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Saturday 1 November 2014

Top 10 Express Eats In Singapore

10 Express Eats
I am sure most of you have eaten quick meal (as in choice of food) especially during weekday evening(s) when you need to work overtime till late hours or before catching up a movie date? But I am just curious what are the choices that would appeared in your list; could it sandwiches, fast food, local snacks, instant noodles or perhaps movie snacks like popcorn, hotdog bun or nacho chips? No matter what is your options I think anything that is fuss-free and easy to munch on would be a great choice.

Sunday 17 March 2013

Egg-citing free breakfast with McDonald's National Breakfast Day

Photo source: McDonald's
On Monday, 18 March 2013; 121 McDonald’s restaurants in Singapore will participate in National Breakfast Day (a regional McDonald's initiative) by giving away over 100,000 FREE Egg McMuffins, as part of Singapore’s (and the world’s) largest ever breakfast giveaway.

Each participating McDonald restaurant in Singapore will be giving away 1,000 FREE Egg McMuffins to customers on a first-come, first-served basis. So that's a total of about more than 100,000 free Egg McMuffins plus another about 5 million Egg McMuffins will be given out free in 5000 other McDonald restaurants in Asia, Middle East and Africa to celebrate this first McDonald National Breakfast Day activity. 

Photo Source: McDonald's

Date: Monday, 18 March 2013
Location: Across 121 McDonald’s restaurants in Singapore
(Click HERE for list of participating outlets)
Time: 5.00am – 10.00am, except these locations

Photo Source: McDonald's
So gear up yourself together with your friends or family members and make your way down to the nearest participated McDonald outlets on 18 March between 5.00am - 10.00am (consider to go early to avoid the crowds) and enjoy your FREE Egg McMuffin to kick off your Monday blue. More details can be found at

Video Source: McDonald's

Enjoy your Egg-citing Breakfast with McDonald!!!!

Monday 7 January 2013

McDonald Birthday Party

I am sure many of us loves McDonald from it's Hotcake to Big Breakfast or Double Cheese Burger to Filet-O-Fish Meals.  No matter which is your choice there is always something for everyone in the family. My kid loves their McChicken and Chicken McNugget meals which often comes with hot and yummy fries plus a regular drink.

Since McDonald is one of his favourite meals, we decided to hold a McDonald Birthday Party for him last weekend to celebrate his Birthday.

Upon discussing with the staff in-charged of the party, we were told that the McDonald's Party included things like:-
~ Choice of Happy Meal (Cheeseburger or Chicken McNuggets)
~ McDonald Design Party invitations cards (minimum 12 pieces)
~ Exclusive gift for birthday child
~ Gifts for invited guests
~ Game prizes
~ MINIMUM booking for 12 children per party package

*A deposit of S$14.40 (non-refundable) which is also known as the surcharge is required upon confirmation of booking

And as you see from the list above, McDonald required at least a MINIMUM of 12 children for the party package so even though if your invited kids are less 12 pax you still have to pay for the 12 sets of Happy Meal at S$9.00 (including surcharge) per child which is about S$108.00. I find this criteria is NOT flexible for those who do not meet the minimum requirement of 12 kids, perhaps they could allow/consider some swap or combination of kid and adult meals for some situation.

For your information, in order to bring in Birthday cake to the Party the cake has to be ordered from one of these Halal certificated bakeries shown above.  So when you are hosting a McDonald party for your kid(s) or friend, remember to double-check with the staff in-charged.

Since my boy is old enough to write his own invitation cards, I leave the task for him to in-charge of his invited guests list.

As an Angry Birds, Green Piggy fans my boy decided to use green piggy themed design tags for the guests to write their names for the lucky draw.

These are some food stuffs and stationary that we prepared as lucky draw gifts as well as goodie bags of sweets and chocolates for the guests. 

Upon arrival of the Birthday kid and invited guests, the staffs in-charged would assigned the sitting arrangement for the kids and get them to write down their name on the party hat in order to address and recognise them while serving the meals later.

All Happy Meals for the party comes with choice of either Cheeseburger or 4 pieces Chicken McNuggets together with a regular drink (coke, milo, ribena or milk) and side (cup corn or fries). While the kids are having their meal, the serving staffs at Yishun Safar McDonald are very patience and helpful by taking the imitative to make sure that all the invited kids and host are well taken care of.

15 minutes later, everyone almost settled down with their food orders and the kids also started to mingle among themselves with fun, laughter and food. 

