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Sunday 17 July 2011

Season 2 of Family Cook Off Sponsor by FairPrice And HPB

"FairPrice Family Cook Off", a Singapore version of family cooking competition, returns for a second season on Asian Food Channel and E City airing on Starhub TV from 25 October 2011 to 06 December 2011. Same as last year the show will be bought to you by NTUC FairPrice and produced by Brand New Media. But this year there will be a partnership with Health Promotion Board (HPB) to increase the awareness of using healthier ingredients in cooking.

The second season of Family Cook Off will be hosted by celebrity couple Evelyn Tan and Darren Lim, who are both household names in local English and Chinese television circles. Whereas the Judge will be Fay Khoo, author and television host for various Malaysian food guides and television programmes.  She is also the founding partner of her own brand spices "Miss Khoo's Asian Deli" and currently food editor and columnist for TIME OUT KL and Esquire.

Filming of FairPrice Family Cook Off Season 2 will take place at the Marina Bay Golf Club, with the first episode scheduled to air on 25 October 2011 on the Asian Food Channel and E City. Subsequent episodes will be broadcasted on both channels every Tuesday thereafter at 8pm. Recipes from each episode will also be available at selected NTUC FairPrice stores or on and

Similar to previous year, the FairPrice Family Cook Off follows a knock-off competition format. Each week, two families will go head-to-head in three 20 minutes cook off challenges using mandatory ingredients provided to create their dish. The breakdowns of their tasks include:-

~ A Family's Signature Dish;

~ A recipe makeover challenge that requires the cooks to put a health spin on a Popular Singapore Dish (example: Laksa); and

~ A mystery ingredient challenge by using four ingredients and five minutes to plan and cook up a creative dish.

Registrationis opens to public from 15 July 2011 to 05 August 2011 via their official website at Participants will be picked through a process that includes interviews, and tests on their skills and ability to work as a team. In addition to winning the grand prize of an "all-expense paid trip" to a mystery location, the winning family will receive S$1,000 of FairPrice gift vouchers too.

Cooking Demonstration by
Winner of FairPrice Family Cook Off 2010

The Cotton Family, winner of FairPrice Family Cook Off Season 1 shares they experiences and thoughts about last year event. Father, Herve says that they didn't expect to win the Family Cook Off Championship but they really enjoy whole process of bonding and fun time shared as a family during the cooking event.

Above shows a live cooking demo on their finale signature dessert done during Family Cook Off Season 1 which is known as Floating Iceberg. According to Herve this a family recipe pass to him from his mum and it is actually poached egg white served with custard, fruit and caramel sauce.

And fresh from their win last year, they also opened a French-style family restaurant known as "Cotton Bleu" at 205 Upper Thomson Road with range of choices from Appetizer, Main Course to Dessert. Will share more on their menu on the next post.

In order to participate in this year Season 2 Family Cook Off. Click on their official site at for more more detail and registration form. Good Luck.

Sunday 8 August 2010

Singapore CookOff @ Palawan Beach, Sentosa

The hit cooking competition has made it’s way to the shores of Singapore and yesterday I am so honour and delighted to be given a chance to check out this event in person at Palawan Beach, Sentosa where they have the live filming of Singapore CookOff show.

Thanks Bryan, Priority Consultants and Talya from SIS Sugar for their warm invitation to witness the live filming of FairPrice CookOff and at the same time participating in their Family Fun Day events.

Since we have to reach the filming site an hour before the starting time around 10.00am. We have to wake up rather early and be at the Sentosa Express station at Vivo City to board the express train to Beach station to get to the Palawan Beach.

We reached Palawan Beach around 9.00am and due to slight drizzling; the audiences are advice to stay in-door at the waiting area till the weather is better for filming. So while waiting, I went around to the check out some of the stands where they are doing some set-up before the event starts.

Around 10.00am, the producing crews are busying getting everyone and things ready for before the filming starts. Although the sky is still drizzling and everyone seems a bit unwilling to sit at the audience seats, but the assistance AP is very sweet and patient to settle everyone down in order to smooth the filming process.

