Tuesday 9 November 2010

Li Fang Porridge @ Albert Street Food Centre

Taking about porridge/congee in Singapore there are a few choices for patrons to select such as Cantonese Style, Teochew Fish Porridge or Hainanese Lean Pork Congee. Today I would to share with you a stall at the newly renovated Albert Centre Market & Food Centre at Queen Street. Whenever I drop-by this food centre, I could always see people queuing up at this “Li Fang Porridge” stall that is near the lift area facing Fu Lu Shou Complex. This round since we want something light for lunch I decided to join in the queue to try their porridge.

From the appealing menu at the stall, I ordered these two items which are Mixed Pork Congee and Century Egg & Lean Meat Congee. Personally I preferred "Mixed Pork Congee(猪什粥)" since childhood because I love the mixture of pork intestines and liver in the congee. I still remember my granny would always share a bowl of this with me whenever she picks me up from the school. Although the porridge at “Li Fang” is smooth and fragrant but the ingredients were kind of less in quantity that makes the congee look rather empty. I think I only managed to find 2 pieces of deep-fried pork intestines and pork liver in that bowl.
Price: S$3.00 per bowl

This is the "Century Egg & Lean Meat Congee(皮蛋瘦肉粥)" with a few cubes of century eggs and slices of lean meat. The good factor about this porridge is it comes with a compliment hot and crispy fried dough fritter(油条, youtiao) which makes the congee taste even more delicious when eating them together.
Price: S$2.80 per bowl

This congee stall also have other choices such as sliced fish congee, mixed scallop congee, chicken congee, frog congee and even raw fish(生鱼片) to go with the congee. For your information there is another "Li Fang Porridge (丽芳粥品) " located in ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre too. Just wonder are these two stalls under the same boss or related business. Do share with us if you know any place that sell delicious congee that is worth trying.

丽芳粥品 Li Fang Porridge
270 Queen Street
Albert Centre Market & Food Centre
Singapore 180270

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