Friday 4 May 2012

Seafood Galore at Plaza Brasserie

For this coming Mother's Day you can make your mum feel special by treating her a sumptuous seafood spread on either lunch/dinner at Plaza Brasserie (Park Royal, Beach Road) from 12 - 13 May 2012. And on top of the wide range of buffet spread, each mum also gets to enjoy a complimentary glass of cocktail or mocktail on the two mentioned dates.


Good News! For your information, Plaza Brasserie's popular Seafood Galore buffet is back from 01 May to 30 June 2012 in conjunction for the celebration of Mother's and Father's day. And to whet your appetite, Savour Executive Chef, Jackson Goh's signature dishes such as deep-fried prawns with garlic sauce, claypot braised fish head, alongside an array of fresh oysters, shellfish, chilli crab and baked whole salmon will be on the ordering menu on top of the usual buffet spread.

From Mondays to Thursdays:-
pair your selection of fresh fish with a preferred sauce and allow their chefs to whip up your dish.

Sweet and Sour fish is always one of the popular dishes among kids and adults due to its crispy deep-fried texture plus sweet and savoury sauce which makes it a great pair.

Cantonese Style Steamed Fish with Soy Sauce is definitely something on your ordering list for mum and dad to enjoy.

But out of the 3 "fish" dishes we had that day, I personally preferred the Braised Fish Head With Yam which consists of most of my favourite ingredients such as Yam, Chestnut, Button Mushrooms and etc. And I am sure both mum and dad or anyone in the family would loves this dish to bits.

As From Fridays to Sundays:-
You can indulge in the 'Crustacean Selections', ranging from bamboo clams to juicy crabs prepared in your favourite choice of sauce.

This Cereal Prawns is sure to be on the "Must" order list where you can find dish, you can find big and fresh succulent prawns hiding below a pool of crispy and fragrant fried cereal. Each prawn taste so juicy and crunchy especially with the combination of those delicious fried cereal.  

Although I am not a fan of "shellfish" but this Stir-fried Bamboo Clam and Lala has indeed bought up my attention with its natural sea flavours, sweetness and some extra spices to lighten up this dish.


Bread and Salad Counters:- I guess most of you would prefers to start off the buffet by having some refreshing salads, bread or cheese before the main course comes into picture. 

Like all other buffet spread, this one at Plaza Brasserie also consists of both hot and cold stations where you get to enjoy their signature "Soft Shell Crab with Tobiko Mayo", "Braised Sea Cucumber". "Chicken Rice", "Fruit Rojak", "Fresh Seafood on Ice" and etc.

Dessert Counter:-  Provide a range of Western and Local dessert such as Mango Pudding, Mini Pancakes,  Chocolate Mousse(Must Try!), Fresh Cut Fruits and Daily Tong Shui like; Cheng Tng, Sesame Tang Yuan, Tau Suan and etc.


At the Chef's cooking station, you pick up your desire choice of freshly made Roti Prata from the wide varieties such as Chocolate, Durian, Egg, Onion, Plain and etc. But if you love Durian like me, you must try their Durian Prata which consists of "real" durian pulp in between those flashy skin.

Something Extra!

(Not included in the buffet spread)

This is something extra apart from the buffet spread that we are having. Indeed Park Royal has a very unique Carrot Cake that is rich and moist in taste plus it is full of grated carrot and toasted nuts in between each layer of smooth and silky sweet cream cheese frosting.{Must Try!}


Mondays to Sundays (excluding the following dates)
Dinner Adult: S$52.00++            Child: S$31.00++(4 to 12 years old)

Mother's Day Special
12 and 13 May 2012
Adult: S$58.00++          Child: S$35.00++(4 to 12 years old)
Adult: S$58.00++          Child: S$35.00++(4 to 12 years old)

Father's Day Special
16 and 17 June 2012
High Tea
Adult: S$42.00++           Child: S$25.00++(4 to 12 years old)
Adult: S$55.00++           Child S$33.00++(4 to 12 years old)

For enquiries and reservations, please call 6505 5710 or email

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  1. I do wonder if they really have a "special menu" as they claimed.
    You know i have been to their buffet for business meals and meetings over a course of 12 years and i can tell you, many dishes never changed, including desserts. Every year , right up to last year's fish buffet, they have the deep fried crab with sour cream, aiya, since i was single, to my married status, to now, my child in primary school, as at last year, the main courses still the same !!

    - Jope


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