Monday 13 January 2014

Goodness of Beetroot

For those who dislike the “raw” taste of beetroot you can mix it together with carrot and apple to create this miracle drink which has gained popularity all over the world due to its health benefit. To make this effortless juice, blend the three mentioned ingredients above together and consume it immediately. In addition you can also add in a splash of lime juice to enhance the taste.


(Serves: 2     |   Preparation: 5 minutes )

1 Medium Beetroot
1 Medium Carrot
3 Apples
Juice of 1 Lime, optional

1. Using a blender or juicer, blend the above ingredients together with lime juice and serve immediately (sieved the pulp if there is no auto-filter function)

Depending on your preference, you can add more carrot or apple to “mask out” the taste of beetroot but it is still best to have it in 1:1:1 ration on the vegetable and fruit used. Consuming this juice also helps in detoxification of the liver and purification of blood and other benefits like boosting immune system while protecting the body from various infections and allergies too. So remember to have a cup of this at least once or twice a week to clean your body.

Have you ever tried Banana Beetroot Smoothie? I was inspired by one of my Facebook and Instagram friend; AppleMama (@shmily1314) to blend this delicious and beautiful smooth using beetroot, banana, yogurt and milk.


(Serves: 2 | Preparation: 5 minutes)

1 Medium Beetroot, skin removed
1 Large Banana, cut into thick chunks
120ml Plain/Vanilla Flavour Yogurt
100ml Cold Milk

1. Blend all the ingredients till combined. Serve immediately.

~ You can used frozen banana for this recipe too.

For your information, raw beetroots have more anti-oxidant power than cooked ones and with the adding of banana and milk gives it a smooth and creamy taste which kids loves. Moreover blending beetroot in smoothies also enables us to consume its pulp which benefits our body too.

Ingredients For ABC Powder Cake

This is the ABC Powder Cake which I made sometime back using the ABC Juice and Pulps (contain beetroot, apple and carrot). If this interests you, you can refer to the recipe here. Between I find this is a good way to recycle the pulps (remember to remove the skin for the root vegetables or scrub them clean before using) by adding it into normal pound cake which brings out another flavour from the juice itself.


  1. You always share the most amazing recipes!

  2. Hi Ellen,
    Can I know what blender or which blender you recommend ? I am looking for blender that will do a good job of juicing vegetables, fruits n hard ingredients into smoothie etc. I heard some cheaper blenders not able to blend the fibres texture of the ingredients hence the taste of the juice will be affected .

    Thanks, Kristel

  3. Beet for drink? I've never done it and I'm soooo curious now! The color is so pretty too. I'm so inspired by this!


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