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Friday 6 January 2012

Round Up Dishes For Chinese New Year plus SWANSON CNY Recipe Cards

It's almost 2 weeks to Chinese New Year and having Steamed Boat with family and friends is always something most family would prepared during new year get together session. And sometime we even gets to eat steamed boat everyday during Chinese New Year period when hopping around from house to house visit.

This year I am honor to join in the project on developing FOUR quick and easy Chinese New Year dishes using these all-time family favourite chicken broth from Swanson. On the recipe cards we have Scallop with Wolfberries Soup, Steamed Dan Gui Prawn, Meatballs in Crabmeat Egg Sauce and Braised Sea Cucumber with Abalone And Mushroom.

Currently Swanson Chicken Broth is having promotion pack at some of the supermarkets such as FairPrice where you could purchase the 3 packets(1 litre each) bundle at about S$8.50. Each bundle also comes with a recipe card featuring 2 quick and easy New Year dishes for you to impressive your guests.


Here I would like to share with you this "Meatballs in Crabmeat Egg Sauce" from the FOUR featured dishes in the SWANSON Chicken Broth Chinese New Year recipes card. This is pretty simple to prepare and it is quite similar to the "Braised Lion Head - 红烧狮子头" concept on making meatballs which is cooked in delicious fresh crabmeat sauce.

(serves: 4 | Preparation: 10 minutes | Cooking: 15 minutes)

150g Imitation Shark’s Fin
300g Minced Meat
4 Water Chestnuts, chopped
50g Carrot, finely chopped
2 Fresh Mushroom, diced

½ Teaspoon each of Light Soy Sauce, Cooking Wine and Sesame Oil
1 Teaspoon Cornflour
Dash of Ground Pepper

1 Can Swanson Clear Chicken Broth
100g Fresh/Frozen Crab Meat
½ Teaspoon Oyster Sauce and Sesame Oil
1 Egg White
Dash of Ground Pepper
1 Tablespoon Cornflour + ½ Tablespoon Water

1. Season minced meat with marinade together with chopped chestnuts, carrot and mushroom till combined.

2. Using clean hands shaped 1½ tablespoons of minced meat into round balls and coats them with imitation shark’s fins.

3. Arrange on steaming plate, steam over high heat for 10 minutes until cooked. Remove and set aside while preparing the sauce.

4. For crabmeat sauce; bring Swanson Clear Chicken Broth to boil, add in crabmeat, oyster sauce and cook for 2 minutes.

5. Thicken sauce by stirring in cornflour solution, turn off the heat and swirl in lightly beaten egg white.

6. Season sauce with sesame oil and ground pepper, ladle over the meatballs and serve hot.

Below are some of the collections of my Chinese New Year round-up over the past years. Hope these could give you some inspiration while preparing the coming new year menu.


Stir-Fry 7 Assorted Veggies

Braised Mushroom With Sea Cucumber

Pan-fried White Spotted Rabbitfish With Leeks

Braised Chicken Wing With Arrowhead and Mushroom

Steam Salmon Fillet With Herbs

Steam Osmanthus Cod Fish


Lotus Seeds, Longan And Persimmon Sweet Soup

Sweet And Savory Nian Gao

Orr Nee With Gingko Nut And Pumpkin

Lotus Seeds Soup - 莲子羹

Glutinous Red Date With Osmanthus Syrup


Pineapple Tarts

Peanut Cookies - 花生酥

Deep-Fried Arrowhead Chips

Till then have fun trying out these recipes and I hope I could be in time to share with you more new recipes on Chinese New Year theme soon.

Saturday 15 January 2011

Bunny Pineapple Tarts

Chinese New Year is just about 3 weeks or less from now and most of my social network friends from facebook and twitter have already started their Chinese New Year Bakes with Pineapple Tarts, Kueh Bangkit, Peanut Cookies, Kueh Lapis and etc since early this week. For me every year I would definitely baked our family favourite pineapple tarts which I would giveaway to some relatives and close friends.

Since this coming Chinese New Year would be the year of "RABBIT", I decided to make some special "BUNNY" theme pineapple tarts to suit this year Chinese Horoscopes theme. If you have followed this blog for long, you would have remember about my last year "Tiger" theme tarts for the year of "TIGER" too (you could read more HERE).

