Friday 17 June 2011

Steamed Pandan Cake With Sweet Potatoes

I am sure most of us are familiar with the pandan chiffon cake that is available at most bakery stalls. Here with a twist from the previous steamed cake that I have made, I decided to make some Steamed Pandan Cake with Sweet Potatoes. And to make these steamed cakes more fragrance and delicious, you can add in some home-made pandan juice for a superb and natural jade green colour.

When it comes to steamed cake it might look rather easy compared to those bake version but for some of us this might not be the case. I have received a few emails regarding on the "steamed cake" recipe(s)(read more HERE) that they have tried a few times following the recipe(s) to dot and yet they cannot achieve the desire outcome like what is mention on the blog post. Friendly speaking I have failed at least twice while testing out the recipe(s) before I could perfect them with the right texture and outlook too.

And from what my friend Joyce and I have encountered we suspect that the reason might falls on the type of wok/steamer used as these steamed cakes need bigger space for air circulation and at least medium high heat to raise the batter. Lastly we must also not forget about the texture of the batter which should resemble flowing consistency rather than sticky.

Ingredients: (makes 3 - 4 cakes)
90g Cake Flour
1.5 Teaspoon Baking Powder
2 Large Egg
3 Tablespoons Fresh Pandan Juice
2.5 Tablespoons Caster Sugar
2 Tablespoons Corn Oil
Some Cooked Sweet Potatoes Cubes

1. Sieves cake flour and baking powder together (sieves at least twice). Set aside

2. Using a balloon whisk, beat egg and sugar till foamy and pale (about 5 minutes).

3. Stir in pandan juice and oil in sequence then follow by the flour mixture till well combined.

4. Spoon mixture into prepared foil/ramekins cups that are lined with paper liners then top with some cooked sweet potato cubes. (cooked sweet potatoes cubes in microwave for about 2 minutes on high heat)

5. Place the cups in steamer/wok(with boiling water in it), cover and steam over high heat for about 8 - 10 minutes(depending on the size) or until a skewer inserted into one of the cake and comes out clean.

Here are some common questions that I received from readers which I would like to share with you and hope that these might help you to overcome the problem(s) as you try the steamed cake recipe:-
1) Cake with flat top, cannot raise
~ This can happen due to the type of steamer used where there is not enough space for air circulation to rise the batter.

2) Cake texture dense and dry
~ The egg use might be too small or under whisk and in this case makes the flour batter too gluey and end up having a dense texture.

Take Note:
~ The final cake batter should be of dripping consistency like normal cake batter. It should not be too sticky.

~ Do not over steamed your cake or else it will turn hard and dry too.


  1. Looks so delicious! Steamed cakes are very hard to do to achieve perfection. Think must get one of those professional steamers so that the dough will be evenly 'cooked'.

  2. Ingenious! These cakes have stunning colors!

  3. Parsley Sage17/6/11 10:37 pm

    Steamed cakes just look like such a fun treat!  I'm gonna have to give them a try :)  Thanks for sharing!

  4. jasminelim18/6/11 1:17 pm

    NICE! (: lovely and nutritious (:

  5. Wow, this is so pretty! I am sure pan dan goes well with sweet potato. I have tried some dream cake recipes, but they didn't turn out well. I must give yours a try. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Lovely colors of your steamed cake.  I'm too lazy to steam as my steamer is small and I have to steam in batches. :P  <-----lazy me!

  7. True, Agreed! the steamer plays an important key issue for these steamed cake too :)

  8. Thanks. I love your pumpkin steamed cake too! The soft and fluffy texture is great!

  9. Thanks LittleCornerofMine, Cosybake, Jasmine, Parsley and Experimental Cook. Thanks for all your kind comments :)

  10. Sze Min Yeap21/6/11 10:11 pm

    I tried this some time ago, mine is a bit hard, I think I didn't whisk the egg enough. Thanks for your recommendation, will try again!

  11. What beautiful colors!

  12. Ellena, this is beautiful!  I love the color contrast between pandan leaves and sweet potatoes! 

  13. This is a delicious recipe! I went to

    this catering lake norman company and gave them this recipe to add to my party's catering. It was a huge hit and went perfectly. Great job with the recipe. Thanks!

  14. lovely steamed cakes - must taste yummy too! thks for sharing :)

  15. Hi, my first time here. You have a lovely blog. Came over from The deep Dish. These pandan cakes with sweet potatoes are so unique! I am sure they must be very tasty.

  16. food-4tots28/7/11 9:32 am

    The contrast looks so appealing!! Your steamed cake looks very soft and moist! A great tea time snack!


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