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[KitchenAid Dough Recipe] 5 Thousand Dollars Starter Dough Bread - 五千元的老式面包

5K Starter Dough Bread
Apart from the Baked Egg Cake (烤鸡蛋糕) which I did recent, I also come across another "viral" recipe known as "5 Thousand Dollars Starter Dough" from my friend; Amy's (Motheringcorner) Facebook timeline. And through their discussions, it seems like many of the home bakers are trying out this recipes too. According to their comments this is seems to be another popular "dough" recipe when compare to the Tang Zhong (water roux - 烫种法) method a few years back. So without hesitate I decide to give this recipe a try and at the same time test out my new KitchenAid stand mixer.


5K Starter Dough Bread
This bread recipe requires a starter dough which needs to be mix together with the main dough ingredients and in total there are 3 proofing stages before baking. So roughly you would need at least 4 hours in order to complete this recipe from mixing the starter dough till baking the end product.

But from some posts which I read up from Google, some bakers actually pre-mixed the starter dough, let it proof till double in size then set it aside in the fridge over night before using it on the next day. So in a way, you don't have to do all the proofing within the same day if you don't have time for that.

Recipe adapted from; 爱和自由 and Victoria Bakes

Make: 29.5 × 23cm tin | Preparation: 20 minutes
Proofing: 2hr  | Baking Time: 30 minutes

    Starter Dough:
  • 210g Bread Flour
  • 90g Cake Flour
  • 25g Caster Sugar
  • 6g Instant Dry Yeast
  • 240g Water, room temperature

  • Main Dough:
  • 210g Bread Flour
  • 90g Cake Flour
  • 95g Caster Sugar
  • 1.5 Teaspoon Sea Salt
  • 25g Milk Powder
  • 90g Lightly Beaten Egg
  • 55g Water, room temperature
  • 70g Unsalted Butter, soften

  • 1 Tablespoon Melt Butter For Brushing The Bread

Step-by-step on how to make starter dough
1. Mix starter dough ingredients together using a wooden spoon or spatula in a large mixing bowl and let it sit in a warm place to raise till it look like honeycomb texture (about 1 - 1.5hrs).

2. Next add starter dough together with the main dough ingredients (except butter) in a stand mixer bowl or hand knead till soft and non-sticky dough before adding in the butter and continue to knead till shiny and pass through windowpane test.

3. Leave dough in a warm place to rise till double in size (about an hour).

4. Divide dough (total weight is around 1160g) equally into 8 - 10 portions (original recipe call for 6 portions). Shape it and place on oiled baking tin and let it rise double in size (30 - 45 mins).

5. Bake in preheated 180ºC (356ºF) oven for 30 minutes till nicely brown and sounds hollow when tap on top of the bread.

6. Remove bread from baking tin, brush the top with melt butter immediately then set aside to cool.





1。将酵头的材料依照次序(面粉,糖,酵母)倒进大碗中再慢慢加入水搅拌均匀。然后盖上保鲜纸,放温暖处发至膨胀后回落,内部呈蜂窝状(整个过程大约1 - 2小时要看天气和温度,你可查看以上的酵头做法图)。

2。将酵头与主面团 (除无盐牛油以外)的所有材料放在一起揉至面筋扩展,表面光滑。(我是用 KitchenAid KSM 150 搅拌机,2号度来代替手揉面团

3。之后加入无盐牛油(软状)再揉至扩展阶段,放温暖处发至约2倍大(整个过程大约1 - 1.5小时要看天气和温度)。

4。将面团取出,平均分割成 6 - 8份,立即将面团搓成想要的形状(比如:圆形,长方形,等)排列在涂油的烘盘上,盖上布或保鲜纸再进行第二次发酵 (整个过程大约30 分钟到1小时要看天气和温度)。



Just to share:

This is how my starter dough looks like after 1 hour of proofing in a warm place. You can refer to the step-by-step photo above on how to prepare this starter dough.

KitchenAid Artisan KSM150 Stand Mixer
I am using my KitchenAid stand mixer fix with dough hook for this recipe.

- First add main dough flour mixture (set aside 1 cup) into the mixer bowl follow by sugar and the starter dough.

- Attached bowl and dough hook, lock mixer head, turn to Speed 2 , slowly add in egg and water and mix till combined (about 2 minute).

- Continuing on Speed 2, gradually add in remaining flour (1/4 cup at a time). Mix until dough clings to hook and cleans sides of bowl, about 5 minutes.

- DO NOT exceed Speed 2 when preparing yeast doughs as this may case damage to the mixer.

Here is a short clip showing the texture of the bread after a day. If you cannot view the video above, click on my Instagram link here.

5K Starter Dough Bread
Although the dough might be sticky to handle during kneading process but the end product was definitely good and worth those muscles and efforts. Furthermore the bread still remain soft and fluffy even when we had it for breakfast and afternoon tea on the next day (you can refer to the video clip above for the texture). But if you would like to give this recipe a try I would suggest you use "half " of the recipe so that you won't end up having a lot of bread unless you love them just as much as we do for breakfast and tea.


  1. oh wow!!! i love your buns! they are really like what 爱和自由 made

  2. wah this looks really good! thanks for sharing

  3. I have made many times and love its soft fluffy texture.

  4. 这个我看了很久,也准备动手今天做。

  5. Hi, I am Mavis. I have tried this recipe but found that it is a very sticky dough and difficult to do small bun with filling. Can advise how to handle it? Thanks.

    1. Hi Mavis, yes indeed the recipe for this dough is pretty stick so it's quite challenging to do bun with filling especially "wet ingredients" so far I only try filling it with red bean paste. You can dust the dough with some flour or oil your hands before rolling as it might help.

  6. Hi, can I use bread maker to knead the dough instead of using stand mixer?

    1. Hi Lzzle, yes you can. It will be much easier to handle the dough :)

  7. Hi Ellena, your bread looks really good. I am quite concerned about the amount of castor sugar used here. Its quite a lot. Do you think i can reduce the sugar and also replace it with brown sugar or molasses sugar instead? Will it affect the bread texture?

  8. Hi, I'm Eshuen, may I know you knead the 5K starter dough for how long (using KitchenAid KSM150) to achieve the window pane test?


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