood too.

Tuesday 16 November 2010

Thai Green Curry Chicken

Our family prefers Thai Green Curry when compared to their Red Curry even though sometime it might tends to be slightly spicy and it has that hint of sweetness that is not usually associated with red curries. Plus by adding some fresh Thai basil and kaffir lime leaves together with extra dose of coconut milk it actually lifts up the aroma and taste of this dish too.