Tuesday 16 November 2010

Thai Green Curry Chicken

Our family prefers Thai Green Curry when compared to their Red Curry even though sometime it might tends to be slightly spicy and it has that hint of sweetness that is not usually associated with red curries. Plus by adding some fresh Thai basil and kaffir lime leaves together with extra dose of coconut milk it actually lifts up the aroma and taste of this dish too.

There are basically three common types of bail leaves used in the Thai cuisines which are “Thai Holy Basil”, “Thai Lemon Basil” and “Thai Basil”. It is rather difficult to get hold of Thai holy basil in Singapore compared to the Lemon and Sweet Basil which we could get it from some vegetables stalls in the wet markets or supermarkets. The one shown in the photo above is the “Thai Basil” which is sweet with an unusual basil flavor that commonly use not only in Thai but Vietnamese cuisines as well.

It has deep green leaves which is smaller and not round like the Western sweet basil. You can also find reddish purple flower buds on top of it with some white flowers too. Both the leaves and flowers provide sweet fragrance together with a mixture of a distinctly basil scent of anise which is great for meat and salad dishes.

There are the ingredients and steps to prepare the Thai Green Curry Chicken:-

Ingredients: (Serves 2 - 3)
1 Packet of Dancing Chef Green Curry Paste
1 Skinless Chicken Breast Fillet, 250g
200ml Coconut Milk
100ml Water
3 Small Eggplant, cut into halves
10 Cherry Tomato
1 Big Chilli, cut into thick slices
3 Kaffir Lim Leaves
Some Thai Basil Leaves and Flower, optional

1. Rinse, trim and cut the chicken breast fillet into thick strips and set aside.
2. Heat a pot or wok with 1 tablespoon of oil, add in the Thai green curry paste and saute for a few second before dropping in the chicken breast strips and give it a quick stir.
3. Cooked the chicken for about 30 seconds before adding in the Chilli, Eggplants, Kaffir Lime leaves, Basil leaves and its Flowers.
4. Give the chicken mixture a quick toss then pour in the coconut milk and water mixture, simmer it over medium heat.
5. When the mixture comes to boil again add in the cherry tomato, lower the heat and simmer for another 10 - 15 minutes till the chicken is cooked.
6. Remove from heat, garnish with extra basil leaves and serve with steam white rice.

Dancing Chef Green Curry Paste is a typical Thai dish made with fresh green chilies and blend of herbs and spices. This easy-to-use paste can be used to make delicious delicate green curry with any kind of meat or seafood together with some vegetables such as tomato or eggplant. I believe you could easily grab a pack of this in local supermarkets or provision stores near your area.

Sometime I find that with all these handy quick fix spice paste that are available in the supermarkets it actually helps to make our daily meals much hazels free when it comes to the preparations of grinding and blending those spices and etc. With the ready-made spices we could easily whip up a pot of homemade Thai Green Curry in just less than 30 minutes and everyone would get to enjoy it for dinner after a hectic day at work. For quick snacks, you could also use this paste together with some potato and chicken cubes to make Thai green curry puff or pies too.


  1. omg i love thai green curry lots! wonderful medley of colors on the pics too. where do u normally buy thai basil? chong pang? i love the licorice-like taste and smell of it, and thai basil with minced chicken is one of my favorite thai dishes too. hv to try your pork version soon, thx for sharing the recipes :)

  2. Hi Evan,

    Yup...we love Thai Green Curry too. I usually bought the Thai Basil from one of the veg stall at Chong Pang Market which cost around $2.50 for a bunch. I have tried both the "Stir-fried Chicken/Pork with basil leave" and shared the pork version in the last few post. The chicken version will be up soon :p

  3. oh , it looks so yummy...I love Thai curry ! all the colors ! By the way , is this Dancing Chef Green Curry Paste made in Singapore?

    Amy from Germany

  4. Hi Amy,

    According to the spice pack, it is stated as "Product of Thailand" but manufactured in Hong Kong then imported to Singapore.

  5. I love your green curry very much..I would try it some day..Just 1 question..can we eat the basil flower or just part of the decoration?

  6. Hi Dessary, thanks for your compliment. The basil flower you can use it to stir-fried with meat or cooked curry. But i am sure sure whether can eat it fresh a not.

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