After the meal, the serving staffs do a quick clear up and get ready to gather the kids around to participate some simple games for about 15 minutes before cutting the Birthday Cake.

Although the games might be simple due to the space constraint, but the kids definitely have a great time among themselves.

The last 10 - 15 minutes of the party are usually reserved for photos taking and cake cutting where everyone would gather around for Birthday songs and group photos with the birthday kid.

Angry Birds Space designed cake from Polar Puffs And Cakes Pte Ltd which is one of the bakery in their suggested Halal bakeries list shown above. 

Invited Guests received extra gifts like McDonald themed pencil, drinking straw and etc on top of the usual Happy Meal toy.

Birthday child received an Exclusive Birthday gift on top of the items in the Happy Meal goodie bag.

This is the actual Birthday Cake which my boy requested and I managed to order and custom made by Wai Fong from Fong's Kitchen Journal and if you are interested you could also read more about how she assemble this cake at her post HERE.

As you can see above, this is a 3-layer Chocolate Sponge with Dark Chocolate Ganache filling because my boy only loves chocolate cake but due to his favourite King Pig is green in colour we have to cover the chocolate cake with green coloured butter cream. Overall the sponge cake is fluffy and the ganche is great too but just that perhaps a little bit too sweet on the fillings.

Lastly we would like to thank everyone who came and joined us for the party last weekend. Thanks for all your lovely gifts and thoughts. Hope everyone of you have fun!

Friday 16 March 2012

CP Ready Meals In 5 Minutes

Even though I might appear to be cooking often over at my recipe blog, I do have time where I just wanted to have some quick and easy meal while enjoying ME TIME watching my favourite TV programs or etc. Hence in order to have some ready meals that resemble home-style cooking, often I would pick up a few varieties of CP Ready Meal from the supermarkets.

As we know, CP ready Meal is with no preservatives added and they are ready for consumption just by simply popping the package into the microwave and cook for about 4 - 5 minutes. So for a chance from the usual hawker food, sometime we do enjoy having this quick dish especially during raining day or supper time.


This is the new CP Chicken Green Curry With Rice which Thai food lover can now enjoy their favourite green curry anytime of the day with minimal fuss. This dish is prepared in an authentic home-cooked style with generous chunks of tender chicken meat, eggplants and fragrant Jasmine rice.

Although this "ready meal" cannot be compared with served in Thai restaurant but for the retail price at S$4.50, this could be something that you would like to stock-up in freezer for a hearty quick lunch/supper.

(Serves: 1 | Preparation: 30 seconds | Cooking: 4-5 minutes)

Cooking Instructions:
1. Remove the outer wrapper before reheating.

2. Using a fork, pierce the clear film on the food container for 3 - 4 times.

3. Cook in microwave for 3.5 minutes at 1,300 watt or 5 minutes at 800 watt.
~ You do not need to defrost item before cooking.

If you prefer noodles than rice, perhaps you can try their hearty spaghetti. CP Spaghetti with Chicken Sauce will satisfy your palate with delicious al dente spaghetti enriched with flavorsome tomato-based sauce which includes lean minced chicken. I love the way it separate the sauce and noodles so as the texture of the noodles would not be affected by the sauce and we also can mix in the sauce base on our preference.

Other than this two new products mentioned above, there is also "Teriyaki Chicken with Rice" and "Stir-fried Chicken and Basil with Rice" all available at major supermarkets, Cheers or 7-11 outlets.

Sunday 20 November 2011

{Real Spice} The BK Way of Chicken by Burger King

Photos courtesy of Burger King, Singapore

Almost every month or two Burger King(BK) will launched some new items on their existing menu to lure the tastebuds of their customers. If you are a loyal fan of BK I am sure you have tried their BK Chicken French and BK Chicken Italian treat which has ended recently. And now the new theme for November will be “Never chicken out on real spice” which is one part of a series of their “The BK Way of Chicken” lessons.

Here BK features two new spicy chicken sandwich such as:- "Spicy Panini Tendergrill Chicken Sandwich" and "Spicy Panini Tendercrisp Chicken Sandwich" that will bring you spicy enlightenment.


