Friday 10 January 2014

Entertainer App 1-For-1 Main Course @ La Nonna, Holland Village

Last Saturday while sourcing a new eatery for our usual weekend brunch as well as an early celebration for my boy’s birthday, we decided to pop over one of La Nonna’s branch which is located in Holland Village. Upon arrived, the outlook of the restaurant give us a warm and homely feel with friendly staff bringing us to our seats.

[La Nonna @ Holland Village] Outdoor alfresco area
If you are curious like us, La Nonna meaning "The Grandmother" in Italian and it serves traditional Italian country cuisine.

[La Nonna @ Holland Village] In-door Sitting

[La Nonna @ Holland Village] Stone Pizza Oven
At their indoor seating area, I am surprise to see this stone pizza oven located at one corner of the restaurants. And from my observation, it seems like most of the tables ordered their signature thin-crusted La Nonna Pizza which is topped with Mozzarella, Parmesan, Egg, Black Truffle and etc. So I guess I would be back again to try their freshly made pizza with more friends so that we could order a few of their flavour for sharing.

[La Nonna @ Holland Village] Menu

[La Nonna @ Holland Village] Beverages
The isn't much choices of beverages at La Nonna as they focus mainly on wine and champagne so we end up having Ginger Ale and Cranberry Juice which cost SG$4.50++ each. Alternatively you can also get their complimentary ice water and save a few dollars for coffee at one of the cafes along the stretch.

[La Nonna @ Holland Village] Complimentary In-House Bread

[La Nonna @ Holland Village] Complimentary In-House Bread
While waiting for our orders to be served, the waiter bought over a complimentary basket of warm bread (ciabatta bread roll and flat bread wedges) together with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. The bread rolls were soft and fragrant to be eaten on its own or you can dip it with some mixture of the vinegar and olive oil for better flavour.

[La Nonna @ Holland Village] Soup of the Day - Cream of Totmato
For starter I ordered a small bowl of soup which was Cream of Tomato (SG$ 11.00++ [small]; SG$16.00++ [large]) on that week special. Although it might sounds “small” but trust me it was  enough to feed two people and you can enjoy it with the complimentary bread too. Honestly we do love their tomato soup which was rich, creamy and flavoursome and I love that extra drizzle of olive oil on top.

[La Nonna @ Holland Village] Our Main Course

[La Nonna @ Holland Village] Agnello - Pan-seared Lamb Rack
D ordered Agnello (SG$33.00++) which is pan-seared lamb rack with mashed potatoes and brown sauce. The lamb was surprisingly good and tender on medium and it goes well with the brown sauce that was not too overpowering.

[La Nonna @ Holland Village] Merluzzo - Pan-fried Cod Fish
My choice of Merluzzo (SG$33.00++) is pan-fried cod fish with mashed potato, broccoli and salad greens. Although the fish might be small in portion but overall it was still quite filling after having it together with the sides. But the downside was the piece of cod that I had that day seems to be a little chewy rather than silky smooth texture.

[La Nonna @ Holland Village] Tiramisu
If you are one of those dessert fans, I would like to recommend you to try their homemade Tiramisu (SG$12++) which is good. After all I never leave an Italian restaurant without trying their tiramisu. I love the creamy texture and distinct flavour of the coffee soaked sponge which make this dessert a blissful treat.

[La Nonna @ Holland Village] Lemon Tart Meringue
Lemon Tart Meringue (SG$13.00++) on the other side was rather “sweet” for my liking. Don’t really fancy the soggy, creamy texture of the meringue but the short crust tart base was rather good when eaten together with the lemon fillings.

Overall this two-story restaurant serves quite decent country style Italian cuisine with good choices from starter, main to dessert. Furthermore you can either dine-in at their outdoor area to enjoy the evening breeze or tug into a corner at level 2 for balcony seating with better views. Besides if you are looking for lunch deals, do check out their weekday 3-courses lunch special too.

La Nonna, Holland Village
26 Lorong Mambong
Singapore 277685
Reservation: (65)6468 1982

Opening Hours:
12.00pm - 2.30pm ; 6.30pm - 10.30pm

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