Friday 3 January 2014

[Photo Friday] Dayre - My New Daily Posts

[DAYRE] - A microblog on mobile app
Recently I am hook on "Dayre" which is a new mobile app that allows user to blog on the go without turning out the PC or Laptop. You can easily download this FREE App which available on iPhone and Android and start your first step of blogging anytime of the day using your mobile phone.

This app is great with short post (about 500 characters each post) which enable for user to share their daily encounters, views and etc with the unlimited numbers of media like quotes, photos, videos, stickers and location check-in.

[DAYRE] My Dayre Daily

[DAYRE] A Post Photo

[DAYRE] Dayre Sticker Post

[DAYRE] Notification (left) and Post Feed (right)

[DAYRE] Some of my Dayre Posts
This app is so easy to use which makes it just like a digital diary where you snap a photo, write a few words/lines and share it online with friends and followers. Each NEW blog post starts from 12AM daily and the app will consolidated all updates within the day into a post in chronological order.

If you have a Dayre account do feel free to add us to your list with the User ID "Cuisineparadise" or even without downloading the app you can still browse through what we share over at Dayre by clicking this link @

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