Photos courtesy of Burger King, Singapore

For chicken burger lover who demand a bigger crunch and spicier kick from their chicken sandwich, the Spicy Panini Tendercrisp Chicken Sandwich with 100% thigh-meat patty wrapped in a crisp batter packed with a fiery spice mix of capsicum, garlic powder, rosemary and chili oil is a must to be in your ordering list.
*Price: S$5.50 for ala carte, S$7.65 with meal


Photos courtesy of Burger King, Singapore

Or for something less greasy, try this Spicy Panini Tendergrill Chicken Sandwich and experience a flavour explosion that will make your tastebuds dance. In the quest for chicken perfection, the 100% succulent thigh-meat patty is marinated in a complex blend of spices such as cayenne pepper, black pepper and hints of mustard, onion powder and celery seed before the chicken patty is then flame-grilled to smoky goodness.
*Price: S$5.95 for ala carte, S$7.95 with meal

For your information, both sandwiches are topped off with whole-leaf premium crisp Batavia lettuce and fresh juicy slices of red, ripe tomatoes together with the real spice-marinated chicken thigh nestled within soft Mediterranean Panini bread, baked with quality herbs of rosemary and oregano.

*Pricing varies at selected restaurants. Each meal comes with medium fries and a 16oz drink. BURGER KING® reserves the right to revise menu items without prior notice.

Tuesday 25 October 2011

Buffet Town International Seafood Mixed Grill and Teppan Yaki

Buffet Town is a pretty new (about 3 months) buffet restaurant located on basement 1 at Raffles City where Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar used to be. The concept of restaurant is quite similar to Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant at Heeren's where you could see a spread of international food in different allocated stalls with 450 Seating Capacity. And for families with active kids, there is a mini playground where young children (between 2 to 8 years) can enjoy themselves with various games and parents can conveniently watch over them whilst eating too.

About three weeks ago we were there for a lunch buffet on Friday and have to join in a long queue(as there were about more than 50 people in front of us) since I could not get through their Reservation Hotline even after a few days of calling.

After about 45 minutes of queuing time we were finally being bought to our seats which were so cramp due to the overwhelming crowds that afternoon. But since everyone was hungry due to the long waiting hour we decided to start with the food without much complaints.

As my boy cannot find his favourite sushi over at the Japanese Counter he decided to settle with some chicken rice. According to him the rice was a oily and not fragrant compared to the usual one he loves to eat but the accompany chicken was still quite tender and juicy.  My aunty and I are both Sashimi lover so after eating the above items shown we both agreed that the Sashimi and cold seafood served are really fresh and definitely worth the price. But on the downside the replenish time was rather slow and a lot of sushi and maki plates were empty each time we went to the Japanese counter.

I was caught by this Rojak Counter while roaming around to check out the different serving counters. My favourite combination of Rojak is always fried fritters(you tiao) with the pairing sauce. But for a chance I decided to try the usual mixed combination and surprisingly the pairing here were rather good and flavorsome too.

You could find Western Food Counters at the right side of the entrance ranging from seafood/mushroom pizza, German sausages, array of pasta cooked according to your choice, soup of the day and etc. And at the back row of the buffet you could also pick up some grilled satay, salmon head, saba fish, king prawns and etc. But bewared of the food from this grilled counter as they are always being snatched off from the serving plates once the cook replenished the items.

After eating all the desire main courses, you can relax at your seats with a cup of freshly brewed coffee/tea or even homemade soya bean milk/beancurd from the beverage counters. To go with your drink, pick your choice of cakes from the Dessert Counters or any waffles or pancake.

Overall Buffet Town has a wide varieties of food which is freshly prepared and served but the only set back is the replenished time of the food is rather a bit slow perhaps due to the overwhelming of crowds or shortage of manpower. If not try to be early and get into the buffet on time in order to sample more choices of food especially those on the Grilled Counter and Japanese Counter. So is like either you get to EAT or you DON'T if you are not fast enough to get the food. Do share with us your dining experience if you have tried Buffet Town before.

Buffet Town International Seafood Mixed Grill and Teppan Yaki
Raffles City, #B1-44E
252 North Bridge Road,
Telephone: (+65) 6837 3793

Operating Hour:
11.30am to 3pm daily (Last order at 2.30pm)
6pm to 10.30pm daily (Last order at 9.30pm)

Pricing for Lunch Buffet:-
Monday to Friday: Adult : $23.80++; *Child : $16.80++
Saturday, Sunday, Eve PH and PH: Adult : $28.80++; *Child : $16.80++

Pricing for Dinner Buffet:-
Monday to Friday: Adult : $33.80++; *Child : $19.80++
Saturday, Sunday, Eve PH and PH: Adult : $38.80++; *Child :$19.80++

