Monday 19 May 2014

Cakes + Coffee + New Friend @ One Man Coffee

[One Man Coffee] Flat White And Cappuccino
Depending on your purpose of visiting a cafe where some might just like to get a cup of coffee and enjoy quiet moment with 1 - 2 chapters from the book or flipping through your favourite magazine with sips of warm coffee. Whereas some might just fall for either cakes or pastry together with a cup of beverage to spend the afternoon.

Last week, I managed to met up with a new friend who always patronize One Man Coffee which is located at 215R Upper Thomson Road. This cafe might not be easy to find although it is near the main road because the actually co-share the premises with Crust (sells Pizza in the evening) so you might tends to miss out the signboard.

One Man Coffee @ 215R Upper Thomson Road

One Man Coffee @ 215R Upper Thomson Road

[One Man Coffee] Menu

[One Man Coffee] Ordering Counter and Pastry Shell
At One Man Coffee their cakes and pastries are outsource from Edit Patisserie and B.O.A (a local French bakery) which are display in an old school wooden cabinet near the counter area. The price of their bakes are still quite reasonable starting from S$4.50 for croissant up to S$7.50 per slice of cake.

And from the conservation, Eileen shared that coffee from One Man Coffee is actually brew using beans from Axil Coffee Roasters which make them taste much better with a strong and well-balanced after taste.

[One Man Coffee] Brioche French Toast + Cappuccino
My breakfast is Brioche French Toast (SG$10) because I have read some good reviews on it plus I am also a great Brioche fans too. But sad to say, perhaps due to the in-consistency of the preparation (according to my friends even for their coffee which taste better in certain days) what I had that morning did not leave me with any "wow" impression.

But back to the point, I do admit the brioche was moist and fluffy which goes well with the berry compote, cream and  nuts. But I guess I would try this once because for another S$2 top-up you can actually enjoy their Big Brekkie (SG$12) with comes with 2 six-minutes eggs, roasted cherry tomato, ham, spinach and sliced of rye bread.

Pandan Chiffon Cake

Pandan Chiffon Cake

Pandan Chiffon Cake
During the meet up we have so much to chat about and it seems like E and I share some common interest on cooking and baking too. On top of that, Eileen also made a very beautiful and awesome Pandan Chiffon Cake for us. The chiffon that she made is rather different from those that I used to bake which comes with a brown crust and spongy texture.

Look at the beautiful air-holes in her chiffon cake; the texture is really very soft, moist and it is almost or as comparison to those Hokkaido Cheesecake which sold in Japanese restaurant or bakery.

Instagram photo credit to Eileen Ong.

Flourless Chocolate Brownie
Beside the chiffon cake, Eileen also gave me a few slices of her homemade Flourless Chocolate Brownie that was packed with goodness! Trust me that was really very addicting as I finished two slices all by myself after the Brioche French Toast during our chat at the cafe. And the addition of the dried sun-dried tomato plus hint of savoury taste from the Celtic sea salt definitely boost up the overall taste.  Super love this chocolate brownie!

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  1. ellena, 那个 pandan chiffon 真的太吸引人了。


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