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Wednesday 30 January 2013

{5 New Recipes} Pre Chinese New Year Dinner Gathering

Last Saturday evening, a few of us get together to have an early Chinese New Year dinner over at my place. Although this was not the first time I prepared food for such as big group of friends other than my family,  I am still very nervous and a bit stress up with planning the dishes as well as preparations.

Thanks to Jacob and Shiting who initiate to help up with the Yusheng as well as preparing the ingredients for the dishes in order to put this dinner together. I hope everyone enjoys the meal and I apologize if the dishes are not up to expectations due to my clumsy hands and mind in the kitchen :)

Friday 28 September 2012

4 Quick Recipes On Soup And Dishes

Weekend is approaching and I am sure most full-time working mothers are looking forward to prepare some quick and easy nutritious dishes for the family during weekend lunch or dinner. In this post, I would be sharing 4 quick recipes (2 soup, 2 main dish) to inspire your weekend cooking for the family.

Since working mum has a lot of household chores to take care during weekend, I specially pick up dishes that required minimum preparation time and use "steaming" instead of "stir-fry" to avoid oily kitchen stove. So I am sure these 4 simple soup and steamed dishes would come in handy for your weekend meal ideas.

Saturday 16 June 2012

Steamed Chicken With Ginseng (Jjim Dak - 찜닭) Using Happy Call Pan

Hi there, hope everyone has a great weekend. Sorry for the lack of post(s) these few weeks because; firstly I was away for vacation and secondly it is also the mid-year school holiday in Singapore so eventually I am spending more time with my kid rather than updating my blog.

Here to continue with my Korean Cooking Project, I would like to share with you another recipe similar to Ginseng Chicken Soup(Samgyetang) with a sightly different ingredients plus using "steaming method".

(Jjim Dak - 찜닭)

Jjim Dak(찜닭) or Dak Jjim which also known as "Korean Steamed Chicken" is something similar to our Chinese Steamed Herbal Chicken. But in this recipe the only herbs used are Dried Ginseng and Red Dates which after all bring up the flavorsome taste of the chicken which infused from the ginseng. This dish is prepared using Happy Call Pan(HCP) which acts as a pressure cooker to gently simmer the chicken till tender and as the same time trap the flavour of all the ingredients used. (don't worry if you don't have any HCP you can always used a normal steamer for this dish)

Recipe adapted from "the food of Korea" by Injoo Chun, Jaewoon Lee and etc

(Serves: 2-3         | Preparation: 10 minutes |           Cooking: 30 minutes)

1/2 Portion of Chicken, about 600g
300ml of Water
1/2 Teaspoon of Salt
2 - 3 Pieces of Dried Ginseng
8 Fresh Peeled Chestnuts
2 Medium Potato, cut into chunks
4 Big Red Dates
3 Cloves Garlic
2 Slices Ginger
3 Stalks Spring Onion, cut into sections

1. Rinse dried ginseng with water before soaking it in a bowl of warm water for about 20 - 30 till it is slightly soften. Cut it into 2 - 3 sections.

2. Trim and rinse the chicken, pat dry with paper towels and rub 1/2 teaspoon of salt all over it and set aside.

3. Arrange some spring onion and ginseng on the HCP (around the middle area), place the prepared chicken(skin side facing upwards) on top and scatter the rest of the dry ingredients around the chicken, add water and salt.

4. Close and LOCK the HCP and simmer the chicken on low heat for about 30 - 40 minutes or till meat is tender when using chopsticks to poke through the thigh area.

5. During the cooking process you can open the HCP and check the water level every 10 - 15 minutes if you are worried about the sauce being evaporated. (for me I opened it twice on the 15 and 25 minutes, you can also add in a little more water if the sauce evaporates)

6. Serve chicken on the HCP or cut it into serving pieces.

So if you like the taste of ginseng and you are looking for some comfort food to nourish our body systems, perhaps you would like to try this 1 Pot Dish which consists of quiet a number of nutritious ingredients for your body. And moreover adding potato in this herbal chicken helps to give it a starchy gravy and it could also be served as a meal itself without having extra cooked rice too.

