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Brasserie Les Saveurs @ The St Regis, Singapore

A few weeks back I was invited by ShiTing ( to join her for a media lunch at Brasserie Les Saveurs which is a signature restaurant of  St Regis, Singapore. The restaurant has recently launched it's latest a la carte menu featuring contemporary French indulges specially hand crafted by Chef de Cuisine, Antonie Bonnet.

Brasserie Les Saveurs @ The St Regis, Singapore
Brasserie Les Saveurs @ The St Regis, Singapore

Brasserie Les Saveurs @ The St Regis, Singapore
Brasserie Les Saveurs @ The St Regis, Singapore
From the above photos you can see the restaurant is filled with classic European elegance with it's carpeted floor, glittering hand-cut crystal chandeliers and high ceiling windows that overlooks the tropical gardens and gorgeous sparkling fountain. Here is indeed a cozy place to enjoy a lovely meal or high-tea together with friends or loved ones which set you aside from the busy schedules.

Before lunch was served, we start off with a glass of Semillon Chardonnay.

Amuse Bouche
Amuse Bouche
Amuse Bouche was a surprise dish created by Chef Antoine that served in a teacup. The foamy potato and soy espuma taste so hearty and pleasant to the palate with a tender piece of grilled wagyu tenderloin in it.

Salad Nicoise @ S$36++
I love salad especially those with lots of greens in it and this Salad Nicoise taste great with what I love in it. It was served with black-pepper-seared yellow fine tuna, mesclun leaves, quail eggs, marinated anchovies, green beans and kalamata olives all tossed in balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing.

Bouillabaisse Facon Les Saveurs @ S$19++
Bouillabaisse Facon Les Saveurs is actually the fisherman's seafood stew cook in slow simmered together with fennel and saffron. The broth is rich and filled with robust flavour of the fresh seafood which makes it a hearty soup to start with.

Croutons With Rouille
[Very Addicting Side] Croutons with saffron rouille was served together with the stew as a side and the rouille was so addictive that we kept dipping the croutons with it. It was very appetizing with a little sourish taste and mild garlic and saffron fragrance.

Le Homard Thermidor @ S$75++
[MUST TRY] After the seafood stew we had Le Homard Thermidor where the body of the Boston Lobster is flamed with cognac and cover with a layer of mushroom bechamel sauce and gruyere. As as for the large claws they were battered and fried so you get to enjoy two flavour in a dish.

Both me and ShiTing loves the mushroom bechamel sauce which is creamy and layered with melted cheese that goes well with the fresh and juicy lobster meat. Take look at the video clip below and you will know what I mean :p

A short clip of the "Le Homard Thermidor" that I shared over at Instagram or alternatively you can view it from my Instagram link here.

Here is a photo of Chef Antoine craving the beef prime rib from the Gueridon Trolley together with his assistant.

While ordering your prime rib, just indicate your preference to Chef Antoine and he will select and crave out the portion accordingly. 

A glass of Shiraz Cabernet to go with the our Australian beef prime rib.

Australian Beef Prime Rib Carved From Gueridon Trolley @ S$48++ (Medium Well)
[MUST TRY] Although we were already too full to complete another main course but the texture of the prime rib was so good and tender that we just can't stop at one bite. Besides the meat, we also love the flavorsome sides especially the truffles mashed potatoes.

Le Gâteau À La Banane @ S$14++
Finally dessert is served and it is always something excited that I look forward to when it comes to the end of the meal. We had Le Gâteau À La Banane which is a sponge-like banana mousse cake that filled with apricot compote and it goes well with the banana and ginger ice-cream.


Other than a la crate menu, Brasserie Les Saveurs also offers full and semi buffet spread during lunch/dinner and weekends. Below are some of the spread from the JJ Business Lunch Experience which is available from Monday - Friday (12 noon - 3pm) at S$488++ or S$58++ with a glass of Someliev's wine selection which is a great deal for business lunch. For more details and pricing on their menu, you can refer to their website here.

Above is a short video clip via my Instagram post or alternately you can click the link here if you cannot view it.

[JJ Business Lunch @ St. Regis] Hors d'oeuvre
Before the main courses, you can enjoy some of their Hors d'oeuvre (starter:- such as salad, bread, soup and etc), dessert and fine cheese while catching up with the conversation.

[JJ Business Lunch @ St. Regis] Array of Cheese
[JJ Business Lunch @ St. Regis] Greek Salad
[JJ Business Lunch @ St. Regis] Salmon
[JJ Business Lunch @ St. Regis] Sushi Platter
[JJ Business Lunch @ St. Regis] Cocktail Prawn
[JJ Business Lunch @ St. Regis] Bread Corner - with assorted loaf and buns
[JJ Business Lunch @ St. Regis] Dessert
Apart from the savory section, you can also feast on their arrary of desserts such as:- Chocolate Fondue, Cakes, Mousse, Macarons, Puddings and etc.

[JJ Business Lunch @ St. Regis] Macaron Tower
[JJ Business Lunch @ St. Regis] Fruits Fondue
Brasserie Les Saveurs
The St. Regis, Singapore
Lobby Level
29 Tanglin Road
Singapore 247911
Reservation:(65) 6506 6866


  1. Great photos as usual! The lobster thermidor looks yummy and the chef is cute! Haha :P

  2. Sigh!!! I wish I could be there, that's all I can say right now (while drooling!). :)


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