Sunday 5 August 2007

Assorted Flavour Macarons - 马卡龙系列

Finally I had fulfill my dream of Macarons making by doing the all those wonderful Assorted Flavour in a few batches and putting them into a gift. For this assorted flavour, I made a total of 7 different colours. I really loves my food to be in vibrant colours.

These are made by me as a gift to some of my special friends and boss. I really hope that these will brighten up their day and as well suits their taste bub. Cross my fingers and hope that they will love these.... :) The 7 Assorted Flavour are:

1. Apricot Macaron With Apricot Butter Cream
2. Blueberry Macaron With Blueberry Butter Cream
3. Coffee Macaron With Coffee Butter Cream
4. Green Tea Macaron With Red Bean Butter Cream
5. Lavender Macaron With Rose Scented Butter Cream
6. Poppy Seed Macaron With Lemon Butter Cream
7. Rose Macaron With Rose Scented Butter Cream

Look at all these wonderful colour, my dear son loves them so much that he don't even allow me to lay my hand on them. He gets to choose those colours that he wants and he loves that Pink Rose Macarons the most.

Out of the 7 assorted colours, I love the colour of this blueberry flavour. It's really special and it gives me the feel of those European Tea Snack feeling. It's kind of cooling colour combination with that little bit of pink & purple blueberry filling being sandwich on two pieces of Aqua blue. Em... really loves this......

These are the 3 new flavour that I had did for this batch of assorted flavour. And my favourite from the list of 3 is the Blueberry Macaron which I am so attracted to it's colour.Posted by Picasa


  1. they're very very delicious!!! i can vouch for them :p :p :p now all the halves are still lying in my fridge, i really cant bear to eat them :( thx for sharing with me ellena, im very proud of you!!

  2. hi ellena. could u kindly tell me what brand of food coloring u r using???

  3. Thanks evan, I am so glad that u love it... :)

    Hi gebby, I am using the wilton colouring gel. HTH :)

  4. thanks ellena. do u know where i can get the complete set?

  5. Em... gebby what u meant by "complete set"? U can find it in BIY, Phoon Huat or those selling baking ingredients shop, usually they sold in individual bottles.

  6. Hi Ellena

    Can you kindly share, how did you manage to make such perfect round macarons?


  7. hi bmum,

    Actually not all my macarons are in prefect rounds de.. :) I guess when u do a few batches and your pipping skill will eventually be ok to pipe nice shape... :)

  8. ellena, I think you should start a macaron business! Those macarons are lovely!!

  9. Halo Mandy,

    Thanks for your kind words.... Aiyo..I cannot start business la... No potential customers to place order leh :)

  10. Hi Ellena

    May I have the recipes for Macarons ? My email address is

    Thank you.

  11. Hi Ellena, I love lavender. Anything lavender will be a two thumbs up for me! Please send some lavender macarons over to Australia, thank you!

  12. hi ellena, your macarons look so lovely! love those vibrant colors.. :D do you still bake them? hmm do you mind sharing your recipe? feel like giving it a try.. but dunno how to begin without a good recipe! email it to me at thanks a million!!

    Doreen (:

  13. hi can i have the recipe for this?its looks so e-mail is

  14. Judychuahsp3/6/11 6:12 pm

    Can u pls e-mail the recipe. Look very delicious. My e-mail

  15. Chianyee_9323/7/11 11:21 pm

    Can u pls e-mail the recipe. Look very delicious. My e-mail ty

  16. hi, can u pls email me the receipt? thank you so much =)

  17. Hi!

    can you please email the recipe?


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