Saturday 20 August 2005

Deep-Fry Prawn Toasts

Suddenly we have the urge to eat Prawn Toast so I modify slightly from one of my old recipe and come up with this. It's took about 30 minutes from preparation to deep-fry and it definitely worth the effort when you see and try the end-result. By seeing this, one of my friend even thought I cut out this photo from one of those food magazine.

Ingredients:(served 2)
9 - 12 Medium Green Prawns
1/2 Beaten Egg
1 Tablespoons Cornflour
Salt and Pepper
3-5 Pieces of White Bread
Some Shredder Carrots and Spring Onions
Oil for Deep-frying

1. Shell prawns, leaving tails intact. Remove back vein and cut down back, gently flatten out prawn.
2. Combine lightly beaten egg with cornflour, salt and pepper and add to prawns then mix well to coat completely.
3. Remove crusts from bread, cut slices in half or quarters depend of the size of the prawns.
4. Put one prawn, cut-side down on each piece of bread, gently flatten prawn on bread with palm of hand.
5. With finger, rub over prawn lightly with left-over cornflour mixture and then top with a few shredder carrot and spring onion.
6. Heat oil in large pan and gently ease Prawn Toasts into hot oil with a slotted spoon.
7. Cook only two or three at a time, cook until bread is golden brown and prawn is cooked through.

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