Thursday 3 May 2012

Samgyetang - Ginseng Chicken Soup with Rice and Chestnut Stuffings

Ginseng is one of Korea's most famous products which encompassing goodness as a booster for the immune system. As a source of energy and vitality, it promotes longevity and increases libido. There are different grades of ginseng and the top grade being the wild Korean ginseng which is considered to be the best whereas the fresh cream-coloured roots are blended for drinks and used for cooking.

Samgyetang(삼계탕/参鸡汤), a Korean style chicken soup which consists of a whole young chicken and Korean Ginseng. In Korean culture, it is believed that this soup can prevent illness and it is traditionally served in the summer for its supposed nutrients, which replaces those lost through excessive sweating and physical exertion during the hot summers in Korea.


I still remember vividly, Andy our Korean tour-guide mentioned to us that this Samgyetang(삼계탕) or “ginseng chicken soup” is one of their popular dish in Korea. And during the 3 hottest days of the year in Summer which they called "bok days(복날)" according to the Lunar Calendar, people would take a break, feast on foods to replenish their strength and stamina. So this Samgyetang(삼계탕) becomes one of their popular choices to strengthen their body.

(Serves: 2-3 | Preparation: 10 minutes | Cooking: 60 minutes)

1 Whole Chicken, about 800g - 1kg
3 - 4 Pieces Finger-thick Fresh or Dried Ginseng Roots, washed
4 Red Dates
2 Thin Slices of Ginger
2 Cloves Garlic, washed and lightly pound
2 Stalks Spring Onion, washed
Extra Chestnut and Gingko Nut, 4 each(optional)

1/2 Cup(100g) Glutinous Rice, rinse and soaked for 30 minutes
4 Red Dates
4 Fresh Chestnuts, shell and skin removed
4 Fresh Ginkgo Nuts, shell and skin removed
2 Cloves Garlic
1/2 Teaspoon of Sea Salt

1. Clean and rinse the chicken thoroughly and pat dry with paper towels. Set aside. Meanwhile drain the soaked glutinous rice and combine with the rest of the stuffing ingredients. 

2. First using one or two red dates to block the opening from the chicken neck area in order to prevent the stuffing from oozing out during simmering. Next stuff the rice mixture into the chicken.(remember not to pack the mixture too tightly as it will swell during cooking)

3. When done, close the cavity of the chicken by threading a skewer/toothpick or using portion of the ginseng root/red dates to block the opening.

4. Place chicken in a soup pot/claypot large enough to hold the chicken, add in enough water to cover the chicken then scatter in remaining ingredients (ginseng roots, garlic, ginger, red dates, extra ginkgo nuts and chestnut) and bring it to boil.

5. Skim off the white foam, cover and low the heat and simmer gently for about 50 - 60 minutes(turning the chicken once/twice).

6. To serve,remove the chicken from the pot and cut into halves or quarters in small bowls, ladle some ginseng soup over it and garnish with some ground black pepper and chopped spring onion.

~ You can replaced whole Ginseng with 2 - 3 Tablespoons dried ginseng shavings or ginseng roots.

If you compare this recipe with the previous Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup(参鸡汤) recipe which I have shared sometime back, you would notice this recipe above is similar to the euthenics Samgyetang which consists of ginseng roots, chestuts, ginko nuts, garlic and glutinous rice.

We can never get tired of this fragrant and delicious Ginseng Chicken Soup which could also act as one-pot dish due to it's ingredients.

Tuesday 22 March 2011

Ginseng Chawanmushi

Chawanmushi(茶碗蒸し) or Steamed Egg Custard is an egg custard dish found in Japan that is usually eaten as an appetizer. It usually consists of an egg mixture flavored with soy sauce, dashi and etc together with ingredients such as shiitake mushrooms, boiled shrimp, gingko nut and placed into a tea-cup-like container.

But for this version of mine, I combined both the Chinese and Japanese way of making this egg custard by adding minced pork at the base and use Chinese herb such as Fresh Ginseng for that extra boost of health value. The fresh Ginseng that I bought was import from China which you could find at local supermarket but the quality was not as good as the one from Korea which has a stronger Ginseng fragrant and taste.

