Tuesday 30 November 2010

Photographing & Tasting Event @ Sarang, Orchard Central

Last Saturday I was invited to a Food Photographing and Tasting Event at "Sarang" a newly setup Korean Restaurant on the rooftop level of Orchard Central. The main aim of this event is to launch the “OC Foodies” Food photography Contest where they invited local famous food blogger, Leslie Tay(from ieatishootipost) to share with us some of his food photographing tips together with some hands-on session with him.

During this event the chefs from Sarang prepared many tasty dishes for us to have our hands-on photography session together with array of sample tasting dishes to excite our sight and taste bub.  The above photo shows the popular Korean Spicy Hotpot known as “Amy Stew” which consists of ingredients such as:- Kimchi, Sausage, Spam and tofu and etc. This will be a great choice during rainy day.
Price: S$12.80 per pot

This is totally different from our Asian Stir-fried Vermicelli (炒冬粉) with egg, pork or etc. It is known as "Sarang Japchae" with comes with vibrant colour and light fragrant of sesame oil taste.
Price: S$6.80 per plate

Kimchi a traditional fermented Korean dish which is made of vegetables with varied seasonings. In Sarang they also offer "Fresh Kimchi" in their appetiser menu.
Price: S$4.80 per bowl

There are about 9 different types of Main Course available in their menu with interesting names such as "Angry Piggy", "Superstar", "Godfather" and etc. Above is their "Drunken Pork” dish which is wine-marinated pork belly that is grilled and served with kimchi on sizzling hotplate.
Price: S$15.80 per plate

"Godfather" a very special name for this dish that comes with a 300g of grilled beef steak in chef's special spicy sauce.
Price: S$48.00 per plate

Ladies you should not missed out this fruity taste of “Godmother” beef steak if prefer something light and fruity.
Price: S$48.00 per plate

"Sun and Moon" is indeed a very innovative name for this dish where you can see the colour contrast between the kimchi fried rice and the sunny side up egg that is served in a hotplate style. Wonder how it taste like if I would to scramble them together.
Price: S$8.80 per plate

If you prefer something light perhaps this "Ginseng Porridge" with mild ginseng taste and chicken would suits your taste. For me this is quite tasty and fragrant but overall I find it a bit towards the gluey texture which makes it taste like Cantonese “congee”.
Price: S$6.80 per bowl

If you love to take photos of your food, Orchard Central would likes to invite all public to submit their best photographs of food taken at any Orchard Central food and beverage establishment between 21 November to 30 December 2010. Submit your photographs to "http://www.orchardcentralfoodies.com/" to join the contest. I have submitted mine too so please help to give me your valuable supports by clicking on the "LIKE" at this link HERE. Thanks.

The prizes for the winning entries are:-
* Grand Prize: $400 cash + $50 OC F&B voucher
* 2nd Prize: $300 cash + $50 OC F&B voucher
* 3rd Prize: $200 cash + $50 OC F&B voucher
* 4th Prize: $100 cash + $30 OC F&B voucher
* 5th Prize: $50 cash + $30 OC F&B voucher

Guest Judge of the contest Mr Leslie Tay(ieatishootipost) will select 5 lucky winners almong all eligible submissions based on the following criteria:-

~ Creativity/Originality (50%)
~ Quality of Composition (30%)
~ Public Voting/Comments (20%)

Lastly I would like to thank Eunice Lim from Smarter digital marketing & communications and Sarang Korean Restaurant for the invitation.

Sarang - Heartbeat of Seoul
181 Orchard Road
#07-01 Orchard Central
Singapore 238896
Reservation: +65 6773 1322
Website: www.sarang.com.sg
Email: ask@sarang.com.sg

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