This year I have made two different types of "Bunny" shape tarts which comes in either "Open" or "Closed" tart version. For the "closed tart", I have wrapped the pineapple fillings with a thin layer of dough skin and pressed it into a bunny mould to achieve the shape shown above.

For this pastry recipe, I have adapted another version from one of my favourite blogsite know as The Little Teochew which some of you might have read most of her posts before. 

(adapted mainly from The Little Teochew)
400g Plain Flour
50g Corn flour
1/4 (heaped) Teaspoon Salt
280g Cold, Unsalted Butter (do not allow it to soften)
3 Egg Yolks, beaten
3 Tablespoons Cold Water (or iced water)
5 Tablespoons Icing Sugar
1/2 Teaspoon Cognac
For glaze:
1 egg yolk + 1 Tablespoon water, beaten

Getting the tarts ready by gazing and topping it with pineapple fillings before sending them into the oven.

1. Refer to the original recipe from Little Teochew for the steps on making the pastry HERE.
2. When the dough is done divide it into smaller portions(example 3 portions) and place each portion in a plastic bag and slightly flatten it before chilling in the fridge for about 10 minutes or so.
3. While working with the pastry, you can use 1 portion at time and keeps the remaining in the fridge to prevent the pastry from oozing oil due to the warm temperature.
4. Roll the pastry to your desired thickness and cut out dough using bunny or normal traditioanl pineapple cutter.
5. Arrange cutouts neatly onto baking tray with some spacing apart.
6. Once the tray has filled up with tart shells, glaze them with beaten egg yolk mixture and placed the pre-rolled pineapple jam balls onto each tart shell.
7. Bake in preheated oven at 160 degrees for about 20 minutes. Rest baked tarts on tray for about 2 minutes before transferring to cooling rack.

From the enquiries of some readers, these are the two mould that I used for making the Bunny Pineapple Tarts. For the open tart bunny, you could get any bunny design cookie cutters from baking stores or even Daiso. But as for the closed tart version, you have to get this bunny design egg mould which I got it from one of the online Bento spree years back.

As for the pineapple paste, you could either prepared your own using fresh and good grade pineapples together with sugar, some spieces and cooked it over low heat till it turns into a thick golden colour paste. Or in order to save time you could always get those ready made paste from local supermarket too. Here are some suggestions shared by our fanpage readers on the choice of "Butter" and "Pineapple Fillings" for your reference.

Finally after spending a few hours in the kitchen doing all the rolling, cutting, egg washing and etc. Here are our Chinese New Year Bunny Pineapple Tarts for the year of Rabbit. And I hope this new creation of mine would give you some ideas on what to bake as gifts or treats for the coming New Year to impressive your guests. And also I am submitting this post to "Aspiring Bakers #3: My Favourite CNY Cookie! (January 2011)", hosted by Jess of j3ss kitch3n at this link HERE.

Lastly perhaps if you like this post, do help by leaving a comment(s) on which "Bunny" do you prefer? Closed or Open version? For us my boy prefers the open-tart bunny where he describe the pineapple fillings symbolised as a bag of GOLD on the bunny's tummy :)

Saturday 23 January 2010

Almond Cookies - 杏仁饼

Because of my colleague Rebecca who loves to eat "Almond Cookies", she asked me to help her google some reliable recipes that will produce those melt-in mouth type of texture which she is looking for. But when she tried the recipes that I gave her, the result was not what she expected. And since I also can't find the recipe that I used for making the Almond Cookies for her two years ago. I decided to pick one from the web (which I google for so long, seems harder to find almond cookies compare to the rest) which I think might work well from the ingredients and photo shown.

Most of the Almond Cookie recipes call for either melted butter/oil or both. Some use a little as 1 Tablespoon of Ground Almond whereas this recipe that I try from Malaysia Best website, she actually use equal amount of ground almond to flour. But instead of following her using Caster Sugar, I thought maybe I can swap it with Icing Sugar which is similar recipe to the Peanut Cookies that I did earlier. I also replace the freshly roasted and grind almond with those pre-packed ground almond meal for this trail bake.