Ginseng has been rated as the top of the "3 Treasures" in northeast china. And it was mentioned in many Chinese medical books as the superlative medicine which is effective to all kinds of illness. Fresh ginseng is also the best medicine for facial treatment as it can soften and refresh skin.

Example: cut 10g of fresh ginseng slices. boil it with 500ml of water for about 30 minutes, immerse towel in the water ginseng water then cover it on the face for 15 minutes. Fresh ginseng can also use for stir-fry dishes, boil soup or make ginseng tea/milk.

Here is how I prepared the Ginseng Chawanmushi with ingredients and steps shown below.

Ingredients: (serves 2)
2 Small Fresh Ginseng, cut into 2 - 3 sections
100g of Minced Meat
2 Medium Egg
210ml of Drinking Water
1/2 Teaspoon Chicken Powder Stock
Dash of Sesame Oil

1/4 Bunch of Shimeiji Mushroom
4 Gingko Nuts
Some Wolfberries
Extra Ginseng Slices

1. Marinate minced pork with 1/2 teaspoon each of of light soy sauce, sesame oil, cornflour together with pinch of pepper for a few minutes while preparing the ginseng and egg custard.

2. Rinse the fresh ginseng, cut 1/4 off from the body with root attached. As for the remaining 3/4 part of the ginseng, cut it into thin slices and set aside.

3. Lightly whisk the eggs in a bowl using a pair of chopsticks (carefully not to over beat it).

4. Add in 210ml of water, chicken powder and sesame oil and give it a quick stir till combine before straining it over a fine sieve to get ride of the egg clusters.

5. Mix in some ginseng slices(reserved a few slices for garnishing) into the minced pork and give it a quick stir before dividing the minced meat into two steaming cups/bowls (preferably with cover).

6. Next gently pour in the prepared egg mixture, covered and place the cups on steaming rack and steam it over medium low heat for about 10 minutes.

7. Lower the heat and carefully lift up the cup cover, arrange some shimeiji mushrooms, gingko nuts and ginseng slices on top. Covered and continue to steam for another 5 - 7 minutes till the egg custard is cooked through when test with a toothpick.

8. When done, garnish with some wolfberries and coriander leaves, serve warm.

If you could not find fresh ginseng in your area, replace it with dried ginseng slices that is soaked in warm water till soften. And you could the ginseng water to make the egg custard for better taste and fragrant too.

Tuesday 11 January 2011

Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup - 参鸡汤

Ginseng Chicken Soup(参鸡汤) or Samgyetang in Korea translation is a traditional soup served in the summer to replace nutrients lost through excessive sweating and physical exertion during the hot summers in Korea. And the main ingredients of this soup is using whole young chicken, glutinous rice, Korean ginseng, red dates, garlic, ginseng and perhaps some herbs like wolfberries and dang gui.

  But here I am sharing with you another light and simple version using only whole chicken, ginseng, glutinous rice and red dates which is good enough to produce a pot of delicious and nutritious ginseng chicken soup.

Ingredients: (serves 2 - 4)
1 Medium Size Chicken, about 1 – 1.2kg
¼ Cup of Glutinous Rice
4 – 5 Soup Ginseng Roots
4 – 6 Red Dates
1.2 Litre of Boiling Water
1 Stalk of Spring Onion, sliced
Freshly Ground Black Pepper

1. Soak 1/4 cup of sweet rice for 1 hour.

2. Wash and rinse your chicken in cold running water, trim the extra fats, emptied and cleaned the cavity, removed the head, neck and feet.

3. Bring a big pot of water to boil, blanched the whole clean chicken in boiling water for about 3 – 5 minutes. (flipped at least once)

4. Removed and rinse over cold running water for 20 seconds and set aside.

5. Next stuff the chicken with the soaked glutinous rice, 2 – 3 ginseng root and half of the red dates then place the chicken in the empty soup pot. (I used a big claypot for this)

6. Slowly add in boiling water on the side of the chicken till it cover almost ¾ or more more of the chicken and let soup comes to bring over medium heat.

