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Monday, 31 October 2011

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition @ ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands

Good news to all Titanic fans, RMS Titanic has arrived in Singapore docking at Art Science Museum(near Marina Bay Sands) where you can go on board the largest Ship in the world for the first time in Southeast Asia.

And for one of the highlight of the exhibition, each visitor is given a boarding pass at the entrance of the gallery to participate as one of the passengers on board the Titanic. And towards the end of the exhibition, you could also check the name written on the back of the boarding pass against those shown at the "Memorial Gallery" to see what had happened to that "passenger" in the story.


Currently there are two exhibitions held at the ArtScience Museum which are; DALI Mind of a Genius (extended until 13 November 2011)  and Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition (from 29 October 2011 to 29 April 2012).

The Museum is at Marina Bay Sands along the Marina Bay waterfront and it is easily accessible via public transport and car. If you are traveling by the MRT, Promenade Station(circle line) is about 10 minutes walk from the station whereas Marina Bay Station(North South Line) will takes you about 15 minutes walk to reach the Museum from the station.


Visitor can grab a copy of this "ArtScience Museum Chronicle" at the Museum's lobby on the ground level where you could read up some highlights about this Titanic Exhibition as well as some fascinating facts. For example:- The full name of the Ship, RMS Titanic actually stands for "Royal Mail Steamer Titanic" because Titanic was also built to carry British and US mail apart from those rich and famous passengers.


The Titanic Artifact Exhibition occupies 2500 square meters of gallery space in ArtScience Museum with 9 different exhibit areas showcasing from the Constructions of Titanic to it's First Class Stateroom,  Boiler Room, Iceberg Gallery, Discovery and etc.

In the Iceberg Gallery you can touch a real sheet of ice and experience the freezing waters of the North Atlantic where the passengers of Titanic encountered during the night on 14 April 1912.

Despite whether you have or yet to visit the Titanic Exhibition you could also check out their online Passenger Logbook at where visitors to the Exhibition shared about their thoughts on the Titanic experience. 


ArtScience Museum (Marina Bay Sands)
10 Bayfront Avenue
Singapore 018956
Official Site: HERE

Online: Marina Bay Sands Ticketing Portal

Ticketing Hotline: +65 6688 8826

Marina Bay Sands Box Offices
~ ArtScience Museum Lobby
~ Hotel Lobby, Tower 1 L1
~ Retail Concierge, The Shoppes L1
~ SkyPark Ticketing Counter, Tower 3 B1
~ Theater, The Shoppes B1

*Note:- 20% discount on admission for all OCBC Credit / Debit Cardmembers


10am to 10pm Daily
Last admission at 9pm

This visit to the ArtScience Museum has being a fruitful trip as we get to see 2 different exhibitions(Titanic plus Dali) for the price of S$21.00 per Adult(with 20% dsicount from OCBC Cardmembers). But as for the downside we are not able to take many photos as photographing and filming are prohibited in the galleries.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Maritime Experiential Museum And Aquarium

On 15th October 2011, Singapore's first maritime museum, the Maritime Experiential Museum And Acquarium(MEMA) opened its doors at the Resorts World Sentosa. With its unique maritime theme design and interactive exhibits which involve visitors’ participation, the museum has transform from a traditional gallery showcasing Southeast Asia’s maritime trade history.

The museum is divided into 6 zones with an outdoor exhibit showing some historic ships at the harbour behind the museum.

And Bao Chuan Show

Greeting you upon entering the museum will be Admiral Zheng He's massive treasure ship known as "'Bao Chuan" where one can learn about the epic voyages he took from China to the ‘Western Ocean’ as the greatest explorer in Chinese history. There is a short video clip at the open-style theatre where you can watch an animated video about Admiral Zheng He’s voyages from China to the Western Ocean.

Sealing your very own Passport

Before you entry the Souk, remember to grab hold of a "Passport" in order to chop with the 8 different seal at each ports. And also don't forget the "All Aboard" booklet where you read more about the Life and Trade on the Maritime Silk Route.

THE SOUK(market)

Check out the ports of call at the Souk(market) where visitors could experience the interactive touch-learn-play information panels and various bazaars cultural emporium which Admiral Zheng He explored along the Maritime Silk Routes. Visitors can have some hands-on making Chinese Junks and puppet using the prepared template at the allocated area.


This gallery houses the museum's first major acquisition of maritime artefacts from the Bakau shipwreck that can be dated back to the early 15th century and showcases a wide array of archaeological finds that traces Singapore's early involvement in the Maritime Silk Route trade.