Ingredients: (24 Cookies)
100g Ground Almond
100g Top Flour/Wheat Flour
50g Icing Sugar
30g Butter, cut into small cubes
70g Peanut/Corn Oil

Egg Wash:
1 Egg Yolk + 1 Teaspoon Egg White, beat well

1. Mix flour and sugar in a mixing bow and rub in butter till resemble bread crumbs.
2. Stir in the ground almond and mix well.
3. Next slowly pour in the oil and knead till it form a dough.
4. Set a set to rest for 20 minutes then roll into marble sizes.
5. Brush it with egg wash and bake in pre-heated 175 degree oven for 15 - 20 minutes.
6. Leave it on cooling rack to cool completely before storing in air tight container.

I don't know how come my Almond Cookies seems kind of flatten like those Westen type of "Almond Cookies".... Em... I think aparts from the swappig of items from the original recipe, I did add in like 1/8 teaspoon of baking powder to the flour mixture... Wondering will this affect the outlook of the cookies? But despite on the different of the outlook from the usual almond cookies that is sold for Chinese New Year. The one that I made here, look kind of like those "Traditional Flat Almond Biscuit" sold in those old bakery shop. Em... I shall let R tried a few of this when I get to see her at work next week......But for me and my family, we find this cookie is rather towards the crispy type compare to those those melt-in mouth texture. Posted by Picasa

Peanut Cookies - 花生酥

After resting for a week or so, I have some discussion going on with my colleague R regarding on what to bake for Chinese New Year. She was telling me that she had a few packets of chopped peanut being left over from the instant "Tangyuan - 汤圆" that she bought during December 2009 "Dong Zhi - 冬至".

Since I have not make any "Peanut Cookies -花生酥" before, I decided to do a google search for some suitable recipes, but some of it don't really look appetising from the photos. So after some mix and match on the recipes that I settle on one that I feel is easier to prepared and will yield good results based on the comments given.

From some of the recipes that I google it didn't really mention which type of peanut to be used for the recipe. So in order to save time for the trial baking, I bought the pre-packed ground peanut powder which most people used it for dessert purpose. The peanuts are finely grind into powder like texture and mixture of caster sugar based on the packet ingredients stated. So in this case, I have to cut down the amount of sugar used so that it is not too sweet due to the extra sugar in the ground peanut mixture.

Ingredients: (makes 36 marble sizes)
100g Ground Peanut Powder
100g Top Flour/Plain Flour
1/4 Teaspoon Baking Powder
50g Icing Sugar
60g Roasted Salted Peanut, finely chopped
70ml Peanut Oil/Corn Oil

Egg Wash:
1 Egg Yolk + 1 Teaspoon White, beat well

1. Mix flour, baking powder, ground peanut and icing sugar(sieved) together in a mixing bowl.
2. Next toss in the chopped peanuts and mix well.
3. Slowly add in peanut oil (you might required slightly 10 - 15ml more) to mix the flour mixture into a dough. (after stir in the oil with the spoon, use hand to knead and mix the dough will be much easier)
4. When the dough bind together, shape the dough accordingly to your preference size and shapes, brush with egg wash.
5. Bake in preheat 170 degree oven for about 15 - 20 minutes(depend on the sizes) till golden brown.
6. Set it aside on cooling rack to cool completely before storing it in air-tight container.

This is one of the most easier to prepare Chinese New Year cookies based on the short-cut that I have taken for the ingredients use :p But if you have the time for doing the preparation, I encourage that you might want to spend some time to roast the peanut till fragrant then grind it so that it will produce a even more fragrant and melt-in-mouth effect. Posted by Picasa

But no matter which type of methods/recipes your prefer, below are some interesting links that you might want to read about on their recipes/tips on making peanut cookies which I personally think is very useful:-