7. When the soup starts boiling, skim off any foam and fat that rises to the surface. Add in the rest of the Ginseng Root and red dates, low the heat and simmer for at least 1 hour. (I simmer mine for about 1½ hours on very low heat)

8. Serve it with salt, freshly ground pepper and chopped spring onion.

~ Depending on the size of the chicken you might even need to simmer the soup for more than an hour in order for the chicken to cooked through.

~ If you do not have any Korean Ginseng, you could always used any soup ginseng root that can be easily purchased from any Chinese Medical Shop. I bought mine from ZTP at around S$6.00 for 5 stalks of dried ginseng.

This is what we have for dinner after 1.5 hours of simmering over very hot heat on the stove. The minute you opened the cover the room would be filled with the fragrant aroma of the ginseng and each mouthful of soup is infuse with the sweet flavour that is disperse from the ingredients used. Do give this a try during cold and rainy days and it will definitely makes a great dish.

Sunday 25 April 2010

Double-Boiled Amercian Ginseng With Lean Pork

Recently mum has being complaining that she is feeling fatigue and body aching due to the weather and amount of household chore she is coping as well as taking care of her precious grandson. So in order to reward her, I decided to make a bowl of this Ginseng Soup for her.

This is a very good and reviving soup for adult or even youngsters whom always stay up late for studies. American Ginseng or known as 花旗參/西洋参 is sweet in taste, with a hint of bitterness and cool in nature. It nourishes the Yin energy in the lungs, clears Asthenic Fire, benefit the Stomach and promotes secretion of body fluid. It mainly treats Dryness of Lungs and Stomach and dire thirst and Qi, therefore strengthens the internal organs.

Dried Longan taste sweet and of neutral nature where it nourishes the heart and the spleen, benefits bloods and calms the spirit. It works well for treating tensions, palpitation, insomnia and forgetfulness.

Ingredients: (server 1)
10-12 Slices Of American Ginseng(花旗参)
10 Dried Longan (桂圆肉)
1 Teaspoon Wolfberries
60g Pork Fillet, sliced
400ml Boiling Water
1 Hard-boiled Egg, shelled, optional

1. Rinse the American Ginseng slices and Dried Longan in hot water then drain off.
2. Blanched the pork fillet in boiled water for 30 seconds, removed, rinse and set aside.
2. Put all the ingredients except wolfberries in a small double-boiler pot in a slow-cooker and double-boiled for about 2 hours on low heat.
3. Add in wolfberries at the last 15 minutes, cover and continue to cook before serving it warm 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime.

Notes: When taking this drink it is best that you don't eat any dish or soup that contain raddish or beans for 1 - 2 days, because Chinese believed that raddish will drain and absorb all the good source from the Ginseng.

The purpose of adding pork fillet is to sweeten and enhance the taste of this soup. If you want it to be a vegetarian soup, omit pork and egg or you can replace pork with chicken if you prefer poultry. Posted by Picasa

Saturday 15 August 2009

American Ginseng Chicken Soup

American ginseng is not a stimulating herb. As a cooling herb it will take a period of time to build up the body before you will "feel" a difference.

Due to the hectic work schedule, tiredness of our mind and body as well as the "heaty" weather recently, I decided to set on this American Ginseng Chicken Soup to revive our strength. Other than the American Ginseng Roots, I also add in some Yu Zhu which is Cool in nature. It influences the lung and stomach channels thus nourishes Yin, prevents internal dryness, extinguishes wind and softens the sinews. It is also commonly used to treat irritability, thirst, intense hunger, sensation of heat in the bones, and cramped and hard muscles.

Ingredients: (serves 2)
2 Chicken Drumstick, skin removed
5g of American Ginseng, root portion
4 - 6 Red Dates, removed seeds
1/2 Tablespoon Wolfberries
5g Yu Zhu(玉竹)
800ml Water

1. Wash, trim and clean the drumstick then blanched in boiling water for a few minutes, rinse and set aside.
2. Rinse the dry herbs then bring the water to boil in a pot and add in the all the herbs except wolfberries.
3. Let it simmer for about 5 minutes before adding the drumstick then continue to simmer for another 10 minutes.
4. Remove the pot from heat and transfer the content to a double-boiler shown in the picture below.
5. Place the double-boiler in a slow-cooker and cook on AUTO heat for about 3 hours. Add in the wolfberries at the very last 30 minutes.
6. You can season it with pinch of salt before serving or so.

