Thursday 17 September 2009

Singapore Blog Awards - Best Food Blog

16 September 2009 is the date where most of the Singapore Blog Award finalists look forward to. Our family are so happy to be invited to attend the OMY Singapore Blog Award Ceremony that is held at Supperclub at Odeon Tower. We were so excited to see so many blogger from different nominated categories as well as some other guest blogger. You can take a look at the full-list of winner for each category HERE.

Upon registered at the entrance of the event hall, each of the nominee or blogger who attend will be given a door-gift from "Fabrix" which is a - camera case. These cases come in a few colour and designs and Rey request this design from the counter. These cases are also of quality material that comes with extra slot for memory cards too.

Before the Guest-of-Honour, Foreign Minister George Yeo arrive, blogger and nominees were chatting around with each other and helping themself with some light refreshing and drink. They are also some performances by award-winning local Chinese instrumentalist group, The Teng Company, as well as singer Chen Diya.

I managed to grab a photo of this Salmon Pasta that served in a mini Chinese take-away box, which look more presentable and edible compare to the rest of the snacks like over-cooked fries, not so appetising looking pizza and etc. There is another deep-fry beef balls which look crispy and nice on the outside but....errrr.... cannot make it when you pop into your mouth :)

Group photo of all the winners with OMY members and Minister, George Yeo.

Some of my photos for receiving the awards and doing interview.

All blogger and guests who attend the ceremony will bring home a set of this goodie bag which consists of 1 omy logo recycle-bag, a T-shirt, some instant noodles by KOKA, torch light and note pad and some vourchers.

Tata... so dear friends and readers with all your support, nomination and voting.... Cuisine Paradise managed to win the BEST FOOD BLOG award for 2009 :) Thank you for all your supports...... I am really speechless when I saw my blog and name being shown on the big screen while revealing the Food Blog result.

This is my award Certificate for the BEST FOOD BLOG.

You see... all winner walks home with all these different flavour of Instant Noodles by KOKA. Whatever flavour you name, you have it... Pepper Crab, Spicy Black Pepper, Spicy Marinara Beef Pho, Chicken Abalone, Laksa...etc... wow... don't know what to do with all these noodles.. maybe can come up new DISHES with them.. :p

Other than the above, winner also have a movie premium hamper from United International Pictures. It consists of CDs, books, posters and USB port mouse pad and etc....

And.. to my surprised, my blog actually got into the top 5 most voted blog category which enable me to win a set of this HTC Diamond, touch screen hand phone. This extra gift is given to me by those who voted my blog during the 7 weeks voting period. I thank everyone for all your support and time and with all your daily votes and also Jocey Yeong who nominated my blog for selection. With all these Cuisine Paradise is able to have such a great spark in blogging life....... Thank you.


  1. Conratulations Ellena!
    You absolutely deserve it!!!

  2. Congrats!!
    I always enjoy and love reading your blog ☺

  3. Congratulations to you! Well done and do keep it up! Looking forward to more exciting posts from your blog in future!

  4. Hi Quinn, Shoppingmum, Lia, Little prince's mummy, Food for Tots....

    Thanks you for all the wishes and compliments... What I have today is all beccause of friends and reader like you whom give me the continue supports. Thank you pals :)

  5. Congratulations, Ellena.
    You deserve the best.

  6. big CONGRATS to you sister! Well done...well done!

  7. Congratulations Ellena!!! I'm so glad that you won, what a great honor! :)

  8. Dear Ellena,
    Congratulations! I've learnt a lot from you and got inspired by your blog. Well done!


  9. Congrats Ellena, you are awesome! Keep up the good work!

  10. Congrats! I simply love yr blog. Have learnt to make yummy soups since then!

  11. Dear Ellena
    Congratulations, well done

  12. Hi delia, J.H, Susan, Tracy, SIG and gina,

    Thank you for taking your time to drop me your kind compliments... thank you... hope cuisine paradise will continue to bring useful recipes to you..... :)

  13. Hi jerejoy, thank you for your comments and hope to share with you more soup recipes in future too... :)

  14. Congrats to you. You deserve the award - afterall you have a very very good food blog that is so informative and it is so kind of you to share with us.

  15. Congratulations, Ellena!


  16. Congratulations on winning this award.

  17. Hi Ellena, Congrats on winning the award!!! I am so happy for you :D

  18. Hi Pauline, Ma-li, Jo and HHB,

    Thanks for for all your wishes and comments. Thank you.. hope this humble blog of mine can continue to serve good recipes to all of you :)


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