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[Giveaway] Prima Taste Singapore Laksa La Mian

Laksa(叻沙) is a popular spicy noodle soup dish origin from the Peranakan culture, which is a merger of Chinese and Malay ingredients. Basically there are two types of Laksa such as "Curry Laksa" and "Asam Laksa(Penang Laksa)". Curry laksa used coconut curry as soup base together with noodles, tau po, bean sprout, prawns and etc while Asam laksa is a sour fish soup with noodles.

Laksa Leaf also known as Vietnamese mint/cilantro is a kind of herb used in either salad, soup, dish or etc. And in Singapore and Malaysia, the shredded Laksa leaf is an essential ingredient for "Laksa" which is a famous spicy curry noodle soup that is popular between all races.

You can also grow this herb at home for cooking purpose. First just get a handful of this herb from the wet market or supermarkets. Next pluck off most of the leaves leaving only the top, plant the roughly 5 inch stems into the ground and water every morning and you will soon get some freshly grown Laksa leaves.

Although "Thick Rice Noodles(粗米粉)" are most commonly used for Laksa but sometime due to individual preference thin rice vermicelli(幼米粉) or yellow noodles(熟面) are also used. Here for Prima Taste Laksa, La Mian is used instead of the traditional laksa noodles and it taste just as good with it's springy texture.

Ingredients: (serves 2)
2 Packet of Prima Taste Singapore Laksa La Mian
2 Hard-boiled Egg
1/2 Cup Bean Sprouts
Some Sliced Fish Cake
6 Fried Bean Curd Puffs(Tofu Pok), halves
6 - 8 Medium Shrimped, boiled and shelled
1100ml Water

1. Cook shrimps in boiling water for about 5 minutes, remove the heads, shells, veins and set aside.

2. Next blanched bean sprouts, sliced fish cake and fried beancurd puffs separately for about 30 seconds, remove and rinse with water. Set aside.

3. Add label "A" Laksa Paste and "B" Laksa Premix into 1100ml of water, mix well and bring to boil.

4. Put noodles into the boiling Laksa soup and cook for about 5 minutes. Add in beancurd puffs continue to cook for another 2 minutes.

5. Top cooked noodles with cooked shrimps, fish cake, bean sprouts and hard-boiled egg and serve with some finely chopped Laksa leaves.

{Alternatively, you can cooked each individual packet separately for better texture of the noodles.}

Total cost for this dish is about S$8.75 with breakdown shown below:-
Cost of Ingredients:
~ Laksa La Mian = S$4.85
~ Shrimps = S$2.00
~ Bean Curd Puffs = S$0.60
~ Bean Sprouts = S$0.40
~ Fish Cake = S$0.50
~ Eggs = $0.40

I am submitting this post to [June $20 Budget Meal - Noodle] host by Me(Ellena) of Cuisine Paradise at this Link HERE.

Lastly in conjunction with this month [$20 Budget Meal - Noodles] theme I would like to share this new "Prima Taste Singapore Laksa La Mian"(2 packets) with 1 Lucky Reader. If you are interested to try this Singapore favourite just leave your Name and your favourite noodle dish (Laksa, Mee Rebus, Carbonara, Bolognaise), example "I Love Fried Prawn Noodles" in the comment box and I will pick ONE Lucky winner and result will be announce on Thursday, 16 June 2011. (draw open to all readers around the world) Good luck!

[Updated on 16 June 2011]

Congratulation Gertrude. Please email me your mailing address at so that I could send out the gift by this week. Thanks.


  1. I love Laksa!  Phyllis

  2. Beehoon Goreng with Ikan Bilis! :D - azureoct

  3. I love Singapore Laksa!! -Valentine Low

  4. I like Singapore Laksa!! -Valentine Low

  5. Parsley Sage12/6/11 12:26 am

    Great looking noodle dish :)  And well done on the good value for money!

  6. KL hokkien mee!!

  7. Mine is definitely Laksa or curry mee. Going to try my luck if I can win this as I  heard so much about Prima Taste Products.

  8. Maria Urdinarrain12/6/11 6:47 am

    My favorite noodles are Ramen and Hor Fun Noodles!
    How fun this post is!  I wish I could make this dish but do not have the seasoning packets.  I hope I win!


  9. I love udon noodle soup with prawn tempura :D)! 

  10. I love soup prawn noodles! =D

  11. I love Laksa!
    ps: a serving suggestion: Dun waste the gravy, dip hot crispy fried doughsticks into the laksa gravy and savour the combinations of 'you tiao and laksa'  Simply fantastic :-P

  12. Sze Min Yeap12/6/11 2:16 pm

    I love Penang's Laksa, haven't really tried Singapore before, but looks yummy!

  13. I love Laksa too!!

  14. Here we called it as curry noodle. :)
    I always similar type of store bought curry paste. Taste good!
    My favorite noodle is Penang Prawn Noodle.

  15. this looks so yummy! :)

  16. I had this for lunch California...!!!!.(cos brought 2-3 packets back recently)! hahahaha...
    More laksa leaves definitely better - I need to look for them here. Might be hard to find though :(

  17. "I Love Fried Prawn Noodles"

  18. Laksa La Mian - I could like to try

  19. Springblue13/6/11 2:21 pm

    i loce laksa

  20. I love Black carrot cake!

  21. Errrr Kelly Black Carrot Cake is not noodle dish. Do u want to change another 1 :p

  22. Keropok Man13/6/11 4:41 pm

    Ooo. I like this laksa!
    I had it with Char Siu! ;-p

    There are more than two kinds of laksa. Other than Curry Laksa or Asam Laksa, many states in the neighbouring country have different kinds.

    Kelantan Laksa is whitish and looks so safe, but when you eat it, it is fiery!
    Sarawak Laksa is very different from the curry or asam laksa we usually try too.
    Johor Laksa uses spaghetti! ;-)

  23. i love fried kway teow!! sinfully satisfying :D

  24. "I Love Laksa Noodles" 

  25. I love fried prawn noodles!

  26. I love Laksa Noodle

  27. I love Hakka Mee!!!! (Dried noodles with dark soy sauce with minced pork) :)

  28. I love fried prawn noodles

  29. I Love Asam Laksa! ^^

  30. I love minced meat noodles

  31. I Love Mee Pok Dry with extra chilli !!!

  32. I love all kinds of noodles! My most favorite would be Hokkien prawn noodle soup!

  33. I love Bolognaise! :)

  34. My God! My mum paid $2.50 for a packet and I threw the whole bowl away the minute I had my first bite. Gravy soup is far from the $3 bowl I get from hawker centre. Noodle taste is terrible too. Please spend another year or two of research before selling such product.

  35. Thumbs up for HuiChuan Zhang!
    Selling at S$2.70 at NTUC. The laksa do not have a single Laksa Leaf or Vietnamese cilantro!The noodles or so-called la mian is still uncooked after 3 minutes of bolling! Without any cockles clams, eating this version of Laksa from Prima Taste is like eating Pizza without cheese! They placed on the packet "Singapore Laksa La Mian", please Do Not Digrace our Singapore Taste Bud oversea!

    1. I actually like the laksa la mian. it actually depends on the taste and preference of each individual. If you find that the laksa la mian is a little plain why not add more laksa leaves or other things like fish cakes or cockles(get creative if you like). And if you still don't like it then we respect that. no need to get angry here, the blogger was simply giving their opinion of the product.


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