Wednesday 30 March 2011

CBTL Innovative Single Serve Beverage System from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

On Tuesday, 29 March 2011 - The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has launched their New CBTL single serve beverage system in Singapore after their first launch market in U.S last December. I am honor to be invited as one of the media guests to witness and try out their innovative single serve system during the Media Launch event held at one of their Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf outlet at ION Orchard.

It's the first time a global coffee and tea chain company launching this single serve machine which makes coffee, espresso, tea and specialty drink. And this machine also blends modern technology and functions to create the perfect cup with just one touch that allows users to to enjoy their favourite Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf espresso, brewed coffee or tea from the convenience of their home or any locations.

Upon stepping into the outlet I was amazed by the classroom lab style setup where we are seated in pairs of two sharing one CBTL machine together with individual test kit and utensils. Each participant is given 2 types of Espresso (Italian and Premium Espresso), 1 House Brew and 1 Moroccan Mint Tea, 1 each of Chocolate and Vanilla Powder Sweetener together with different sizes of cup for making different drinks.

Here we get to test out different brewing methods using the given CBTL Capsules while the presenters explain and demo on the different functions of the CBTL machine. In the short demo we also learnt how to prepare "Cappuccino" using the Premium Espresso Capsule and the CBTL Milk Frother. Overall this is indeed a very good presentation where everyone gets to know more in depth about coffee and tea products as well as the art and knowledge of brewing a cup of premium coffee.

This CBTL Machine ( features easy capsule insertion, a large capsule drawer that holds up to 10 used capsules and with built in energy saving function too. The new KALDI edition comes with an ultra-sleek design which available in Metallic Red, Metallic Blue/Silver and Metallic White/Silver at S$389.00 each whereas the CONTATA model is available with Gray/Black at S$299.00 each. Look at the bright colour design and innovation functions, are you tempted to get a set for preparing your own premium coffee/tea too?

Furthermore with the add-on CBTL Milk Frother it produces just the right amount of heated or frothed milk for your favourite beverage such as Cafe Latte, Cappuccino, Macchiato, Cafe Mocha, Chai Latte like those sold at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf outlets. This cordless frothing pitcher is available in Black and White at S$149.00, but if purchased together with a CBTL Machine it is priced at S$99.00 each.

Here are some sample of the CBTL Capsules from the media kit. The in store CBTL Single-serve Capsules are available in a box of 10 at a retail price of S$9.10 with varieties include "Four Espressos, Four Brewed Coffees and Four Teas": Italian Espresso; Continental Espresso; Premium Espresso; Premium Decaf Espresso; Viennese Brew, French Brew; House Brew; House Decaf Brew' Chai Tea; English Breakfast Tea; Tropical Passion Tea and Moroccan Mint Tea.  I guess this price is quite reasonable to have a cup of freshly brew cafe standard coffee or tea for less than a dollar per cup (S$0.91 per capsule) which can be served at any time for our convenience at home or office. 

For your information, each capsule is hermetically sealed to prolong freshness and preserve the delicate aroma of coffee and tea. In additional, the internal double filtration system also ensures evenly balanced extraction and optimal flavour. These capsules also have a roughly 2 years shelf life from date of manufactured. For more related information about this CBTL Machine, Beverage Capsules and it's accessories, do visit their Singapore website HERE. (

Lastly I would like to thanks Eugene Tan and Joey Wong from Catherine Ong Associates Pte Ltd and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for the invitation.

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