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[Day 3] Breakfast Buffet at Chef Mickey, HK Disney's Hollywood Hotel

[Chef Mickey @ Disney's Hollywood Hotel]
Chef Mickey Restaurant is located in Disney's Hollywood Hotel which offers international cuisines like Chinese, Japanese, Western and etc. And on top of their spread there is also a Greet-And-Meet session with Chef Mickey during the most of the buffet sessions where kids, individual or families can grab a photo taking opportunity with him like what we did. After which we had a hearty breakfast spread which I will be sharing with you on this post.

[Chef Mickey @ Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Buffet Pricing
Above shows the buffet dining schedules and pricing at Chef Mickey which you can take a look as reference (prices might subject to changes). As for the Meet-and-Greet sessions with Chef Mickey it is available at Breakfast (daily) or Lunch and Dinner during weekend and Public Holiday.

[Chef Mickey @ Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Interior Layout
Upon stepping into the restaurant you can see the lovely Mickey and friends drawings on the walls that reflected the 1930s black and white which makes you feel like traveling back in time. Beside that, the iconic Mickey logo can also be easily spotted everywhere in the restaurant such as the one on the chairs.

Before going into detail of the buffet spread, here is a short clip of the food which I shared over at Instagram here if you cannot view the above video.

[Chef Mickey @ Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Part of the Buffet Line
The Breakfast Buffet consists of 5 sections which features the appetizer, western spread, Chinese dim sum, Japanese sides, bread and pastry plus many other items for your selection.

[Chef Mickey @ Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Juice And Breakfast Cereal
[Chef Mickey @ Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Appetizer Corner
[Chef Mickey @ Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Mini Mickey Waffles
Mickey Waffle is always our favourite and it taste great on it's own with its crispy outer layer or you can even drizzle some honey, chocolate sauce or a scoop of ice-cream if it is available. Me and my boy loves this and we can have at least 3 pieces each and still going back for more.

[Chef Mickey @ Disney's Hollywood Hotel] American Breakfast Spread
The usual American spread with baked beans, scramble eggs, bacon, ham and etc which makes you feel so satisfy even by just looking at it.

[Chef Mickey @ Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Noodle Toppings
[Chef Mickey @ Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Live Cooking Station - Soup Noodle
If you are looking for some hot food to warm up your tummy, you can try this soup noodle which is cook on the spot by the station chef. After which you can add in your choice of toppings those shown above such as braised mushrooms vegetables, fishball and beansprouts.  Personally I love the milky soup broth which taste much like our local "fish soup noodle" broth.

[Chef Mickey @ Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Asian Station - Porridge And Rice 
[Chef Mickey @ Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Dim Sum Station
Just next to the noodle station, you can find a quite a range of Cantonese Dim Sum such as steamed bun, glutinous rice parcel, steamed dumplings and etc plus porridge and fried rice if you prefer something more Asian. 

[Chef Mickey @ Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Japanese Noodle And Salad Station
Or for a lighter meal, go for Japanese soba noodles, salad and etc.

[Chef Mickey @ Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Bread And Pastry Station
[Chef Mickey @ Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Bread And Pastry Station
[Chef Mickey @ Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Mickey Pastry - Banana Bread/Cake
I always have weakness for Bread and Pastry Station which I cannot seems to get enough of those danish pastry and freshly baked country bread. I love to enjoy it with a cup of coffee/tea together with some jam and fresh fruits.

Chef Mickey @ Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Daddy's Starter
Chef Mickey @ Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Mine Mickey Set
Chef Mickey @ Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Boy and his choice
Overall we are quite satisfy with the food and serving staffs at Chef Mickey who are efficient and friendly. Buffet line items more or less similar to those we had over at Enchanted Garden Restaurant (EC) but perhaps EC has more food choices plus they also have more Disney Characters during Meet-And-Greet session too.

But it's still up to individual as you can dine-in Chef Mickey from 7.00 - 10.30am whereas over at EC they have restriction on the dining hours because of the two seating sessions which might be a bit rush for some people. 

[Chef Mickey @ Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Interior Of Chef Mickey

Disney's Hollywood Hotel
Level 1
Lantau Island, Hong Kong
Phone:+852 3510 5000
Website: Official Website

* Note:
- Mentioned from Hong Kong Disneyland website, Halal-certified food is available at Chef Mickey restaurant upon request too.

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* Disclosure: Hong Kong Disneyland Magical Experience was partially sponsored by Hong Kong Disneyland. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are on our own.

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