Saturday 17 October 2009

Cuisine Paradise @ Radio 100.3

Today is a very special day for both me and Rey as we are very excited in having a chance to visit the Singapore Press Holdings(SPH) for the FM 100.3 radio interview.

At about 2 weeks ago, I received a message from Dainel Ang, a part-time DJ from FM 100.3 who hosts a food programme called "Food Dairy" on FM 100.3 everyday Saturday afternoon between 3:00 - 4:00 pm. If you are keen, you can read more about him and his "Food Dairy" blog at this link.

I was very shock and excited when I received Daniel's message on asking me to do a Radio Interview for my food blog. So after fixing a suitable timing with him, today we finally meet up at SPH to do the interview. And as there is no one around to look after Rey today, I decided to bring him along to the Radio station. And our little friend is even more excited than me when we were in the recording room. Guess this incident will be rooted as one of the memorable day for both of us who gets a chance to see what is it like to be in the recording room.

When the interview starts, I knew that I was very nervous and I couldn't speak well as what I have prepared before hand. But Daniel on the other hand was very friendly and kind enough to help me with the questions so that the atmosphere became a very friend like conversation rather than official interview. And I must thank God and praise Him that Rey didn't make any noise during the whole recording process. As for the bonus you can even catch Rey's cute voice on air too :) Posted by Picasa

This interview will actually be broadcast in two different Saturday, which Part I had already being broadcast on 17 Oct 09. So if you are interest to catch Part II of Cuisine Paradise on Air at FM 100.3. Stay tune on next coming Saturday 24 October 2009 from 3:00pm -4:00pm at station FM 100.3 with Daniel Ang's Food Dairy & Ellena's Cuisine Paradise.


  1. It's must be an unforgettable experience ... love your blog, very inspiring :o)

  2. Wow, what a marvelous experience! Happy for both of you!

  3. Hi Lai Chen,

    Thanks for your compliment :P and it's great having you around. Hope to hear from feedback from you. Stay tune :)

    Hi Wen,
    Ya.. it's really a great experience for us. We are all so excited about it even till now :)

  4. Congratulations Ellena!
    Makes you infamous!!!

  5. That's a real blessing Ellena, I am sure that God remember all of your faithfulness and decide to give you a bonus :-)

  6. Hi Quinn and Jessi, thanks for your notes :)


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