Friday 7 April 2006

Fish Porridge With Fresh Lily Bulb

Since I still have some left over Kai Lan from cooking the Mix Vegetable Alphabets Pasta. I decide to use it together with some other ingredients in the fridge to cook Fish Porridge With Fresh Lily Bulb. This porridge consists a few kinds of vegetables, walnuts, fish and fresh lily bulb which makes an appetizing and nutrition dish for toddler. Besides that I also mix in some yellow millet with rice to cook the porridge in order to boost up the flavour.

Fresh Lily Bulb (鲜百合): The taste is good and sweet with nutrition value similar to Ginseng, It helps moistening the respiratory tract and skin, relieving coughing and reducing phlegm as well as calms spirit. Therefore that's how it earns its name as “Vegetable Ginseng”.

1/3 Cup Rice (白米)
1/3 Cup Yellow Millet (黄小米)
¼ Cup Crushed Corn Millet (黄玉 米羹)
1 Kai Lan Stem (芥 兰 ), diced
1 Small Carrot, diced
1 Small Potato, diced
1 Big Fresh Lily Bulb (鲜百合)
1 Handful of Cooking Walnuts (核桃)
$2 Of Sheng Yu (生鱼)/Wu Yu (午鱼) Slices

1. Rinse rice and soak it with suitable amount of cooking water for about 20 minutes.
2. Season fish slices with some shredded ginger, pepper, salt and sesame oil.
3. Wash and peel fresh lily petals then soak them in some water for a while to remove the dirt.
4. Bring rice mixture to boil, add in all the vegetables and walnuts and continue to cook until vegetables are tender and rice is soften.
5. When the porridge is done, discard the ginger and add in fish slices.
6. Lastly season to taste and serve.

- You can get fresh lily bulb in NTUC or Cold Storage under the vegetables section. It cost about $2.20 per packet. Or you can replace it with some dried lily bulbs if you can’t get hold of the fresh ones.
- For the fish, you can used any kind of fish slices that you prefer.

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