Wednesday 24 November 2010

Go Green with Tupperware TaPau Set

BYO (Bring Your Own) TaPau Set is Tupperware's latest innovation which is designed to hold anything from Noodle-soup to Economic Mixed Vegetable Rice, muffins and snacks for tea-break or family picnic which could helps t0 promote an Eco-friendly environment by using own our own containers. Previously I used to "TaPau (takeaway in Cantonese)" or packed my own lunch to work(sample HERE) in order to avoid the peak hour lunch crowds in CBD (Central Business District) area. As sometime it might take more than 10 minutes just to look for a seat and another 10 - 15 minutes queuing up for food. So in order not to waste the precious 1 hour lunch time I always prepared my own lunch using microwave reheatable containers.

Yesterday I have received a complementary 3-tier TaPau set from Tupperware which comes in my favourite bright "yellow" colour that makes it look so trendy compare to those metal type of tingkat tapau containers. In exchange for the complementary set, they would like us to try this new launched product and share our views about using it. Surprising my mum also has a similar 2-tier "TaPau" set which is square in design that she bought about 10 years back. But compared her set with this latest improved design, the new TaPau set that I have possess a better quality of material as well as a vent cap on each covers.

So today I decided to try out this beautiful and handy Eco-friendly container by going around my favourite stalls to “TaPau” some breakfast before heading to work. As this is my very first time bringing along such a “modern” design container I could feel some people in my queue and the stall owner tend to give me that odd “look”. But despite of that I told myself at least I am doing my part to reduce the usage of plastic containers and bags to help a bit on saving the environment.

Finally without much hassle I managed to pack two different types of breakfast using the "dish" container and when my colleagues saw this handy “TaPau” containers they are pretty impressive with the design and function. From there we realise that actually most of us do have a set or two of Tupperware containers at home which we could make good use of it to promote Eco-friendly environment. But still there are many people around who dislike the idea of bringing their own containers due to the extra washing up after meal or carrying around some big bulky container to and from work which they might felt unglam.

Below are some benefits of bring your own Tupperware containers to stay SAFE and at the same time help to SAVE the environment:-

* It is made from food-grade materials which is toxin-free.
* Colours conform to the strictest international standards.
* Tested and proven that it do not leach chemicals into food.


* Replaces the need for plastic bags and styrofoam containers.
* Using Tupperware containers reduces landfills that leach toxic chemicals into the soil and waterways.
* You can USE and REUSE for a lifetime as it is backed by Tupperware Lifetime Warranty.

For your information, each container is attached with an air-tight cover to prevent linking of food as well as a cute little round Vent Cap on the side.

This vent cap on top of the cover is meant for the steam to escape while reheating the food in the microwave.

This handy TaPau Set comprises of Crystalwave Dish(x2) in 1-Litre capacity, Crystalwave Bowl(x1) in 2-Litres capacity, Noodle Holder (x1) and a Grip-n-Go Cariolier. You could easily assemble the containers from the steps shown below and some help from the photo above.

1. The Tupperware logo must be facing up to ensure proper assembly of Grip-n-Go Cariolier.

2. To secure the Grip-n-Go Cariolier, slotting one side of the handle into the hook from the bottom and push in the other side to snap and lock.

3. Adjust the side handle of all the containers in same direction with the Tupperware logo facing up on the Grip-n-Go Cariolier and snap on all the handles.

4. The fully assembled set which is ready to go.

For those who are interested to know more about this product, recently there is an event organised by Tupperware on "Bring Your Own (BYO) TaPau Campaign". In this campaign there will be a “Be Spotted” event to spot and reward those who brings along their own container during lunch hour between 12.00pm - 2.00pm at the following Banquet Foodcourt starting from:-

~ 26 Nov (Vivo City)
~ 03 Dec (Parkway Parade)
~ 10 Dec (City Square Mall)

If you are working around that area do drop by with your own “tapau” containers and get spotted and reward with Tupperware goodies by a special celebrity guest. I am sure everyone of us can help to do a little bit by bringing along our own container when ordering takeaway as this will to cut down on the usage of disposal containers, utensils and plastic bags which are harmful to the environment in long run.

Preview on Tupperware TaPau Set - Part II:

Other then the two
Crystalwave Dish containers shown above, BYO TaPau set also has a bigger size container that is specially use for noodle with soup and is divided into 3 parts such as:- the Crystalwave bowl Noodle holder (with holes that can keep the noodles warm and moist from the steam of the soup), and a Cover with a Vent cap for steam to escape. I would share with you in details on how to use this bowl on the next upcoming post on the "Tupperware PaPau Set".

Till then, remember to drop by on the above mentioned Banquet Foodcourt on the dates shown with your own food container and get spotted to win some fabulous goodies by Tupperware. Good Luck!

This post is sponsored by Tupperware Singapore but the opinions expressed are 100% mine. No photos or text may be reproduced without seeking prior permission.

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