Sunday 12 August 2007

Assorted Sweet Potato Huat Kueh

Get to know this delicious "Huat Kueh" from my boss wife Veron. When I first taste it, I knew that I am going to do a batch of this. The texture is so moist and soft which is very different from those traditional huat kueh that we used to eat. Even if it is left in room temperature for a day or in the fridge it still taste soft and moist. This huat kueh doesn't required any yeast or baking powder and yet, but it can yet achieve the soft and fluffy texture.

For my version, I added assorted Sweet Potato instead of one type. I love vibrant colours for my food and since I am able to find 3 different types of sweet potato at the stall, I might as well give it a try. As you know the purple sweet potato had a very nice colour and it's rather kind of saltish taste which balance off the sweetness of the huat kueh and the orange sweet potato.

I also add in the yellowish Japanese Sweet Potato which is fragrant and great in texture. Besides starch, sweet potatoes are RICH in dietary fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin B6. Despite the name "sweet", it is actually a good food for diabetics, as preliminary studies on animals have revealed that it helps to stabilize blood sugar levels and to lower insulin resistance. For those who loves sweet potatoes you might want to give this recipe a try. It's very easy, just mix, stir, pour and steam.Posted by Picasa

Ingredients: (make about 7 - 9 cups 100ml size disposal cups)
250g Self Raising Flour
250ml Coconut Milk
1 Medium/Large Egg
1 Big Pieces Of Gula Malaka(Palm Sugar)
50 ml water
3-4 Small Sweet Potato(about 300g)

1. Wash and steam the sweet potatoes until soft, peel off the skin and use a fork or finger to roughly break into pieces then set aside to cool.
2. While steaming the sweet potato, place the 50ml of water and gula malaka(if possible break it into pieces so that it will melt easily) in a small saucepan and simmer over low heat until the gula malaka is completely dissolved into sugar syrup.
3. Set aside for it to cool before using.
4. Pour the self-raising flour into a big mixing bowl, then make a well in the center and pour in the coconut milk and use a balloon whisk to whisk a few times before adding in the egg.
5. Kept on whisk until the egg is incorporate into the batter then pour in the gula malaka syrup and whisk well.
6. The mixture will be sort of like a pancake batter, lastly add in the sweet potato pieces(reserve some for the topping) and use a spatula to stir till combined.
7. Spoon the mixture into a aluminium cup(100ml) then top with some extra sweet potatoes and steam over medium/high(depending on the steamer that you use, I steam mine over medium heat on stove) heat for about 20 minutes.

a) You must wait for the water to BOIL 1st before placing the cup mixtures into the steam, and do not open the cover of the steam in between the steaming time or else the Huat Kueh will not have the "Open Mouth" effect.
b) You can find fresh coconut milk in 250ml packet from most of the supermarket at the noodles/doufu sections.
c) You can use either one type of sweet potato or assorted depend on your preference.
d) The weight of the Gula Malaka is about 150g - 200g depending on the size that you purchased.(if is possible, strained the liquid after boiling to remove any big particulars or lumps in it)


  1. i love the purple! like you, i love my food 2b vibrant, and i love taking pics of colorful stuffs. they look so much better on photos rite :p but so far i still cannot achieve this type of purple for my macarons :(

    must try doing some day, using the COMPLETE SET of sweet potatoes haha!

  2. Will definitely add this to my list of "to-bake". Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  3. haha...Evan u so funny... so the COMPLETE SET of sweet potatoes got how many types... :)

    Hi Mycoffee, this is indeep a veri special Huat Kueh u should try..veri soft and moist even after a day :)

  4. Tiffany: Just finish tasting this huat kueh and it is YUMMY :) I didn't manage to get fresh coconut milk coz I'm not in SG but it turned out nice too. Thanks for sharing. God Bless.
    PS: I only managed to get 2 types of sweet potatoes ... sob sob not the complete set.

  5. Hi Ellena,

    Tried this receipe over the weekend. It did not turn out like the ones you show in the web. Mine did not fluff up and open like a flower. They are all dense and botak looking. How did you get it so fluffy and soft? My sister said perhaps it's because there is no yeast in the receipe?....Regards JE

  6. Hi JE,

    Thanks for dropping me your feedback....even though this recipe does not contain yeast but then it used self-raising flour and egg so the overall texture won't be dense. I am not sure what had went wrong on your recipe but so far those who tried didn't hav the problem that u mention. Did wait till the water boiled b4 u put the mixture in? U cannot open the cover b4 the kueh is done or else it won't have the opening mouth.

  7. Hi Ellena,

    Am thinking whether it is the lack of air in the batter that did not make the kueh rise. When you mention 'whisk' in steps 4 n 5, do you mean something like beating the mixture similar to beating butter with sugar when making cakes? I did put the kuehs in the steamer when the water was boiling hot and did not open the cover till after 30mins....Regards JE

  8. Hi Ellena

    Can the coconut milk be substitute with plain water for a healthier version?

    Tks and regards,
    siew tee

  9. Hi Siew Tee,

    Em.... I guess you can subtitue with plain water instead but then the overall taste will be different from the original as in you won't have that nice fragrant :) Or maybe u can try using those low-fat version coconut milk instead :) HTH

  10. Hai Ellena,
    How r u? Me, fine over here. Make mooncakes already? Just wanna ask you if we don't use s.r. flour, can substitute with plain flour & b.p.? Don't feel like wasting a box of s.r. flour. I've never had success with huat kuih, all comes out botak.

  11. Hi,
    Just wondering whether can use fresh milk instead of coconut milk? VK

  12. Hi,
    wanted to know how to store the extra hua kuehs. Is it okay to keep them in the oven?


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