As you can reference through the picture, this is a very easy to prepared homemade double-boiled soup which mostly suitable for everyone in the family. You can also replace the Ginseng Root with either Whole Ginseng or Ginseng Slices for different varieties of soup.

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Saturday 4 August 2007

Double-Boiled Ginseng Chicken Soup

Wow... at least, you see a new post at this blog of mine :) This blog had being vacant and waiting for my post for very very long time. Since those unhappy times of mine, I had not being posting any of the food recipes which I think I should do something before this blog collapses...... :)

As usual, for those reader who had being following my blog for sometime, you will knew that I love SOUP. Especially those long stew soup which make me feel comfort after a tiring day of work. It's had be so long..... since I had make any of those SOUP that I long for. I love double-boiled herbal soup. especial with black chicken. But then this round, I didn't managed to grab any so I just replace it with 2 Chicken Drumsticks and it taste just as good as it is. Posted by Picasa

2 Fresh Chicken Drumsticks, wash and remove fats
5 Red Dates
4-5 Pieces Of Dried Huai Shan
1/2 Tablespoon Of Gou Qi Zi
1 Medium Stick Of Dang Shen, cut into 1" pieces
3-4 Dried Soup Ginseng(can refer to the link for picture)
5g Dried Longan, optional

1. Wash the chicken drumstick, remove fat and skin then blanch in boiling water for a few minutes, remove and rinse with water then set aside.
2. Rinse all the dry herbs then add about 700ml water in a small pot and boil the herbs for about 5 - 10 minutes over medium heat.
3. Next add in the chicken drumstick and bring it to boil again.
4. Pour the soup and ingredients into a double boiler and place it in a bigger pot/slower cooker and add enough water to cover about 3/4 of the double boiler pot.
5. Double-boiled over Auto heat(slower cooker) for about 3 - 4 hours then serve during meal before rice or before bedtime.

a) The purpose of adding dried longan is to enhance the sweetness and taste of the soup.
b) If you are not sure about the double-boiled procedure, please refer to this link for picture.

Thursday 22 March 2007

Ginseng Black Chicken Soup

Feel like having some nutrition soup for this week as so happen Tracy was visiting me so I thought maybe can double boiled this soup and spilt half with her. Since only the adult prefer the Ginseng taste rather than the kid, I guess it's a good way to share in order to finish the soup :)

The Main ingredients used are small Ginseng Root and Black Chicken together with some other herbs to improve and strengthen the lungs and blood circulation. If you want to know more on what's the function and usage of each herbs, you can refer to the Basic Chinese Herbs I and Basic Chinese Herbs II links.Posted by Picasa

1 Small Black Chicken,黑鸡
3-4 Gingseng Roots, 小人参
4 Slices Of Dang Gui, 当归片
4 Slices Of Huai Shan, 淮山片
1 Slices Of BeiQi, 北耆
1-2 Piece of Dang Shen(当参), cut into smaller pieces
6 Red Dates, 红枣
1 Tablespoon Gou Qizi, 枸杞子
10-12 Dried Lotus Seeds, 莲子
5g Dried Longan, 龙眼干

1. Wash, trim and remove the skin and fats from the chicken. Cut the chicken into 3 - 4 large sections and blanch in boiling water then rinse and set aside.
2. Rinse all the dried herbs and set aside.
3. Soak the dried lotus seeds in hot water for a few minutes or till soft then remove all the pits in in to prevent it from bitter.
4. Bring a pot of 1.2 Litres of Water to boil then add in all the ingredients and bring to boil again.
5. Transfer all to a slow cooker and simmer on Auto for about 3 Hours.
6. Season the soup with salt if you prefer and serve warm.

a) You can used normal free range chicken instead of black chicken if you prefer.

