Friday 24 January 2014

Birthday Feast @ Blue Bali on Cluny

Blue Bali on Cluny
Although I have not being to Bali (a small island in Indonesia) but I have heard good reviews on their food and many of its tourist attractions from friends who went over for holidays. So last Saturday, we decided to make a reservation at Blue Bali on Cluny to have an early celebration for my Birthday.

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[Blue Bali on Cluny]
Blue Bali on Cluny is located along the backyard of a colonial house at Bukit Timah which is within the faculty at the back of NUS Law School. And due to its “hidden” location, first timer might take quite a bit of time to find the place (like we nearly give up finding the location because google map just pin “10D Cluny Road” ends the car park entrance of Singapore Botanic Garden; Nassim Road) if you are not familiar with the area.

[Blue Bali on Cluny] In-door dining area

[Blue Bali on Cluny] Mini Bar Area
Upon stepping into the restaurant, we were greeted by their friendly serving staffs who lead us to our seats at the backyard. Along the way we saw a few tables for in-door dining with a mini bar counter at a corner leading to the al fresco area. 

[Blue Bali on Cluny] Backyard Dining Area

[Blue Bali on Cluny] Backyard Dining Area

[Blue Bali on Cluny] Backyard Dining Area
The backyard al fresco area is full of surprises with Balinese garden design on the traditional Joglos, Leshans and various decoration of Indonesian art works as well as a river stream on the edges too. With that we felt like we were being transported to Bali at that very moment because of the wonderful atmosphere.

[Blue Bali on Cluny] Pink Mamba And Blue Bali
For our mini celebration, we decided to get some beer and cocktail where Blue Bali itself has their very own nano-brewery where the brewmaster make wheat beers, ales and infused it with Balinese fruits and spices. D ordered their signature Pink Mamba (SG$10++ for half pint) which is a refreshing and delightful wheat beer infused with red dragon fruit and it has subtle white wine aroma too. As for me I prefer cocktail than beer so I ordered Blue Bali Margarita Cocktail (SG$15++) which I find it very refreshing to start off with.

[Blue Bali on Cluny] Kid's Menu - Chicken Nuggets with Fries

[Blue Bali on Cluny] Kid's Menu - Chicken Nuggets with Fries
When flipping through the menu, I feel Blue Bali is considered quite a Kid’s friendly restaurant as they do provide some kids favourite such as Fish N Chips, Spaghetti and Chicken Nuggets. So while the adults are indulging with their favourite dishes, the kids on the other hand can also enjoy theirs too. Likewise my boy ordered his favourite Chicken Nuggets with Fries (SG$12++) which comes with crispy hot nuggets, fries plus some greens on the side.

[Blue Bali on Cluny] Gado Gado
As for us, we had Gado Gado (SG$13++) as starter which is a delicious Indonesian Vegetable Salad that made with steamed cabbage, beansprout, carrots, kangkong, firm tofu and hard-boiled then served together with Exotic Peanut Sauce. Love their thick and creamy peanut sauce which blends well with the ingredients.

[Blue Bali on Cluny] Sate Lilit
On top of Gado Gado I also ordered Sate Lilit (SG$12++ for 3 sticks) from their Tapas Menu and we love these juicy and well-seasoned minced fish paste that wrapped on sticks of lemongrass and grilled till perfections. Furthermore try dipping the sate with the accompany sauce which made them taste even more appetizing and irresistible for secondly helping too.

Our 1-For-1 Main Course from the Entertainer Mobile App Redemption.
[Blue Bali on Cluny] Blue Bali Crispy Chicken
Ordered this Blue Bali Crispy Roasted Chicken (SG$25++) because we saw most of the table had a set and indeed the chicken was tender and juicy with hint of aromatic Chinese Spices infused in it.  I felt this dish goes well with cold beer and for my personal preference I love to coat the chicken pieces with some pepper salt (come with the dish) to enhance it's taste.

[Blue Bali on Cluny] Indonesian Beef Redang
I love Rendang and I don't mind having it on either beef or mutton and I can finish the whole bowl of rice with just a few pieces of meat plus lot of gravy. And when I saw this Sumatra Beef Rendang (SG$25++) on the menu, I decided to give it a try. Although the rendang gravy was flavoursome with spices used like salam leaf, lemongrass, Star anise, cinnamon and etc but sad to say the beef was rather on the tough and dry side or else it will be a perfect dish.

[Blue Bali on Cluny] Deep-fried Banana Spring Roll
After the savoury dishes, we soaked ourselves in the relaxing atmosphere with background music and evening breeze for a while before we looked into their dessert menu. But frankly speaking they don't really have much choices for dessert and I am also clueless on what to order so in the end we just grabbed the Deep fried Banana Spring Roll with Vanilla Ice Cream (SG$12++) for sharing.

A bit disappointed with the dessert as it has nothing to be excited about and the price was relatively high on just for a scoop of ice-cream and  two banana spring roll wraps.

[Blue Bali on Cluny] Birthday Feast

Overall Blue Bali served quite decent dishes with great Baliness like al fresco dining atmosphere which you might not be able to find another similar concept restaurant in Singapore. And from what we observed, the restaurant is almost filled up by 6.30pm with mostly westerner families (with kids) and couples. So if you would like to drop by to try their food and enjoy the dining experience, do make a reservation ahead to avoid waiting time or disappointment.

Blue Bali on Cluny
10 Cluny Road
Singapore 259600
Reservation: (65) 6733 0185

Opening Hours:
- Tuesday to Sunday; 5.00pm - 12.00am
- Closed on Monday

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  1. The Indonesian rendang is supposed to be dry, thus the meat also dry thus a little bit tough. If you prefer it to be wet, the kalio is the better choice. The fried chicken sounds to me like the Cantonese crispy chicken. Do they have Babi guling? That is my favorite dish from Bali, also lawar, sometimes made with chicken or vegetable with medium ripe grated coconut. Rendang is special in Sumatra. Gado gado is Javanese. Variant peanut recipes from different areas. My favorite place was in a market in Bandung.


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