Wednesday 8 June 2011

Finalist Of Singapore Blog Award 2011

Time flies, this is the 3rd year "Cuisine Paradise" being shortlisted in the Top 10 Finalists of the Singapore Blog Awards category under - "Best Food Blog" host by "". This year we have 10 fabulous food blogs from different categories(written in English and Chinese) with good contents of information from "tested and tried recipes", "local and overseas food reviews", latest food trend, mouth drooling food photographs and etc where you can take a look at all the finalists from their blog URL HERE)

So friends and readers, please help to cast your precious Vote(s) for this event. Voting starts from 06 June 2011 - 03 July 2011, you can starts your "DAILY Vote(s)" today with only ONE vote per day for each category. Below are the steps on how to start your voting:-

Click the link for FOOD BLOG CATEGORY @ Scroll down the page you will see Cuisine Paradise/Ellena Guan which is 3rd in sequence.You can help to click "Tweet", "Facebook Share" or "Like" in order to share this voting link. And most important thing is to click on the pink colour "VOTE NOW!" icon on the avatar.

You need to "Login" before casting your vote(s) so if you are a registered member login with your ID and Password if not proceed to the "Register Now" link.

To vote you have to register for an user account which similar to this format. For overseas voter, the NRIC/Fin No can be passport number.

When you have done with the login or the new member registration. Click on VOTE NOW! to vote for Cuisine Paradise. (please help to tweet, Facebook share or Facebook like too!)

For this year, Voters also stands a chance to win any of these fabulous goodies when you cast your valuable vote(s) for the finalists. So starts your daily vote today till 03 July 2011. Your votes and supports are the most precious encouragement and acknowledgement for this Cuisine Paradise. Thanks everyone! Have fun voting and good luck for all the Voters and the rest of the 9 Finalists together with me in the Best Food Blog Category!!!

Once again, the voting link for Best Food Blog Award is


  1. DONE!  Good luck Ellena!!!!  Go Cuisine Paradise!

  2. Sure to vote for you..ya!

  3. Thanks Ann and Nami! Thanks for your support and votes :) Thanks!

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