Monday 3 July 2006

Korean Chicken Soup

This Korean Chicken Soup is one of the MUST HAVE soup for the Korean during summer days. They usually stuff all the ingredients in a small chicken and double-boiled it over slow heat. But for smaller family, you also can use chicken drumsticks or pork ribs to achieve a similar taste and texture for this soup.

I find this is rather an interesting soup because of the ingredients used. Like Gingko nut, which is normally used for dessert instead of savory soup. And from the above photo you will also wonder, "Is this Soup or Porridge?". Because I used the slow cooker to simmer this soup over low heat for about 2 hours and it became slightly thicken due to the glutinous rice which will make it taste even better. But for those who prefer a clearer soup base, perhaps you can follow the cooking method below or just simmer in slow-cooker for 1.5 hrs instead. Other than gingko nut and glutinous rice, I also use a new ingredient known as Burdock(click link to find out more) which give a unique Root fragrant to this soup, which taste a bit like Ginseng.

Ingredients: (serves 2 - 3)
1/4 Cup Glutinous Rice,糯米
2 Chicken Drumsticks,鲜鸡腿
2 Medium Dried Mushroom,香菇
1 Stem Of Burdock,牛蒡
2 Cloves Garlic,蒜
8 Fresh Gingko Nuts,鲜白果
8 Fresh Chestnuts,鲜栗子
3-4 Ginger Slices,老姜片
4 Red Dates,红枣
1/2 Tablespoon Salt
3 Cup Water, 750ml
1 Stalk Spring Onion
Some Black Pepper Powder

1. Soak mushroom till soft with 1 cup of water, cut away the stalk and retain the water for later use.
2. Wash and soak glutinous rice for at least 30 minutes, drain and set aside.
3. Wash, trim and blanch chicken drumsticks in boiling water then rinse and set aside.
4. Wash and cut the burdock into 3cm long, blanch in boiling water, drain and set aside.
5. Wash the garlic and light pound it with the back of the knife. Cut spring onion into thin slices and set aside.
6. Remove the shell and skin of the fresh Chestnut(click link to find out more on removing the shell).
7. Add all ingredients in a pot together with 3 cups of water and 1 cup of the mushroom water and bring to boil.
8. Simmer over low heat for about 20 - 30 minutes, season with salt to taste then sprinkle with some spring onion and black pepper, served.

Notes: This version of Korean Chicken Soup contain more ingredients, for those who prefer less ingredients you can also try this: Ginseng Chicken Soup With Glutinous Rice Posted by Picasa

Monday 24 April 2006

Ginseng Honey Tea

Had being feeling very tired and restless during these past few weeks, so decided to double-boiled this American Ginseng Honey Tea. It is very simple and only required a few ingredients. This drink can calm spirits and nerve as well as cure insomnia.

American Ginseng(花旗参): It is sweet in taste, with a hint of bitterness and cool in nature. It nourishes the Yin energy in the lungs, clears Asthenic Fire, benefit the Stomach and promotes secretion of body fluid. It mainly treats Dryness of Lungs and Stomach and dire thirst and Qi, therefore strengthens the internal organs.

Dried Longan(桂圆肉): Tastes sweet and of neutral nature. It nourishes the heart and the spleen, benefits bloods and calms the spirit. It works well for treating tensions, palpitation, insomnia and forgetfulness.

Ingredients: (server 1)
10-12 Slices Of American Ginseng(花旗参)
8 Dried Longan (桂圆肉)
½ Tablespoon Honey(蜂蜜)
300ml Boiling Water

1. Soak the American Ginseng and Dried Longan in hot water for 1-2 minutes then drain.
2. Put all the ingredients except honey in a small double-boiler pot in a slow-cooker and double-boiled for about 2 hours on low heat.
3. Add in honey then continue to double-boiled for another 15 minutes and serve warm before bedtime.

Notes: When taking this drink it is best that you don't eat any dish or soup that contain raddish or beans for 1 - 2 days, because chinese belived that raddish will drain and absord all the good source from the Ginseng.Posted by Picasa