Thursday 27 July 2006

Prawn Pullao

Saw this easy to prepare one dish meal from Stefanie's Cumin & Coriander Blog where she introduce this Prawn Pullao recipe. It simple taste great with all those common spices that we can get from those Indian stall in our neighbourhood market area.

Instant of using basmati rice for this recipe, I just used the normal long rice grains that we commonly used at home. I can said the combination of spices for this dish was not very strong type, it's just nice for our family. And thanks to Tracy who introduce me to this web.....

Other than following the ingredients given from the site, I also add in some golden raisins to cook with the rice. Then upon serving, I spinkler some ready bought toasted cashew nut to increase the crunch of the dish. You can serve this with some chicken or mutton curry if you want so extra gravy to go with the rice.


  1. wah prawn pullao is definitely something new to me. i tot its a wrong spelling for paella. lol. i've heard of risotto, pilaf, paella but not pullao. but anyway it does look yummy and very asian looking!

  2. Ya loh.. at first i also tot it's wrong spelling..but i follow it from the main site loh.. so i think it should be rite... :)

  3. Glad you liked it :)


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