For kids or other with more artistic hand you can try creating some virtual pottery on the interactive touch screens available at level B1 near the Archaeology Gallery. Upon finished you can even sent your finished art piece via email to yourself or friends.


At the back of the Maritime Museum you can see life-size replica ships such as Javanese jong, an Indonesian borobudur and with 3 others arriving soon. Due to safety purpose the ships are not for passenger boarding at the moment.

We did not visit the 2nd attraction which is known as "Typhoon Theatre" (additional charges applied). But if you are keen you can take your seats on the deck of a ship that's about to sail where a 360-degree screen will immerse you in a breathtaking shipwreck simulation with special effects.


Resorts World Sentosa
8 Sentosa Gateway Sentosa Island
Singapore 098269
Official Site: HERE

General Museum Admission:
Adult: S$5.00; Child (4 - 12 years) S$2.00; Senior Citizen (65 years and above) S$3.00
*Exclude admission to Typhoon Theatre

Typhoon Theatre Admission:
Adult: S$6.00; Child (4 - 12 years) S$4.00; Senior Citizen (65 years and above) S$3.00
*Exclude admission to Museum

Monday to Thursday: 10am - 7pm
Friday to Sunday and  P.H: 10am - 9pm

Typhoon Theatre:
Monday to Thursday: 10am - 6pm
Friday to Sunday and P.H:10am - 8pm

Friday, 21 October 2011

A Day At The Universal Studios, Singapore plus Halloween Horror Night Preview

Universal Studios Singapore - 新加坡环球影城(USS) is a theme park located within Resorts World Sentosa on Sentosa Island. The park had its soft opening period from 18 March to 26 October 2011 and it's official Grand Opening was held earlier this year on 28 May 2011. For your information USS park contain 7 themed zones such as:- Hollywood, New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, The Lost World, Far Far Away and Madagascar all based on Universal movie hits and etc.

Since this week the lower primary are having a 4 day school break before the end year school exam I decided to bring my boy to USS as a study-break. He has being wanting to explore more and excited about those rides ever since our 1st visit last year during the After-Hour night visit(read more HERE).


When you first step beyond the entrance of the USS, greeting you will be the grant "Hollywood" street framed by dynamic architecture, palm trees and the famous Walk of FameTM that makes you will feel as thought you have landed in the center of the entertainment universe. If you wish to grab hold of some souvenir before heading back, remember to drop by the "Universal Studios Store" along this street for some themed collectibles, toys and apparel.

You can use any MasterCard to purchase your admission tickets in order to enjoy 20% off One-Day tickets any day of the week when you book online or purchase on-site(After discount our weekday ticket rate: Adult: S$52.80, Kid: S$38.40)! On top of that you will also receive a S$10 retail voucher and etc. Promotion ends at 18 November 2011, more detail, HERE.


Our 1st stop is at Madagascar: A Crate Adventure where we get to board an indoor river boat ride with Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria, the four heroes from blockbuster movie Madagascar. Very fun and relaxing boat ride which suits kid even for the age of 3 - 4 years old with accompany adult(s).

After the boat ride you can catch up with the Madagascar Boogie just outside Penguins Mercantile at specify showtimes such as:- 11.30am, 1.30pm, 3.30pm and 5.30pm.

At the same street in the Madagascar zone,  King Julien and the Lemurs are throwing a party for their favorite freaks from New York: Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Gloria the Hippo, and Melman the Giraffe at the all time family Carousel - King Julien's Beach Party-Go-Round. This is sure a catch for kids and adults of all ages where you can either ride and spins round and round with those cartoon characters.


Movie stars, talking donkeys.…the land of Far Far Away showcases lifestyles of the rich and fairy taled whereby you will attracted by this unique castle which is the landmark of USS too. Here you can to enjoy Shred 4-D Adventure where you can see, hear and FEEL the action right from your seat such as water, hairy spiders, wind and etc. My boy and I have great fun and excitement watching this short movie.

Other than the delicious homemade recipe with 7-spice chicken at Goldilocks Restaurants (we had kiddy meal - criss-cross fries, dino nuggets and regular size drink S$9.50 serve in a cute portable lunchbox) you can also pop over to Fairy Godmother's Juice Bar to get some unique concoction of clourful elixirs at the juice bar. 


After lunch we move on to the next destination at "The Lost World" where we hurried ourselves to the 1.00pm showtime(showtimes: check the daily schedule for actual timing) at Water World. This is a must watch live entertaining show where we can witness a tidal wave of death-defying stunts, along with thrills and spills from real explosions of fire and water based on the blockbuster film, "Waterworld". But beware sitting at the center area or first few rows at the sides as you might get wet due to the splashing of water during the show.

