Thursday 13 March 2014

Baked Egg Cake (烤鸡蛋糕)

Baked Egg Cake - 烤鸡蛋糕
Currently this Baked Egg Cake (烤鸡蛋糕) is one of the popular cakes amount online home bakers from one of the Facebook group known as "I Love Baking And Cooking - 我愛烘培,我愛做飯". And thanks to all the lovely members I have learn quite a few tips from those who always inspire each other with new ideas either in baking or cooking.


Baked Egg Cake - 烤鸡蛋糕
Earlier this week when I saw this wonderful old school cake recipe(s) shared by some of the members like Fei Ching Ngo and Jaclyn San and I decided to give it a try since I love the steamed version (also known as Ji Dan Gao). This cake has a light "egg" taste and aroma together with cotton like texture which similar to chiffon but not as airy. 

From the ingredients below, you might be shocked with the amount of eggs used but it was indeed a decent portion to fit an 8 - 9" square tin. And the concept of making this baked egg cake is rather similar to chiffon cake with separate beating egg yolks and whites before folding them together.

(Make: 8" Square Tin | Preparation: 10 minutes | Cooking: 45 minutes)

6 Egg Whites
130 Icing Sugar
6 Egg Yolks + 2 Whole Eggs
130g Self-raising Flour
100ml corn oil
1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
1 Tablespoon Cocoa Powder

1. Beat egg yolks mixture till frosty. Add in sieved flour, oil and vanilla extract and beat till combined. Set aside.

2. Beat egg whites till frosty and gradually add in icing sugar and beat till stiff peak.

3. Fold whites in 3 batches into yolk mixture till combine.

4. Pour mixture into prepared tin leaving 4 tablespoons aside and mix with cocoa powder.

5. Swirl cocoa mixture on top of the normal batter. Bake in preheated 160°C (320°F) oven for 45 minutes or until a skewer inserted in centre and comes out clean.

6. Remove from oven and immediately over turn the cake to cool completely before cutting into slices.


6个蛋黄 + 2个全蛋

1. 自发面粉过筛。蛋黄和全蛋用搅拌机或手拌器打散然后加入,香精,玉米油和自发面粉搅拌成蛋黄糊备用。

2. 蛋白用搅拌机打到呈现泡沫,慢慢加入糖粉打至硬性发泡。

3. 之后分三次把蛋白霜加入蛋黄糊拌均匀再倒入8"四方烘盘里。

4. 此时,你可取出少许的面糊(约4把汤匙)加入可可粉搅拌均匀然后随意放在面糊上用牙签拉出花样。

5. 放进预热160度的烤箱烤大约45分钟即可。

With the above recipe, you can come out with different flavour such as plain, marble (with hint of cocoa powder), chocolate, coffee (adding 1 teaspoon instant coffee), lemon (using rinds from 2 lemon) and etc. I am sure you can come out with something that you like. But always remember to over-turn your cake immediately once it is out from the oven or else the cake will shrink.


  1. 哈哈哈 。。。。 我的list越来越长咯。这个蛋糕也是在里面。可是还轮不到它呢。很快,我就要做了。咔咔 。。

    1. Joceline! 我也是!有长长的单,但因我很喜欢旧风味的烤鸡蛋糕所以就快快先做了这个。

  2. that is one nice spongy cake you've got there! yummy

    1. Thanks for your kind words Victoria Bakes :)

  3. This looks similar to the Ogura cakes that are very popular with bloggers too! So fine textured am sure it is very delicious!

  4. Hi!

    I tried baking this few weeks ago and the cake collapsed rather badly after inverting for like 15 minutes.

    Can I know what's the main cause for the cake to collapse?



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