Monday 3 July 2006

Korean Chicken Soup

This Korean Chicken Soup is one of the MUST HAVE soup for the Korean during summer days. They usually stuff all the ingredients in a small chicken and double-boiled it over slow heat. But for smaller family, you also can use chicken drumsticks or pork ribs to achieve a similar taste and texture for this soup.

I find this is rather an interesting soup because of the ingredients used. Like Gingko nut, which is normally used for dessert instead of savory soup. And from the above photo you will also wonder, "Is this Soup or Porridge?". Because I used the slow cooker to simmer this soup over low heat for about 2 hours and it became slightly thicken due to the glutinous rice which will make it taste even better. But for those who prefer a clearer soup base, perhaps you can follow the cooking method below or just simmer in slow-cooker for 1.5 hrs instead. Other than gingko nut and glutinous rice, I also use a new ingredient known as Burdock(click link to find out more) which give a unique Root fragrant to this soup, which taste a bit like Ginseng.

Ingredients: (serves 2 - 3)
1/4 Cup Glutinous Rice,糯米
2 Chicken Drumsticks,鲜鸡腿
2 Medium Dried Mushroom,香菇
1 Stem Of Burdock,牛蒡
2 Cloves Garlic,蒜
8 Fresh Gingko Nuts,鲜白果
8 Fresh Chestnuts,鲜栗子
3-4 Ginger Slices,老姜片
4 Red Dates,红枣
1/2 Tablespoon Salt
3 Cup Water, 750ml
1 Stalk Spring Onion
Some Black Pepper Powder

1. Soak mushroom till soft with 1 cup of water, cut away the stalk and retain the water for later use.
2. Wash and soak glutinous rice for at least 30 minutes, drain and set aside.
3. Wash, trim and blanch chicken drumsticks in boiling water then rinse and set aside.
4. Wash and cut the burdock into 3cm long, blanch in boiling water, drain and set aside.
5. Wash the garlic and light pound it with the back of the knife. Cut spring onion into thin slices and set aside.
6. Remove the shell and skin of the fresh Chestnut(click link to find out more on removing the shell).
7. Add all ingredients in a pot together with 3 cups of water and 1 cup of the mushroom water and bring to boil.
8. Simmer over low heat for about 20 - 30 minutes, season with salt to taste then sprinkle with some spring onion and black pepper, served.

Notes: This version of Korean Chicken Soup contain more ingredients, for those who prefer less ingredients you can also try this: Ginseng Chicken Soup With Glutinous Rice Posted by Picasa


  1. oh my god!!!!! i love you ellena! haha, pardon my excitement but i just couldnt contain myself when i saw you making this!! i love all things korean! like their food, dramas, songs and their men (oops!) hehe. i'm a total korean addict and i'm happy you made this ellena!! i think i must try this out, really. i'm so crazy over korean stuffs, are you?? i've only made their kimchi stew b4 and wanna try to make the bibimbap (hot stone rice) one day. and this one is definitely a MUST HAVE. thx for the recipe my dear. im really grateful =)

  2. oh sorry by the way, where's the ginseng? you mentioned in chinese is 参鸡汤. i was wondering, 人参在哪里?

  3. Heloo... Evan,

    Cos i always wanted to try korean food.. but with a kid around is abit difficult to eat out loh.. so i borrow a few books from the library and saw a few recipes very interesting and easy to make. 1st is this Korean Chicken Soup... Then also the Bibimbap, Korean Dumpling, Korean Pancake and etc... lolz...

    So this time when i made these food, can share the experiement with u liao...lolz.... since u are a Korean Addict... :)

    As for the chinese name 参鸡汤 is given from the book. I think the Ginseng is referring to the Burdock, cos after boiling the soup with Burdock it actually gave out a slightly ginseng fragrant and taste loh....lolz.... U must try... very nice de.

  4. ellena, i did browse a few korean cookbooks at my library too, but its rather small so not much choices. mayb shd go to those big libraries like the one at esplanade or jurong east. the burdock, does it really give a ginseng-like taste? i still prefer to add real ginseng leh, but i dunno if its gonna be costly. maybe i shd add those 洋参须 which is cheaper and more 凉. hehe.

  5. Yup.. i believe using different ingredients give different result to the soup. Just like our chinese soup... some got this herbs, some got that herbs.. so adding burdock or ginseng is just depending on how it benifit the body.

    As for the ginseng, you can get those for cooking soup. It's those dried small type that usually found in those stew soup. U can refer to my chinese herbs in the "common ingredients link" for more details. That one is very cheap only 1 pack of 10 or more cost around $5.


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