Saturday 19 September 2009

Sakae @ North Point

This evening we are having our weekend dinner at newly renovated Sakae Sushi @ Northpoint Shopping Mall. Before the new location shifted to the newly renovated building, Sakae used to have their branch located at the Basement 2 of the old building.

First we ordered this Ungai and Tempura Bento which comes with assorted tempura set such as prawn, capsicum and mushroom. Gorgeous amount of grilled Ungai sandwich between slices of Tamago. This set also comes with rice and miso soup which is at a reasonable price of S$15++

Out of the set, I love the crabmeat Chawanmushi which is very smooth and fragrance in taste. The texture of the steam egg is very delicate and it really will melts in your mouth with that Opps feeling!!!

As usual every Sakae visit you will see us ordering this Tamago Sushi which is one of Rey's favourite and a must order.

Temaki is one of my mum's favourite to order list when she comes to Sakae. Like before, today we ordered Mango Avocado and Salmon Mango. But to our disappointment, today's temaki is not up to the usual standard as the nori sheet is rather soft and moist compare to the usual crunch and crispy texture.

Due to the hot weather, we also grab a plate of this green tea Cha Soba which is a type of thin Japanese noodle made from buckwheat flour and also with the added ingredient of fresh Green Tea leaves.

Sunshine Maki is one of my favourite because I simply love the combination of Mango and Prawn. The extra fish roe topping do add on extra flavour to each individual piece of cut out. Luckily, today the mango slices used is still fresh and vibrant in colour and most important is it's freshness and sweetness that enhance the overall flavour of this dish.

Salmon Kammage is my mum's favourite dish which she can eat at least 2 plates on the go. This seems to be one of their popular dish which is always out of stock if you dine in late in the afternoon or evening.

Fried Doufu which is crispy on the outer skin but soft and juicy in the inside. I love the sauce that is come with the fried doufu that makes this plain dish extra tasty.

Before we ends our meal for tonight's dinner, I grab a plate of the Salmon Nigiri which is appears to be very fresh and tender to me. And just as I expected, the taste and texture of the salmon slice is great :)

Share an interesting shot with you. Rey spot these cute little fish roes on top of the Sunshine Maki and he insisted that I must take some shots on them. He was fascinated with these fish roes because of a recent Japanese Animated Movie called "Ponyo On The Cliff By The Sea". He said that these little fish roes is Ponyo because if you look carefully at the darker orange image it seems to be like a little paw prints.

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