Currently the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure is NOT available as it is undergoing enhancement works from 10 August 2011 early 2012. So with 1 attraction down we are left with Canopy Flyer, Dino-Soarin and Amber Rock Climb. My boy loves to ride on the Canopy Flyer whereby he is not afraid of height and turns but this ride leaving mummy with wobbly feet and butterfly stomach.

Dino-Soarin can be fun too as it attracted a lot of adults in all ages whereby you ride on the back of flying dinosaurs called Pteranodons, soaring up into the sky or plunging down into the shadows.


In order to skip the long queue over at Canopy Flyer at The Lost World, we thought of heading towards the Ancient Egypt Zone and take a look before popping by to join the queue. There are total of two rides focusing Revenge of the Mummy as the main attraction and Treasure Hunters on the other hand which is more child friendly ride for the family. The Revenge of the Mummy ride is a psychological thrill ride where the roller coaster travel through a pitch black building leaving you clueless as to where you are going and what is going to happen ahead.

After asking around and seeing the some photos taken at the photo booth from the rides, we decided to give this ride a pass and head on to the "Treasure Hunters" which is a relax jeep ride which is more suitable for us. Furthermore, each young kid will be presented with a Treasure Hunters License Certifies as souvenir too.


With a choice of either Human or Cylon at this Sci-Fi City riders on both coasters will experience unbelievable thrills as they race towards each other and nearly collide! Zooming at speeds of 82.8 km/h, the Human Viper Mark II is a seated coaster that propels riders up to 14 storeys into the air whereas they Cylon raiders is a suspended roller coaster that will turn your world upside down as it runs through a vertical loop, corkscrew and cobra roll. Imagine with all the turns and loops....this is definitely not my cup of tea. But are you brave enough to take the challenge!!!

Giving out on the roller coasters, my boy and I decided to test our intergalactic stamina while being madly spinning on the whirling twirling attraction known as Accelerator. These individual similar "merry-go-round" ride is so fun and thrilling leaving us screaming in excitement through out the ride.   


At about 4pm we are already hungry from our earlier lunch-break over at Goldilocks Restaurant mentioned above. So we decided to stop by the recommended Loui's NY Pizza Parlor to have a quick bite. As it was very pretty late in the afternoon there aren't much choices left on the shelf. Here we grab the "1 Slice Pizza Set" which comes with 1 slice of your desire pizza(i choose Tandoori), 1 dessert(either Panna cotta or Cheesecake) together with a cup of regular size soft drink at S$13.80.

As you can see the slice of pizza was quite big which is about the serving of 2 normal slices of pizza that we used to have. I love the thin and crusty base with topped with tender and flavorsome tandoori chicken, green chilli and well-blend seasonings. Worth trying this set especially with a cup of yummy Panna Cotta as dessert before heading to our show over at the opposite street at "Lights, Camera, Action!" where we get to witness the stage setting with awesome sound effect on a major hurricane hitting New York City. 

After a fun-filled day at the theme park, here is the crumbled map with marking on all the attractions that we have survive through. Friendly speaking other than the "roller coasters" I guess most of the attractions are still very family oriental where most of the family members can participate with.


This October if you are looking for some terrified event for your Halloween Night, do consider joining this 1st Halloween Horror Nights in Universal Studios Singapore, Resort World Sentosa(Date: 21 - 23, 27-30 October 2011, Time: 8.00pm - 12 Midnight). These are some of the scenes from few of the 6 scare-zones that you will encountered during the event.

The highlights of this event are such as haunted Peranakan house to face the Vengeance of the Matriarch, Mutated zombies roam for blood in a Post-Apocalyptic Rage, Mad Scientist stalks unsuspecting victims in The Void and etc... More details of the event and ticketing information can be found HERE. Enjoy and have a fright night.

More photos of the USS trip can be found at HERE at Cuisine Paradise facebook page.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

New Hobby @ Lower Peirce Reservoir

Last weekend we have a great time catching up with our new hobby at the Lower Peirce Reservoir together with some of the families there. Despite of the cloudy weather and passing-shower when we arrived, we still have a great warm-up session observing others and put it to practise on how to find, lure and catch our very first pet Yabby.

"Lower Peirce Reservoir - 贝雅士蓄水池下段" is one of the oldest reservoirs in Singapore. It is located near the MacRitchie Reservoir and the Upper Peirce Reservoir which is near Upper Thomson Road.

