Saturday 15 August 2009


YOSHINOYA is famous for its Beef Bowl (Gyudon) which is a tasty and wholesome meals with fast food convenience. It is comprise of thinly sliced imported beef simmered in a special broth and seasoned with a unique blend of savoury herbs and spices. Yoshinoya has a lot of branches all over Singapore and it's really another type of having casual Japanese Food in a budget way.

Other than their Beef Bowl (Gyudon), my dear son especially loves their Ebi Set. He will have it plain without any sauce. The prawn is nicely fried with a crispy outer layer and juicy inside when bite. It is also served with mixed vegetables including carrots, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower in our Signature Sauce over a bed of plump, steamed white rice.

All the set meals include a bowl of hot and heartwarming Miso soup to go with the rice meal.

We also order their Crispy Potato Mix @ S$3.95, which come in 3 different types of Potato mix:- potato croquette, potato gem and potato chip. They taste even better with the Wasabi mayonnaise sauce.

They have have a few choices of the Kiddo Bento that comes with free gift for kids. So do drop by any of their branches in your nearby shopping mall for new taste of Japanese Food at a affordable prices.

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