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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

[Day 3] Disneyland Train Plus In-Town Check-in via Hong Kong Airport Express

After our breakfast at Chef Mickey, we do an express check-out together with our belongings and took the park shuttle bus to Disneyland Resort Station which is located near the entrance of Hong Kong Disneyland. From here we took the Disney themed train to Sunny Bay station to do a transfer to Hong Kong City for our Airport Express Check-in.

Ticket Machines for purchasing Single Journey Tickets
Hong Kong Octopus Card

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

[Day 3] Breakfast Buffet at Chef Mickey, HK Disney's Hollywood Hotel

[Chef Mickey @ Disney's Hollywood Hotel]
Chef Mickey Restaurant is located in Disney's Hollywood Hotel which offers international cuisines like Chinese, Japanese, Western and etc. And on top of their spread there is also a Greet-And-Meet session with Chef Mickey during the most of the buffet sessions where kids, individual or families can grab a photo taking opportunity with him like what we did. After which we had a hearty breakfast spread which I will be sharing with you on this post.

[Chef Mickey @ Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Buffet Pricing
Above shows the buffet dining schedules and pricing at Chef Mickey which you can take a look as reference (prices might subject to changes). As for the Meet-and-Greet sessions with Chef Mickey it is available at Breakfast (daily) or Lunch and Dinner during weekend and Public Holiday.

Monday, 11 November 2013

[Day 2] Dinner at Walt's Cafe (华特餐厅), Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

After spending an enjoyable day at Disneyland Theme Park, we head back to Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel to have our dinner at Walt's Cafe (华特餐厅). It is a posh restaurant that furnished in 1950s themed with warm lighting, dark wood floor and furniture that brings you back to Victorian era. And if you prefer to have early dinners with beautiful sunset as backdrop do remember to make your reservation earlier in order to secure a good seat for viewing pleasure.

[Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel] Side View Of Walt's Cafe (华特餐厅)
[Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel] Interior View Of Walt's Cafe (华特餐厅)
Love the interior set up of Walt's Cafe which look similar to those classic Victorian restaurants in US. The serving crews that we encountered that night were very patience and they really takes time to explain the items on the menu to us (due to a bit of language interpretation) and also give us their best recommendation to suits our preference.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

[Day 2] Exploring Hong Kong Disneyland ( 香港迪士尼乐园) - Part II

After our Greet-And-Meet breakfast session with Disney Characters at Enchanted Garden (Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel), we took the park shuttle service back to Disneyland to continue our adventure with the rest of the attractions apart from what we had on Day 1. And with some planning on the night before, I have already listed down the attractions that we are going to "conquer" with the help of the Disneyland FASTPASS to cut down the waiting time on those popular attractions.

[Hong Kong Disneyland]
[Hong Kong Disneyland - Main Street, USA] Featuring Attractions, Restaurants and Shops
Pass the park entrance, our first stop was at Main Street, USA where there are two rows of shops along the street offering Disney Character merchandises such as Disney themed toys, cookies, candy, clothes, stationary, food and etc.

Monday, 4 November 2013

[Day 2] Breakfast Plus Meet-and- Greet with Disney Characters at Enchanted Garden Restaurant (翠乐庭餐厅)

Meet And Greet With Disney Characters
Although I have being to other Disneyland theme parks in Paris and Tokyo but this is my very first time having meal together with Disney Characters like Mickey, Daisy, Pluto and etc. And honestly we were all very excited about today's breakfast even way before we came to Disneyland, Hong Kong (香港迪士尼乐园).

Above is our family photo taken with Mickey during the Meet-and-Greet Disney Characters Breakfast Buffet at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and I am sure it will bring back many good memories of our Disney breakfast experience even after many year later.

[Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Good Morning!
[Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Sea View
After a night of "magical" rest, we were all fresh and ready to go for breakfast with our desire Disney Characters before heading to the theme park for more rides and adventures!

Friday, 1 November 2013

[Day 1] Exploring Hong Kong Disneyland - Part I plus Short Clip on Firework

Hong Kong Disneyland
Finally after a few hours of flight from Singapore, sourcing our way from airport to Disney's Hollywood Hotel (our first time to Hong Kong) plus an enjoyable Disney characters themed lunch at Crystal Lotus (晶荷轩) now it's time for the main highlight of our trip. From this moment onwards, we are going to explore the Magical kingdom - Hong Kong Disneyland to its fullest.

Between since we arrived quite late after lunch during the first day, I will featured and shared their 7 Main themed attractions, food and beverage as well as some tips to get around the park in two separate posts.

[Hong Kong Disneyland] A photo of our family visiting the Magical Disneyland themed park.
[Hong Kong Disneyland] Surfing Mickey Fountain near the park entrance
[Hong Kong Disneyland] Ticketing Booths near the Entrance

Monday, 28 October 2013

[Day 1] Weekend Getaway To Hong Kong Disneyland

[Hong Kong Disneyland - Disney's Hollywood Hotel]
Our recent trip to Hong Kong Disneyland during September school break was rather an impromptu decision but we did have a wonderful weekend there. And since it was our first visit plus free and easy trip in Hong Kong I was feeling rather insecure with things like our baggage and moving around in Hong Kong from one place to another.

But thanks God, everything went on smooth and it is much easier than what I have expected to explore Hong Kong with its efficient transport systems like Taxi, Airport Express and MTR and etc. So in my Hong Kong Travelogue posts I will share with you our itinerary to the Magical Disneyland together with transport, food and hotel details throughout the subsequent post which I hope it will help to ease your planning if you are heading there soon.

Waking up at around 3.00am in the morning is no joke as we need to reach the Singapore International Airport before 4.30am to do our check-in and catch the earliest plane to Hong Kong Disneyland. And I still remember vividly before we left the house it was raining heavily so we decided to drive to the airport instead of taking a cab which will be difficult at that hour with raining weather.

Moreover the mid-night charges plus airport surcharge to and back from our trip will cost much more than parking our car in the airport.


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