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Monday 8 June 2015

[Gluten + Dairy Free] Banana Bread With Raspberry And Coconut

Recently I have an obsession for Banana Bread and I have being trying different combination of ingredients and methods to get the best recipe for my family. And for those who do gluten free bakes you will realize most of the time the bakes tend to be dry and crumbly due to the use of ingredients. But for this super easy one bowl "gluten + dairy free" Banana Bread recipe; the end result is amazing with super moist and hearty texture all thanks to the over-ripe bananas. Furthermore together with the raspberry the combination of banana and coconut are a match made in heaven that adds bonus points to this bake too.

Wednesday 30 April 2014

Cuisine Paradise 9th Blog Anniversary

Today, 30 April marks the 9th Birthday of Cuisine Paradise. With that I feel like time really flies fast as I have being working "full-time" on this blog for almost more than 3500 days. I sincerely thanks everyone for supporting my humble blog and social media platforms throughout these years.

Tuesday 30 April 2013

8th Anniversary of Cuisine Paradise

Today Cuisine Paradise adds another year onto the blog stats where we celebrate our 08th Anniversary. Time flies and it's seems only a few weeks ago when I wrote about our 07th Anniversary flashback post and yet now we are into the eighth years of blogging.

Although there were ups and downs along the way during these 8 years but I am thankful for a group of supportive friends and readers who are always there to show us full supports as well as their kind words and encouragements which makes us grow stronger each year.

Monday 30 April 2012

Cuisine Paradise Turns 7!

Today, 30 April 2012 marks my 2,555 days (7th years) in blogging where Cuisine Paradise turns seven(7). Indeed time flies and it had being 7 years since I started with my 1st recipe post on "Steam Mini Pandan Kueh" with an aim just to share my tried and tested recipes and homecook dishes with friends.

Along the years, I have learn to cook and bake different kind of cuisines, food styling as well as into food photographing.  Despite of the ups and downs during my blogging days, I have get to know many new friends who share the same interest either from cooking, baking or photographing.

And to all readers of Cuisine Paradise, I hope I am enable to enlighten you with more improvements from my post and style of preparing the food(cooking/baking) through different stages of my project themes. Here I would like to sincerely voice out my appreciations and thoughts for those who has supported Cuisine Paradise during all these years. Thanks for all your feedback, comments and thoughts which enable Cuisine Paradise to achieve what it has today. Without all your supports and spread of words, Cuisine Paradise would not able to achieve up to 1.8 million page view (since June 2011 till date) and currently having about 150,000+ visitors per month.

Below are some of the flashbacks from Cuisine Paradise over the years:-

Avocado Chicken Parmigiana

With over 110,000 pins via from "Pinterest" and a total of 150,000+ Pageviews till date, this is one of the most popular recipe among readers of Cuisine Paradise. It is so easy to prepare that you only need an oven toaster instead of an oven to handle this recipe. And moreover this dish can be pair with either salad or pasta to end with a complete hearty meal.

If you want to prepare something simple and yet flavorsome to impress your loved ones, here is the recipe.

Happy Call Double-sided Pressure Pan

It's only a few months back that this "Happy Call Double-Sided Pressure Pan" has finally makes it way into many kitchens in Singapore and Malaysia after a year or so in Singapore. This happens from a Happy Call group known as Munch Ministry which set up by 2 ladies who share their interests and recipes on cooking quick and simply healthy food using  HCP.

Even though I have one of this Happy Call Pan (HCP) for more than a year plus, I did not really fully utilize it until I was influence by this HCP group in facebook. After which I have develop interest in trying different recipes using HCP from dishes to bake. Below are some example of my HCP cooking/baking project. For the full HCP recipes menu, please refer HERE.

Baked Sweet Potato

Sizzling Tofu

Claypot Rice

Pineapple Upside-down Cake

Muah Chee

Pandan Chiffon Cake


Making Bento is one of our weekly or at least twice a month mother and kid bonding activities whereby my boy and I will agreed on a theme to work together to assemble his bento.  Up till date I have about 30 quick and easy kid's bento featured in Cuisine Paradise and, below are some of our favourite among the rest.

Easter Chicky Bento

Penguins Bento

Red Angry Birds Bento


As a homemake and someone who loves to explore new kitchen products, I love to try new food or kitchen products whenever I spot something interesting during our weekly marketing trip. And from time to time I would also received product samples from media to be featured in Cuisine Paradise. Below are some of the product review posts and you could also read up more on this link HERE.

