Wednesday, 5 April 2006

Fish Soup With Tian Ma

Fish Soup With Tian Ma(天麻生鱼汤) is a very good soup for person with poor blood circulations and numbness in the with hands and legs. It’s can cure the coldness in the body and as well tonic it with Dang Gui, Red & Black Dates. So if you do feel giddy and numb in certain parts of the body, you can try cooking this soup twice a week and see how is works on individual. Some might need to take more before you can see the effect.

Tian Ma(天麻): It’s shops pain and calms the spirits and it’s also good for treating pain in the waist, head and joints.

Red Dates(红枣): It’s a blood tonic and can be used widely with other ingredients to nourish the body.

Dang Gui(当归): It tastes sweet hot and of warm nature. It benefits and balances the blood, regulates menses, treats pain and soothes the intestine.

Ginger(老姜): When the ingredients or the drinkers body are of cold nature, use a few slices of mature ginger to expel and prevent Coldness.

Ingredients: (serves 2)
$2 - $3 Of Sheng Yu Slices(生鱼片)
4-5 Slices Of Tian Ma(天麻)
4 Slices Of Dang Gui(当归)
4 Red Dates (红枣)
4 Black Dates (黑枣)
1 Teaspoon Ji Zi (枸杞子)
2 Slices Of Ginger (老姜)

¼ Teaspoon Salt
1 Tablespoon Rice Wine(米酒)

1. Wash the fish. Blanched in hot water then place it in a stewing pot.
2. Add all the herbs and suitable amount of water (about 2 rice bowl) then double boiled it for about 1.5 hours.
3. Remove and add in seasoning and serve hot with rice.

Notes: You can used other fish like sea bass.Posted by Picasa


  1. Hi,

    i cook this soup for papa. he actually complained that it is tastless & a bit sour wor.
    hw can i improve the taste?


  2. Hi Adeline,

    Em....this soup is actually abit sour due to the Tian Ma & Black Dates but then u can actually improve it by adding more red dates(must use those sweet type) or u can switch the fish to chicken instead. Usually i just boil the tian ma with gou qizi and some water and drink it just like normal plain water.....:)



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