Saturday 11 August 2007

Vanilla Vs Mocha Macarons

Finally I have completed my last batch of Macarons experiment baking for the moment. Although I still have a few flavour which I would like to try on, but I am kind of tired on the sifting and folding of these goodies..... Maybe after some other bakes it will refresh my ideas on improving new flavours on these goodies. Actually I still have Carrot & Pumpkin Macarons which I would like to experiment and share with my baking pal Evan who always inspired me on her macaron making. Thank Pal, hope your new flavour of macarons will be on sales soon.... :)

These two flavour above are:

Vanilla Macaron With Blueberry Butter Cream
The vanilla fragrant on the shell really boots up the aroma of this macaron. Is like before you give a bite, you already feel that you are eating an vanilla ice cream with blueberry topping.......

Mocha Macaron With Black Forest Butter Cream
For mocha lover, here you are. A mixture of Cocoa Powder and Coffee really make this shell taste great! When you give a bite, you will taste the mocha shell sandwich with some black cherry cream that is cherry brandy scented.......Posted by Picasa


  1. yo pal, these macarons look lovely! the colors dont look strange at all leh. and i love the white shells, coz they're so white, unlike mine LOL.

    also, here's wishing u 生意兴隆, 师父! hehehe

  2. Aiyo...Evan u then is my "师父" leh :) By the way, the white shells is not that white as you think, it's kind of beige leh.. :(

  3. Hello Ellena

    My boy loves chocolate and I am thinking of making chocolate macarons for him today.

    But I do not have the chocolate macaron receipe, can you kindly help me out?

    Thank you!

  4. Hi Bmum,

    I am not sure whether have you tried baking the normal macaron before? Because the Chocolate Macaron is sort of difficult to achieve compare to the normal 1 as it had cocoa powder added in it. But you can take this link as reference if you had knew how to make normal macarons
    Chocolate Macaron HTH :)

  5. hi ellena!

    i would love to get some macarons from u if it's possible to be sent over to m'sia! ahahhaahah....looks delish!!!


  6. Hi Yen,

    You should try making some during your school holiday if it's possible cos they are so delicious and addictive :)

  7. will do it asap! after i finish my training! ahhaahaha...:) but still i wanna have a chance to savour your bakes! how i wish i'm in s'pore right now!



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