VOGEL's mueslis

Easy Thai Cooking(cookbook)

Zespri Kiwifruit Recipes

Korean Cooking

It has never come across my mind to learn how to prepare Korean cuisines at home. And it's only due to my recent interest in Korea drama that I am starting to love how to appreciate Korea dishes in another view. Before starting on this cooking project, friendly speaking I am not a fan of even their well-known appetizer; Kimchi(김치) nor Korean Rice Cake (Tteok - 떡) which can be used to cook soup, stewed or noodles. But now with their easy to prepare and delicious dishes I am keen in exploring more Korean cuisines with the help of my new Korean friend. Thanks Daphne!

Below are some samples of my Korean Cooking Project post. If you are keen to read up more on this project you can click on the link HERE.

Kimchi Tofu Soup

Korean Rice Cakes with Ramen Noodles

Sangyetang (recipe coming soon)

Lastly I hope my passion for "food" on this blog would be able to commit for another 7 years or more but till then I really needs all your supports and feedback in order to maintain this blog and continue to strike for better improvements. And if you are new to cooking/baking, I would like to welcome you on board and sincerely hope that my recipes collection would be able to help you cookout some quick and easy dishes for your loved ones.

Thursday 1 April 2010

5th Anniversary Blog Event

Time flies, Cuisine Paradise is going to be 5 years old this coming 30 April 2010. Last year, thank you for all the blog event participants for their support and hope they enjoy their gifts. This year, we will shall have something different and challenging. This event is open to all readers of my blogs irregardless of where you are from as long as you wish to take part in this event :)

This year we will be having Mother's Day Vs Father's Day quick and easy recipe competition.

All you need to do are:-
1. Submit a quick and simple recipe of your own creativity base on either one of the above category. It can be either on snack, cookies/cakes, dishes or dessert. (preferable with a photo of your dish attached)
2. Email me Your Entry Details as shown below together with your Recipe to : (please put eg: Mother's Day, Father's Day on your email subject, in order for me to do the sorting as well compare your details in case i didn't received your email. Thanks)

RE: Mother's Day Breakfast Idea:
Your Name: Linda Lim
Country You are From: Singapore
Blog URL (if you maintain one)
Email add for contact if you are the winner:

3. Leave me your Name and Event Category that you wish to participate on the Post Comment Link(the comments will only appear after I approved it)

There will be one winner for each category and each winner will walk away with a S$20.00 cash voucher that can be used in Local Supermarket such as "Cold Storage, Market Place, Giant or Shop N Save" to reward them for their effort, creativity, presentation and simplicity of the dish.

For overseas winner, you will get a mystery gift of equivalent value :)

Please Note:
Only ONE ENTRY per visitor is allow for each category, There will be a limit of 20 entries per Category and I will update each category so that you will know which category is closed for the event. Thanks for your support and enjoy the fun............

This Blog Event end on 18 April 2010 (2359hr Singapore Time). I would like to thank all of you for the regular visits, comments, feedback and sharing in all my related blogs to Cuisine Paradise all these years.Posted by Picasa

Thursday 30 April 2009

Happy 4th Anniversary - Cuisine Paradise

Today, 30th April 2009 is the 4th Anniversary of this blog - CUISINE PARADISE. At the beginning it was just a blog whereby I keep an online record of our family daily meals to share with friends and readers. But after sometime, I found that there are too many categories that I wish to try on so in order to keep a better view and records of all the posts. I sub-divided the Main Blog into another 4 individual blogs which is the Tea-Time Delights(collection of tea-time delights and kid's meal), Kitchen Tips(collection of ingredients and kitchen gadgets), Recipe Index(a list of recipes that I tried)and Eramblings(my walk with the Lord).

I sincerely wanted to thank all those readers and participants for joining the Blog Giveaway Event which just ended on the 17 April 2009. With all your warm co-operation, this event is held successfully with so many draw entries. I hope those winner of the draw will like their gifts and be of some use to them. Lastly, I wish to thank everyone for participating and stay tune for the next upcoming Blog Event which will be up soon in May.

Lastly, just wish to share with you some of my favour photos in my blog posts which marked my 4 years journey in blogging. There are so many kinds of food that I had tried & test out during my blogging days and I also wanted to sincerely thanks Lijie and Daniel who interview & published my blog and recipes. This credit really brings a BIG encouragement in my blogging life. Thank you..... and most of all..thank you those who support this blog. Hope there will be another 4 years coming by... lol