Sunday, 4 October 2009

Ji De Chi

There are all kinds of Hong Kong style dessert stalls around Singapore and just in Chinatown area, there are about 4 or more stalls. Like in People's Park Center, located a corner of the second floor, you will find "Dessert Hut - 甜品小屋" and "Tong Shui - 糖水". Today we are going to take a look at this stall known as "Ji De Chi - 记得吃".

Upon looking at the menu, we actually wanted to try their Durian Bake Puff Roll, but we were informed that it is out of stock. So we settle for this "Mango in Sticky Rice Roll - 芒果糯米卷". We will quite disappointed with the item that is being served, from the photo you can see that the rice roll is so thick and it's kind of hard which is not as good as it look. I am not sure whether does it taste the same in all the 3 outlets or maybe in certain days, it might just taste soft and nice.....Em...maybe have to take a risk to order another time in a different outlet.

Whenever I visit any of these Dessert stalls, there are always two items that I will order, it is either Almond Paste of Mango Pomelo. And I have read from magazine review that there is something special about their "Almond Paste With black Glutinous Rice Ball - 杏仁糊加黑糯米球". Apart from the normal Almond Paste, they actually add a scoop of the Black Glutinous Rice in it to enhance the taste and fragrance.

Here comes my serving on this "Durian with Pomelo Sago - 榴莲飘香". I have being eying the poster of this dessert outside the stall for quite sometime whenever we walk past during lunch hour...... And today, I finally have a chance to try out their signature Durian dessert. It consists of Durian Paste, fresh durian flesh, sago and some fresh pomelo. Em... although the taste was great, but I think I still prefer the Nonya Durian Pengat.

If you are looking for some new desserts to try on or some light tea-time snacks like Yam cake, Rice Dumpling, Chee Cheong Fun and etc. You might like to give one of their 3 outlet a visit when you are free at:- Jurong Point(New Wing), Liang Seah St or Chinatown Point.

Old Airport Road Food Centre

Old Airport Road, Block 51 Market & Food Centre is located somewhere near Geylang. In this food centre you can always see people queuing at most of the popular stalls like Cha Kuey Teow, Prawn Noodles, Wanton Mee and etc. Today, we happen to drop by that area due to the Church service at the in-door stadium.

There are really too many choices of food to choose from, I was so excited about those food that I can't decide which food that I want to try out on. While walking around the food center, I saw quite a number of people carrying/buying/eating Otah. After searching around, I found this stall known as "Tan Beng Oath Delight", they have different size of Oath available for your selection and on top of that, they also sell Nasi Lemak. So without hesitate, I grab a pack of Egg and Fish Nasi Lemak together with their famous Otah. The Oath taste great and you can either eat it together with the rice or just plain on itself. The lady boss is very friendly and nice, she even gave me a name card and say that we can call to order in bulk for party or BBQ. If you are interested, you can give them a call at: 9436 0738 or 9694 5755.

I recommend this "Xin Mei Congee", a must try at this Food Center, the congee although cost slightly higher in price, but the texture was great. It's so fragrance and smooth when you eat it hot. This stall offer a good range of congee from fish, chicken, meat and etc. And something special about this stall is, they actually made their own deep-fry fritter(you tiao - 油条) which is so crispy and goes well with the congee. My boy who is a picky eater, finished almost half of the congee and the you tiao which he comments is nice and tasty.

Facing the main road entrance of the Carpark, there are two Prawn Noodle stalls together in the same row just a few stalls away from each other. The one that we decided to try is this "Albert Street Prawn Noodle" while the other down the corner is the "Whitley Road Big Prawn Noodle". We waited for about 15 minutes or so before the noodle was served to our table. The outlook of the noodle seems great, with about 2.5 medium size big prawn that is being cut into half. And from the photo, you still can see there are some egg roe in the prawn and it also comes with some extra chilli powder which you might prefer to add into the soup. Overall, the soup base is sweet, fragrance and worth trying. Perhaps next round, we shall order a bowl from "Whitely Road" stall and see what is the different between the two stalls. But if you have tried both the noodle from both the stall before, maybe you might be able to share with me your view.........

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Tuck Kee Ipoh Sah Hor Fun Crayfish Hor Fun

Located on the 2nd floor of Hong Lim Food Centre, behind Chinatown Point. There is a Ipoh Hor Fun stall at the end of a left hand corner known as Tuck Kee (Ipoh) Sah Ho Fun (#02-41A). The stall offers a range of combination ingredients from cooked shredded chicken, prawn to crayfish and abalone to go with the Ipoh Hor Fun and it is always packed with lunch crowds during weekday lunch hours.

Loong Fatt Tau Sar Piah

Along the extreme right end of Balestier Road at the junction of Thomson Road, there is this famous Tau Sar Piah stall known as LOONG FATT that known to be “The Original, The Only Outlet Specialist in Sweet & Salty Tau Sar Piah

Look at the crowd at queuing to get their favourite Tau Sar Piahs. This shop really live for it name on serving their products. No wonder there are so many Press and TV interview on them. They have a open bakery concept at the back of this coffee shop where about 10 stuffs are rolling, filling up the dough as well as baking to sever the customers their freshly bake products. So let's wait no more. but hope over to join the queue and get a some mixture of their Tau Sar Piah to try as well as send as gift.

They are two flavors available which is either “Sweet or Salty”. The sweet tau sar piah is marked by the sprinkling of sesame seeds on its crust and you might notice that the shape is flatter than the usual ones sell in other stalls. At first when we taste the Tau Sar Piah we are rather confused by the taste as it seems to be the same, both have that bit of salty taste. But when you have another bite on it, you will get the differences of one is much saltier than the other.

The pastry of these tau sar piahs soft, flaky and buttery which have so much generous of filling in between pastry what I packed without any hollow. I am those who prefer Salty flavour of Tau Sar Piah whenever I get them in the stall, but for this case, I prefer Loong Fatt's Sweet Tau Sar Piah over their Salty type. But if you are those type of dislike flaky and buttery pastry then this Tau Sar Piah might not be up to your liking.

[Updated on 01 June 2011]
During my recent visit to Loong Fatt for some Tau Sar Piah craving I was surprised to notice that they are also having those traditional sliced cake which we used to eat during our childhood time. So without hesitate I bought a few slices of different flavour and this is one of the Blueberry flavour which cost S$1.20 each slice.