Monday 24 July 2006

Doggie Malted Cookies

Look are these cute little "Doggie Malted Cookies".... Isn't it too adorable to be eaten? Saw these cookies from MyCoffee's Blog and m4m forum(accordingly to the forum, you can on the link for the recipe). So after getting all the ingredients I decided to give it a try since the recipe mention it contains no Egg and Sugar.

I made two batches of these cookies base on the recipe given and come out to a total of 92 cookies for my son to bring to his playgroup class tomorrow. The process creaming and shape is rather easy, but the most time consuming part is the decoration on the eyes where you need to use the chocolate rice to stick on each cookie.

When you bite on the cookie, it's very crunchy and the fragrant of the horlicks really make it "Yummy"! I think this cookie recipe is good to be make together with your kids and I am sure it's a all time favour of both adults and kids. Even for my son and hubby who is very choosy on cookies ate 4 or 5 straight away when it's out from the oven.... :) Because it's really very irresistible when you start popping in one.

For those who interested to make this cookies. Maybe you can take note of these:
1. Top Flour = Hong Kong Flour
2. You can wrap each individual 10g dough with chocolate chips filling first.
3. Upon finished the dough, then you take out the chocolate chips(from the fridge in case it melt) and add on the nose, then the eyes and lastly the ears.
4. When baking, it depend on your oven, so it might take more than 25 minutes to brown the cookies, do check after 25 minutes if still not ok, bake for another 5 - 10 minutes. Posted by Picasa


  1. eeeeeeeeks yours is so cute!!!! serious, lena they are. yes i saw some ppl made then put up in their blogs. but theirs are nowhere like your standard!! i shd probably make a batch or two of my own too :p oh my, they must be one of the cutest cookies i ever seen. surely reyon loves them?

  2. Aiyo.. Evan.. don't said until like that leh.. i veri pai sai 1 leh... i also learnt from those who shared this cute little cookies..... I am sure you also can make something better than mine...

    Yup.. reyon loves these cookies very much and he doesn't even allow us to eat it :( ......Today when i gave a batch to his classmate, he still making noise and not willing to let them eat... so cute..

  3. Soooooo cute. I'm have to try this with my gal too...

  4. Ya loh.. pamy.. u should try it out with sherri.. i am sure she will like it....:)

  5. Ellena! I really Love your Blog especially your cookings! I'm obsessed with it now~~ Oh Gosh your my Sifu! Really appreciate all the work you've done! Sharing recipes and pictures and sharing life together! Thanks ya! Can't wait to see more new cookings and recipes of yours soon! What's ur nick in KC? So I can share mine if I made anything new...thos mine is not as good as urs...hehe


  6. Hi Candy_floss84,

    Thanks for dropping by my humble blog. Wow.. u don't said until like that leh.. i m no "sifu" la, still learning from others :)

    I m not a memeber in KC cos i register a few times also never recived any approval from Gina... so i guess i am not fated to be the memeber there.... lolz.... Hope to see u around in the blog... Do u have a blog too?

  7. Oh mamamia!!!! I´m speechless lady!!! Just incredible. Well done.

  8. so i'm not the only one who can't get into KC. Was previously their user until one day suddenly can't login and like ellena, gina never approved my registration. is the KC still active anyway? OR open to her own buddies? i tot the forum is rather unfriendly to ignore new users without any explaination. hey ellena, why not setup own food forum. I'll be the first to sign up :)

  9. Aiyo... Pamy, unlike you who is used to be a KC memember... i can't even be one of the memeber after 5 re-register :(

    Wow.. i cannot open food forum la.. my progamming skill is not so good like you to handle the forum.. or you open la.. then i sure support u... :)

  10. heyyy didnt know there's a discussion going on abt KC. same here!!!! i signed up but never got approved for login. i even wrote an email to this gina but she didnt reply. in fact i signed for 2 user ids using different emails but both were not approved. i dunno why? i even asked this gina if they've stopped taking in new members. no reply.

    hey actually we CAN set up our own forum, if you girls want. afterall its easy peasy. there's this zeroboard where we can register for a forum. BUT, the thing is, whether or not we will hv ppl "patronising" thats the main thing. no point setting up a forum but there are only 1 or 2 topics. but can consider lor.

    pamy, as for whether or not the owner of KC is unfriendly, we dunno. might b some reasons why we're not approved. but they shd at least REPLY our emails. if they tell us they r not taking in new members, at least we know lah.

  11. I baked this yesterday but the cookies were very hard.

  12. Hi Anonymous,

    So sorry to hear that your cookies turn out to be hard... did u over beat it.. or maybe your oven temperature is too high.. cos a few of us done this using the same recipe also no problem with it....

  13. Hi Ellena,
    I would love to bake these cookies on coming Deepavali or weekend. Actually after reading your blog, I went out to get the hong kong flour even though the recipe call for top flour. May I know if there is any difference in the cookies if I use hong kong flour or top flour? Please advise, thanks.

  14. Hi Cheryl,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and your kind comments. Actually Hong Kong Flour is also known as Top Flour. So u can use either one of them to make the cookies. HTH :) Happy Baking!!!!


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