Monday 6 January 2014

Hoshino Coffee - 星乃珈琲店

[Hoshino Coffee] Hoshino Spaghetti
Every time when I went to the Uniqlo outlet at Plaza Singapura (PS), I will always see people queuing outside Hoshino Coffee which is famous for their Japanese hand-dripped coffee and fluffy souffle style pancakes. So two weeks ago while we were in town doing some Christmas shopping we decided to drop their outlet at PS to have our lunch.

[Hoshino Coffee] My mum and aunt
Since this is a casual family lunch with everyone around waiting for the food; I just took some quick photos using my mobile phone. And here is my mum and my lovely aunty who dote me since I am a toddler. For me it is always so warm-hearted to see their closed sisters’ kinship throughout the years where they often keep each other in mind.

[Hoshino Coffee] "Hoshino" Blended Coffee
"Hoshino" Blended Coffee (SG$5.80++) has a strong bodied flavour with hint of pleasant sourness. And if you prefer milk coffee, they also provide creamer that served together in a small container where you can adjust the taste with the provided sugar and creamer.

[Hoshino Coffee] Cafe Latte

[Hoshino Coffee] Clam Chowder
The Clam Chowder Soup (SG$6.50) is a must try from our view which served with half portion of the butter thick toast. Although the soup might be slightly watery as compared to most of the clam chowder that we had tried but somehow we love this version from Hoshino which is slight stronger in taste. And for the price we paid, I find the serving portion was quite generous with lot of diced carrot, celery, clam and etc in it.

After which I also saw they have another Clam Chowder Spaghetti Soup in their main dish section which I am going to try on my next visit soon.

[Hoshino Coffee] "Fuwa Fuwa" Hoshino Souffle
“Fuwa-Fuwa” Hoshino Souffle (SG$15.80) comes in a huge golden puffy top where “Fuwa-Fuwa” means fluffy in Japanese definition. You will be enticed by this sweet and savoury dish with the fluffy soufflé crust and yet moist and flavoursome grains of rice that cooked with bits of mushroom, bacon, sausage and hint of tomato sauce.

[Hoshino Coffee] "Fuwa Fuwa" Hoshino Souffle
And due to its hefty portion I would recommend you to go ease with it or consider sharing it between friends with another one or two main courses.

[Hoshino Coffee] Hoshino Spaghetti
Hoshino Spaghetti (SG$14.00) is sort of like Aglio Olio styled with al dente pasta tossed together with bacon streak, sausage, tomato, shimeji mushrooms and spinach leaves. On top of that there is a perfectly poached egg and toasted sesame seeds which you can either leave it or mix everything together before eating.

[Hoshino Coffee] Pancake Souffle Style with Mango
Pancake Souffle Style with Mango (SG$13.50) was not as good as what we expected. The pancake itself was kind of dry and the mango on top was rather sour with an artificial taste. After trying we all agreed that if they would have use fresh mango cubes without that sourish sauce it would be great. So at that moment we were kind of regretted as we should have ordered matcha or at least chocolate flavour instead of mango.

Overall from our opinion, Hoshino Coffee makes us feel at home with their clean and clear dining atmosphere where you can enjoy both coffee and pancake under one roof. But even without any main course, you can still order a cup of their signature coffee and make yourself relax at their comfortable leather chair to recharge your body and mind.

Hoshino Coffee - 星乃珈琲店
68 Orchard Road
#03-84 Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839
Reservation: (65) 6338 3277

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