  • *Child age 6 to 12 years old
  • Prices are subjected to Service Charge and any other prevailing taxes.
  • Mode of Payment: Cash / NETS / MasterCard / VISA /

  • Monday 8 August 2011

    {New!} Tasty Breakfast Choices @ Burger King

    Recently Burger King(BK) launched a new Breakfast Platter which is specially made for those who wants a healthy start for the day. This set consists of freshly cooked omelet folded around a filling of Turkey Ham and American cheese, smoked chicken frankfurter (made with 100% chicken breast, sage and mace) together with tangy taste of freshly grilled juicy tomato. Beside those mentioned there is also fluffy croissan'wich bun and generous portion of bite-size round hash browns to make this a hearty and wholesome breakfast platter.
    Meal Price: S$7.45* (includes a cup of Seattle’s Best Coffee/Tea)
    *price varies at selected restaurants

    But if you prefer something light and flavorful for breakfast, perhaps you can consider any of these bite size BK SHOTS Egg Benny or Tomato Benny. These breakfast sets come with either slices of ripe red tomato and buttery egg omelet or a delightful combination of Turkey ham and fluffy egg omelet patty both nestled in the soft seedless bun with premium creamy Hollandaise sauce.
    Meal Price: S$3.50 (includes a cup of Seattle’s Best Coffee/Tea)

    Or you still prefer this all-time classic in BK’s breakfast menu which is made with buttery fluffy CROISSAN’WICH bun, American Cheese, slices of thinly shaved Turkey Ham together with soft and buttery egg omelet.
    Meal Price: S$5.45* (includes a cup of Seattle’s Best Coffee/Tea)
    *price varies at selected restaurants

    For your information, these 4 sets of breakfast treat are complemented by a cup of piping hot Seattle's Best Coffee to brighten up your day. You can read more about these Seattle's Best Coffee in another post HERE.

    Monday 4 July 2011

    The Mushroom Swiss from BURGER KING

    To celebrate the success of BK Mushroom Swiss Burgers BURGER KING® as well as reminding everyone that this signature product of BK has grown to become one of Singapore’s favourite burger! Burger King is giving away a FREE BK Sundae (choice of caramel, chocolate or strawberry) with any purchase of a BK Doubles Mushroom Swiss Beef Burger large meal @ S$7.75* or Mushroom Swiss Tendergrill Chicken Burger large meal @ S$8.25*. With The King You Can, enjoy it from this July till 3rd August 2011.
    *pricing varies at selected outlets

    Indulgent flavour and quality comes together in mouthfuls of BK Doubles Mushroom Swiss Beef Burger which nestled between a soft sesame-sprinkled bun with two juicy, 100% flame-grilled beef patties that blanketed in two slices of melted Swiss cheese and doused with their signature velvety-smooth mushroom sauce. But if this is too filling for ladies, perhaps you could go for their BK Singles Mushroom Swiss Beef Burger which delivers the same great flavour in a single-patty form.

    Personally I would prefer Mushroom Swiss Tendergrill Chicken Burger which is cradled on a soft corn-dusted bun with succulent and tender 100% flame-grilled premium chicken thigh meat patty enveloped in melted Swiss cheese together with the all-time favourite silky mushroom sauce from BK, fresh lettuce and a generous spread of creamy mayonnaise. I am sure you won't be able to resists this temptation just like me.

    Tuesday 10 May 2011

    Winner of the BK SHOTS Burger Giveaway plus Voting of BK Ladies’ Night

    Follow by the current BK SHOTS Burgers campaign on “What Women Want, Women Get”, Burger King(BK) also hope to engage consumers in a more personal way by organizing their first public event targeted towards women. BK Ladies’ Night is a upcoming event where ladies get to enjoy the promotion of their choice, interact with hunks as well as decide where they would like to house the session. So wait no more, starting fom 06 May 2011 onwards, simply visiting their official voting site at to cast your vote on the poll and decide on the preferred promotion and location for the session.

    Voting ends at 17 May 2011, 2359 hours and the most-voted location and promotion will be revealed at 2.00pm, 18 May 2011 on the website. Further all ladies who pre‐registered will also receive an eDM invite to the first‐ever BK Ladies’ Night held on 24 May 2011.

    For more information regarding this campaign you can refer to either one of the following links:-
    Official Voting Sites:
    Facebook Page:
    Youtube Video:

    For the BK SHOTS Burger Vouchers!!!!!