During most weekends or public holiday, the park will be filled with family with kids or love ones to set up picnics as well as to enjoy the scenery or walking trails through the rainforest for some exciting encounters with the amazing wildlife. Last weekend was our 2nd vist to this park and we saw most of the families are enjoying their family time catching little shrimps, crabs or fish with the kids.

As we did not get to spend more time like the rest of those families who enjoys this new prawning hobby due to the passing by shower on Saturday evening, we decided to go back again on Sunday. This round we managed to get very close encounter with those park monkey who are over friendly that they even snatched away our prawning baits.

This is a very interesting hobby that requires "Patience", "Time" and "Co-ordination Skills" where you use just simple bait like "Bread" to attract these little smart Yabby.

On the 1st day we only managed to caught one Yabby as we are still very new with the tactic to handle and lure these yabbies compare to the rest of the expert there. But on Sunday, as we are more prepared we managed to caught 3 and my boy really enjoys every moment of this new hobby. And before going home, we also spotted two huge Yabby which is around palm size with big claws but too bad we are not skillful enough to catch it.

Beautiful sunset that you might not have a chance to see often during your daily busy working days so perhaps sometime life will be more meaningful if you can spare some time, stop your pace, lift up your head and enjoy those beautiful sunset that is created by God.

Since we have a total of four yabbies now, we decided to buy a big container and stone shelter for these new pets. I guess sometime it's good to have some easy to handle pet for the kids to take up self responsibility on keeping these cute buddies.

Other than those yabbies above  we also have another cute little pet hamster known as "Milo" which is given to us by our neighbour. She is a very gentle and intelligence pet that is always amused us with her cute acts.

For more photos on our New Hobby @ Lower Peirce Reservoir, you can refer to the link HERE at Cuisine Paradise Facebook Page.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Official Launch of the National Art Gallery Open House

The National Art Gallery, Singapore is organising a special open house event for the City Hall and former Supreme Court buildings during two weekends of October. The event offers a rare and exclusive glimpse at the buildings' unparalleled history and distinctive architecture. It will feature eye-opening guided tours, exhibition displays portraying the future galleries, film screenings, photo exhibition, activity corners for children, flea markets and a snack fair. (you can refer to the admission details at the end of the post)

Thanks to Blog Club and the team at the National Art Gallery, I got to attend the Launch Of National Art Gallery Open House and preview tour earlier. Below are some photos and short write-up of the Open House on Friday, 08 October 2010. If you are interested to find out more details about these heritage buildings before they are transformed into the furture National Art Gallery till 2013, remember to drop by to their weekend Open House on the two weekends (dates and times shown below) that is open to public access from 11.00am - 9.00pm.

Official Launch of the National Art Gallery by Guest of Honour, Mr Lui Tuck Yew.

Media together with Guest of Honour taking group photos at the City Hall steps.

Stairway entrance to the second level of the various Court Rooms.

Main Corridor of the near the Court of Appeal and Rotunda Library.

This is one of the Court Room in the building known as Court of Appeal.

This is the underground pathway for the prisoner to be brought to the Court Room stand.

The Chief Justice's chambers are served by their own private lift and the Y-shaped table you see int he Chief Justice's office is the only one in the building.

The Rotunda Library was once used to hold the law library till the collection outgrew the circular space, the library was moved to the City Hall buildings and this room was converted into a police post.

At the Supreme Court Balcony, if you look up at the tympanum you would notice that the depiction of Justice there is not blindfolded as it usually is (on the United States Supreme Court). The sculptures on it were carved by Italian Cavalieri Rudolfo Nolli, who was also responsible for moulding the internal columns of the building.

City Hall Building and steps have served as the backdrop for many national events. Example the surrender of the Japanese forces in 1942 was announced by Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten on these steps and also the proclamation of self-government in 1959 by MM Lee Kuan Yew whom was then the Prime Minster at the time.

The newly set up Special Exhibition space and registration counters for guided tour at the ground level of City Hall building.

~ Limited 500 pieces of Goodie Bag per day on a first come first serve basis.

~ 8 Chances per day to win an iPod shuffle each day from 12.00pm - 7.00pm.

~ 2 Pairs of tickets to Cheong So Pieng: Bridging Worlds Exhibition to be given out every hour.

The National Art Gallery Open House Event
City Hall and former Supreme Court Buildings
1 St Andrew Road

First weekend
9 & 10 October 2010; 11.00am - 9.00pm daily

Extended weekend
16 & 17 October 2010; 10.00am - 6.00pm daily

For more photographs on the above mentioned post, please click HERE.