Thursday 26 June 2014

S.E.A Aquarium and Trick Eye Museum @ Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

S.E.A Aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore.
Since this is the last week of June School Holidays, I decided to bring the boy to the newly open Trick Eye Museum which is located in Resorts World Sentosa (RWS). And while looking through RWS website, I happen to see one of their bundle package which includes Trick Eye with either S.E.A Aquarium or Adventure Cove Waterpark at a promotional price of SG$48.00 per adult for 2 attractions. So without hesitate, I make the booking online and we went on the next day.

For your information S.E.A Aquarium ticket also includes the Maritime Experiential Museum where one can learn the history of sea exploration and trade in Asia with life-sized replica of Admiral Zheng He's Treasure Ship. Since we were early (reached around 10.15am) during this second visit to the S.E.A Aquarium, we get to explore the area in a slow and steady pace which enable us to have more time spent in each habitat.

Admission Fee:
- Adult (ages 13 - 59); SG$38.00
- Child (ages 4 - 12); SG$28.00
- Senior (ages 60 and above); SG$28.00

Opening Time:
Monday - Sunday; 10.00am - 7.00pm

- For promotional price or bundle package, please refer to their official website here.

Sentosa is accessible with the MRT rail system from VivoCity Sation (at level 3 which is located beside the Food Republic Foodcourt), Cable Car (from mount faber), taxis, cars or you can even take a leisurely stroll from VivoCity shopping mall to the resort with minimum entrance fees.

Shipwreck Habitat

Shipwreck Habitat

Shipwreck Habitat
The Shipwreck Habitat which features the last encountered at Typhoon Theatre as it sunk into a watery grave that transformed into a thriving marine sanctuary.

A short clip features some of the habitat in the S.E.A Aquarium.

[Discovery Touch Pool] Coral Reef Sea Horse

[Discovery Touch Pool] Coral Garden Tank

[Discovery Touch Pool] Hands-on Experience Poole
In this Discovery Zone, there are floor aquarium, zoom lens feature as well as sea creature pool for kids to get some hands-on touch of the sea stars, sea cucumber, fish and etc. But before getting into the pool, remember to wash your hands at the nearby sink for hygiene purpose.

Snack Kiosks
If you need some light snack along the way, there are two snack kiosks and a restaurant (Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora) within the exhibition zones located separately with a kiosk at the Dolphin Habitat and the restaurant on the left corner of the Open Ocean zone.

Basically the kiosk offers some hot and cold beverages together with muffins, sandwiches and hot food like chicken nuggets and puffs.

A close up encounter shot with the dolphins.

Australian Blue Lobster

[Ocean Journey] Sea Jellies

In the Ocean Journey zone, it features the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins as well as the cool marine life in the cold water habitat like the sea jellies. Here is a short clip on our favourite jelly babies.

Beautiful Coral Reef and Marine fish.

[Open Ocean] Full-length glass window featuring all the marine life creatures.
Beside the viewing deck there are also 11 Marine Life Park Ocean Suites on the other side of the glass tank which offers a private viewing into the Open Ocean too. More detail of the Ocean Suites can be found at their official site here.

At the Ocean Dome
On the right side of the Open Ocean habitat features the Ocean Dome which offers panoramic 180 degree view of Open Ocean habitat as well as the world's largest underwater acrylic dome at 9m in diameter.

Shark Seas

At Shark Seas be prepared to be transported into the marine habitat of majestic predators where you can have close encounter with the endangered species like the scalloped hammerhead shark, powerful silver-tip shark plus the sandbar shark. Above is a short clip for your viewing pleasure which was taken by boy.

Press a Penny Machine

Limited collection of designed penny from S.E.A Aquarium
There are two Press A Penny Machines in S.E.A Aquarium which located near the entrance beside the Shark Seas and Open Ocean Habitat (right at the entrance from the ocean journey). Each penny cost SG$2.00 and it comes with 4 limited edition design to choose from.  

Souvenir Shop outside the S.E.A Aquarium entrance.

Our quick lunch break after S.E.A Aquarium was at Astons Specialties which is located less than 3 minutes walk from Trick Eye Museum. We were quite disappointed with the orders which was not as good as what we expected when compared to the usual outlet that we often patron near our area. The fries for the Crispy Fish Set was rather soggy and cold, whereas the grilled chicken for the burger was tasteless unless has to go with some chilli sauce. Basically we did not finished the food and left with disappointment.


Second stop of our itinerary was at the newly open Trick Eye Museum located beside Aston Specialties (on the same stretch as Malaysian Food Street). The museum is divide into 8 exhibits with different themes for visitors to explore their imagination and creativity on the photos. And from the photos below you could roughly have some ideas on how the exhibits look like before getting your tickets there.

Just to share some basic information about the museum:
- No re-entry after exit;
- No washroom facilities available
- You would need at least 60 - 90 minutes to complete all the exhibits in the museum.
- To get a good shot of the photo, look at the instruction sample on the side of the exhibit and also ensure that you are standing on the "photo shot" maker on the floor for better effect.

Admission Fee:
- Adult (ages 13 - 59); SG$25.00
- Child (ages 4 - 12); SG$20.00
- Senior (ages 60 and above); SG$20.00

Opening Time:
Monday - Sunday; 10.00am - 9.00pm

* Tickets are only available for purchase on-site at the Trick Eye Museum Ticketing Booth.

- For promotional price or bundle package, please refer to their official website here.

Trick Eye is the short form for ‘Trick of the eye’, which refers to an art technique that turns two-dimensional paintings into three-dimensional images through the use of optical illusions. This popular museum is originates from Korea since its first launch in 2010 and now it has come to Singapore at Resorts World Sentosa with around 100 artworks including paintings and sculptures.

Upon entering the museum, this is the first exhibit near the entrance and exit (all within the first exhibit) show casing some really cool 3D effect ideas which you can see from the photos below.

Some of the paintings and sculptures in the first exhibit area. Top left shows a giant library which you could actually hide in between the books which we only realized after we took the photo (didn't get the chance to retake as it was quite crowded).

One of the optical mirrors illusions that creates a depth below the floor which makes it looks deep and scary.

[Top] Boy climb into the box to take the photo but too bad i should have appear at the window to lift the cover.
[Bottom] A very comedy shot that makes you grow either taller or shorter depending on where you stand.

Super love this shot with the awesome dolphin splash, but the boy looks a bit too tend up perhaps due to the crowds waiting for their turn to snap photos. (photo has being rotated for the special effect)

This is one of the photo that need to be rotate upside down to see the effect and it is actually taken upright and hugging the beam. (photo has being rotated for the special effect)

One of the cool painting which you can get a few friends to take together and create a much better effective showing a rescuing scene of someone being suck into the monster fish mouth.

Being caught and caged by the dinosaur.
Enjoy the parachute view from top! (photo has being rotated for the special effect)

Seems like a fairytale exhibit with snowball, angel, witch broomstick and etc.

Gosh! We spotted Merlion there too! Between take a closer look at the top right photo, that was another rotating upside down photo too with the boy actually pushing the wall when I took the photo on a normal angle.

Peanut Thick Toast Set from Toast Box.
We had a fun time in the Trick Eye Museum taking photos of different expression and pose with the exhibits before leaving the place after about an hour and half. After which we took the island express rail back to VivoCity and have tea-break before heading back home.

Beside the Trick Eye Museum, there is another Alive Museum Sinagpore at Suntec City Mall which features similar 3D effect paintings and subcultures too. More information can be found at their Facebook page here.

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