1. Malaysian Best - Peanut Cookies
2. Happy Home Baking - Cookie Galore
3. Do What I like - Chinese Peanut Cookies

Thursday 14 January 2010

Assorted Pineapple Tarts

Time when by so fast as it's another starting of the year again. In about a month's time, everyone will be celebrating Chinese New Year and now it is the time to prepare and take note of those festive bakes/dishes. In my family, without failed for the past 8 years, even during my end of confinement period, I still make the effort to prepare and bake our family all times favourite - Pineapple Tarts. And this is also a time whereby my dear son is looking forward to..... as he has being helping me with the rolling of jam, and mould the tarts for the past 4 years.... :)

Pineapple tarts are usually consumed during the Chinese New Year season and it's typical shapes include flat, open tart topped with pineapple jam under a lattice of pastry or rolls filled with jam that are open at the ends and jam-filled spheres. The pineapple jam is usually cooked under low heat in order to caramelize the grated fresh pineapple that has been mixed with sugar and spices like cinnamon, star anise and cloves. From the photo, you can see the metal star shape plunger which they used to cut-out a tiny star from the pastry to top on top of the open tart. But too bad, I have misplaced mine and had only managed to find it after I have finished making these tarts :(

According to the Chinese Lunar Calender, there are 12 different animals signs which is rotating each year. And in 2010, it happens to be the year of the "TIGER". And since it is a Tiger year, I decided to make something different and special. So without much hesitate, I look-up for my baking mould and come out with this "Tigger" head print to represent the Tiger year goodies...... My dear son was very excited about this new design of our family Pineapple Tart and he actually forbidden anyone to eat it.

This set of kiddy pineapple tarts is totally belong to my dear son. He did all the rolling, mould and coating himself before I put it in the oven for him. I guess, no matter what is your age group like, you won't want to reject these cute Hello Kitty, Pooh and Tomica tarts :) Posted by Picasa

With Chinese New Year around the corner, me and my family wish everyone of you a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR and may this year brings prosper, health and good career to everyone of you. If you are interested in the "Melt In Your Mouth Pineapple Tart" recipe, you can click HERE for more detail.

Saturday 17 January 2009

Pooh Pineapple Tarts

Gong Xi Gong Xi!!!!! Gong Xi Fatt Chai!!! In about a week time, on 26 January 2009 will be the 1st day of Chinese Lunar New Year. On this special day, all the family members, relatives and friends will get together and enjoy meals, goodies and spent valuable times together.

Every year around 1 or 2 weeks before Chinese New Year, we will always spent some time to make some Chinese New Year cookies for the family. And Pineapple tarts is always the "MUST DO LIST" because it is one of our family favourite cookies out of all the range. This year I made Reyon's favourite pineapple tarts into Pooh Face Shape and he was very excited about it. Too bad I don't have an Ox shape cutter to do Ox shape tarts despite it is the year of Ox for 2009. Posted by Picasa

Lastly I wish all reader a Happy and Prosper Chinese New Year!!!!!!

Sunday 3 February 2008

Chinese New Year Goodies

Hello!!! Happy New Year to all my Dear readers and friends. It had being a month or so since my last post here. As I am really busy with work and taking care of Reyon, usually I have much spare time to try out new Bakes or doing a post entry. But since Chinese New Year is around the corner, I would like to squeeze some time off to bake some goodies for my family and relatives.

At first I guess since I didn't stock up the necessary ingredients in time I would have a hard time sourcing around for them which I might not be able to make those goodies that I plan for. But our God is good, He knows what you want and He always provide the best for us. Luckily I managed to find all the necessary ingredients just in time to make all these goodies. As you see, I had made 3 different types of pineapple tarts which represent 3 different good meaning for New Year. I personally prefer the pineapple puffs most because of it juicy filling and wonderful pastry and for decoration and New Year purpose I had also topped it with some edible Gold Foil to make it more delicacy.

Other than pineapple puffs, I also made these Yam Puffs from the yam paste(Orr Nee) that I have. And this is really very edicting and smooth and really melts in your mouth. I love the taste of the yam paste with the pastry. And those who loves to eat Orr Nee will definely loves this special treat.

This is my very first time making Almond Cookies after seeing and hearing all the good feedbacks about this Chinese New Year cookies. So since I had some ground almond left from making Macarons, I decided to give it a try. And I must confess that it really did not disappoint me. The texture, fragrant and taste are just nice like what I prefer. Posted by Picasa