Friday 7 April 2006

Fish Porridge With Fresh Lily Bulb

Since I still have some left over Kai Lan from cooking the Mix Vegetable Alphabets Pasta. I decide to use it together with some other ingredients in the fridge to cook Fish Porridge With Fresh Lily Bulb. This porridge consists a few kinds of vegetables, walnuts, fish and fresh lily bulb which makes an appetizing and nutrition dish for toddler. Besides that I also mix in some yellow millet with rice to cook the porridge in order to boost up the flavour.

Thursday 6 April 2006

Mixed Vegetable With Alphabet Pasta

Make this Alphabet Pasta (ABC) with Mix Vegetables Soup for my boy this afternoon. He loves to eat this Alphabets Pasta as compared to Macaroni and he will request me to cook this at least once or twice a week. As for the ingredients I often add in dice potato, carrot and fishball. Today I try to add in another new ingredient which is known as Kai Lan (芥兰) stem since my son is picky with greens and the easier way to add them in his diet is through soup.

Wednesday 5 April 2006

Fish Soup With Tian Ma

This Fish and  Tian Ma Soup (天麻生鱼汤) is a very nourishing soup for person with poor blood circulations and numbness in hands and legs. Besides the above, it can also cure coldness in the body with additional herbs such as Dang Gui, Red and Black Dates. So if you feel giddy and numb in certain parts of the body, you can try cooking this soup twice a week to see whether it works on you. And sometime certain people needs to take more frequent before they can see the effect.

Saturday 1 April 2006

Mixed Vegetables And Walnut Porridge

Tried making this porridge twice by adding different ingredients such as minced pork, carrot, potato and walnut to cook with the mixture of Rice Grain (白米) and Yellow Millet (黄小米). And for this meatless recipe, I have added more vegetables to make it a healthier and nutritious porridge for young children. Although the most time consuming part is to remove the skin from the dry walnut but when seeing how much my boy loves the porridge I think it is worth the effort.