Sunday 26 August 2007

East Meet West

I had received this order to make 7 different flavours of macarons in one good. And the flavour is like Asian Vs the West. As you can see from the order, they have the west flavour like Rose, Lavender and Mocha. While on the other hand, we have Green Tea, Black Sesame, Lychee and Durian.

I personally loves the Rose and Lavender Batch as it's so sweet in colour and aroma. When you bite on it, you will really be drag into the dream of macarons...... or we said, addicted to it.

This creamy little treat will be good for those durian lover, you can taste local flavour in french goodies..... the aroma and taste of the D24 Durian do make a grade for this.....

Green Tea Macarons goes well with either Dark Chocolate Ganache or Red Bean Butter Cream, but so far seems like all the order are requesting for Dark Chocolate Ganache. Personally I feel, Red Bean Butter Cream is much nicer than the Dark Chocolate.... :) Mocha Macaron is a mixture of Cocoa and Coffee which then sandwich with Dark Cherry Butter Cream with a dose of liquor.

Lychee Macaron is kind of light in fragrant and taste, I added some lychee flesh in the butter cream to enhance the crunch when bites. Em... lastly, we had the very oriental Black Sesame Macaron which is kind of bitter and nutty taste. I used pure grind black sesame seeds in both the shell and butter cream paste to make it more nutty taste. Good choice for those who love black sesame and it's really lower the sweetness of the macarons.Posted by Picasa


  1. Hi ellena

    how do you manage to keep the white macarons white, without it browning even a tiny bit?

  2. Hi Lin,

    Em... i guess u are referring to the Durian Macarons rite? Actually it's sort of like creamy colour is not WHITE and it's just the oven tempture that you need to take care of. Do you bake macarons too?

  3. Yes i do

    but last time, i made "plain" shells, they tend to still color....hmmm...maybe I can tent them? But im afraid that might cause some condensation!


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