Although this is not my 1st time viewing live filming but it is indeed another good exposure to witness live cooking show on the beach area. And perhaps it is also another eye-opening events for us to experience the "secret side" of the hosts and producers where they have to take about 30 minutes to film 10 minutes of clips with all the NGs and etc. We are also shock to know that for a normal 60 minutes TV shows, it actually took about 4 hours of shooting time.......

This program hosts by favourite local artiste Pornsak and international host Asha Gill where all the participated families will be put to the ultimate culinary test, to prepare three dishes with only 20 minutes for each. This exciting new cooking show coming soon to Channel 8 in Mid-October 2010

Each episode is film in 3 different interval where the participants have to cook a dishes based on the specify ingredients on each session. And during filming, each group is required to cook a dish within 20 minutes including: - preparation, cooking and serving. Too bad, due to the filming restriction, I cannot walk around and take better photos of the dishes.

These are the only two food photos that I managed to get a shot of from the participants of the two teams. The 1st photo on top is a sandwich with kiwi smoothie by red team while the 2nd photo is deep-fried shisamo with kiwi dipping sauce by blue team.

Guess what, Dr Leslie Tay, a very popular Singapore food blogger whom blog on "ieatishootipost" appears to be one of the judges for the CookOff show.

Other than watching the CookOff filming, we also had a great fun at those stands such as SIS Sugar where kids and adults can lay their hands on cupcake decorating. And there are also some food sampling, candy giveaways and live performances of the SIS Jingle Jam Contest too.

Others such as FairPrice stand comes with some kids face painting, free popcorn and games. And there are some fun arts and crafts at the Lam Soon stand, PERFECT ITALIANO's and etc too. Joyce also takes the opportunity to do some temp tattoo on her leg too :) Posted by Picasa

Thursday 29 July 2010

Great Singapore Cook Off & SIS Fun Day

What are you planning to do during the coming National Day long weekend from 07 - 09 August 2010? Perhaps you might want to mark out 07th & 08th August in your diary for a fun-filled family day at Palawan Beach, Sentosa. With the new Integrated Resort (IR) that lines with many great activities and eateries, you can even take a break off to pamper you and your family by have a short stay at any of the resort hotel.

Remember a few weeks back, I have shared a post on the “FairPrice Family COOK OFF” and now the big day has come and they are going to have the live filming of this “Cook Off” program at Sentosa. There will be lots of free activities including face painting, arts and crafts, games, sand sculpting and many prizes and giveaways throughout the day. You can read up more on their official website HERE.

The organizer of this event would like to invite all readers and bloggers to join this upcoming event where SIS Sugar (click HERE for details) will be laying on lots of great activities for you and your family such as:-

~ Icing demonstration: 10 – 20 kids can participate in this
~ Registration for Cupcake Decoration contest opens

~ Cupcake Decoration contest begins

~ “SIS Jingle Jam” competition – live performance (spot prizes)
~ Candy floss
~ Giveaway Kids making sprinkle messages on Sticky lollipops

~ End of Cupcake Decoration Award for most decorative cupcake

~ “SIS Jingle Jam” competition – live performance (spot prizes)

~ SIS Trivia: fact-sharing session about SIS Sugar (spot prizes)

~ Kids making sprinkle messages on Sticky lollipops

~ “SIS Jingle Jam” competition – live performance (spot prizes)

So hurry! Plan your day on 07 - 08 August 2010 with your family to enjoy these interesting programs where you might take a glimpse on the filming of the "Great Singapore Cook Off". But for meanwhile, you can also participate with their online Jingle where you can show off your talent and creativity in design your very own jingle to stand a chance to win attractive prizes as such S$1,000 CASH.

For more details on creating the Jingle event, do hope by to their facebook website at:-

Till then, hope to see you around at Palawan Beach, Sentosa during the upcoming Events and Good Luck to you if you are joining the Jingle Jam too :)

p/s: All photos used on this post credit to SIS Sugar & Cook Off Singapore.