Thursday, 9 August 2007

A Gift For A Friend

Hahaha, this is a post on macarons again. This is my 3rd Batch of macarons to send as a gift to one of my forum pal. Hope that she and her family will find these up to standard :)

This round I made 3 different flavour for her, and instead of using all Almond Meal for all the shell, I change to Ground Pistachio for two of the shells. These 3 flavour are:

a) Coffee Pistachio Macarons With Black Forest Butter Cream
b) Pistachio Macarons With Blueberry Butter Cream
c) Pandan Macaron With Kaya Butter Cream

Overall for these 3 new flavour, I personally prefer the Coffee Pistachio Macaron with Black Forest Butter Cream. Because the combination of coffee and pistachio really brings out the extra fragrant of the shell. While the black forest butter cream that contain splash of cherry bandy which further more enhance the overall fragrant and texture.Posted by Picasa


  1. Hi ellena

    May I ask while for your macarons to "rest" ( dry up the shell), Do u leave them at room temp or in air conditioned atmposphere?

    Hope to hear from u soon!


  2. Hi Saori,

    I rest the macarons at room temperature and it dry up around 10 mins. HTH :)


  3. Hi ellena

    thanx for your prompt response =D


  4. No Prob Saori.... U are welcome :)


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