Tuesday 26 November 2013

[Day 3] Visiting The Peak @ Hong Kong

After settled our baggage at the Airport Express In-town Check-in, we walked over to Central Pier to take a shuttle service to The Peak Tram Station. The Peak is known as Hong Kong's most popular attraction with its stunning views, great shopping and dining options which is a must visit attraction during your trip to Hong Kong.

IFC Mall @ Hong Kong Station
From the down-town check-in counter, make a move exit A2 of IFC Mall which is located near (within the underpass) the Hong Kong Station with luxury shopping mall, cinema, Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong and etc.

To get over to the Central Pier from Hong Kong station, take exit A2 and walk along the sheltered sky bridge walkway to Pier 7 which is near the maritime museum.

Hong Kong Central Pier
[Central Pier] A beautiful Junk Boat spotted at the Central Pier
Along the walkway you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Hong Kong cityscape and the central pier station.

[Central Pier] Weekend Flea Market
While searching for the bus-stop for 15C to go to the Peak Tram Station, we happened to see this organic farm weekend flea market at the Central Pier too. 

[Central Pier] Bus 15C Service Route
[Central Pier] Bus 15C Bus Stop
Number 15C operates in every 30 minutes interval which brings passengers (visitors) to and back from The Peak Tram Station. The Peak Tram shuttle bus stop is located at the Central (near Star Ferry Pier 7 and maritime museum) Pier. Details and pricing of the shuttle service are shown below:-

Daily: 10:00 am to 11:40 pm (from Pier 7)
Daily: 10:15am to 11:55pm (from Garden Road Peak Tram Lower Terminal)
Frequency: 15 to 20 minutes
Fare: HK$4.20; (half price for children under age of 12 and senior aged 65 and above)

Hong Kong Cityscape
[The Peak Tram] The Peak Tram Station located at Garden Road Peak Tram Lower Terminus
[The Peak Tram] Our boarding tickets
The tram station was pretty packed during Sunday afternoon when we were there and it took us about 45 minutes of waiting time from getting the tickets till on board the tram. Basically they are two types of pricing for the tram ticket as follow:-

- Adult HK$73(return); HK$63(single)
- Children/Senior HK$36(return); HK$29(single)

- Adult HK$40(return); HK$28(single)
- Children/Senior HK$18(return); HK$11(single)

*children (age 3 - 11); senior (65 years old and above)

More details about on the Peak Tram Tickets can be found at their official site here.

[The Peak Tram] Some exhibition at the Tram Station
[The Peak Tram] Tourists getting ready to board the tram to the Peak.
After the long queuing time and everyone rushing into the tram to grab a good viewing seat; we were finally on board. Everyone was so excited to get to the Peak and the Peak Tram ride is definitely an unforgettable experience for us. And from what we heard it is one of the world's oldest and most famous funicular railways as the tram rises to 396 metres (about 1,300 feet) above sea level. The ride going upwards is so steep that the buildings on the sides seems like they are leaning a gradient of between 4 - 27 degrees making the whole experience extremely awesome.

[The Peak Tower] Souvenir Shops
[The Peak Tower] Post Love To The Future
Located at P2 Atrium of The Peak Tower, there are 365 mailboxes each marked with a different date for visitors to deposit their postcard to the mailbox of their desire date. This concept enable visitors to write and post their greetings to their loved ones ahead of time which I think is a pretty cool idea. Shall wait for ours postcard to arrive soon......

[The Peak Town] Sky Terrace 428
[The Peak Town] At Sky Terrace 428 over seeing the City View
[The Peak Town] At Sky Terrace 428 over seeing the City View
With our Peak Tram and Sky Tower tickets we are able to enter the Sky Terrace 428 which is standing at 428 metres above sea level. This is the highest viewing platform in Hong Kong offering a stunning 360 degree panoramic view across the Hong Kong city. The day view is amazing and I am sure the night view will be even more fantastic with those night lights from the buildings.

[The Peak Tower] Viewing Deck at Sky Terrace 428
[The Peak Tower] View from Sky Terrace 428
[The Peak Tower] View from Sky Terrace 428 showing outlying islands (Cheung Chau Island, Lamma Island and Lantau Island)
Addition to the breathtaking view on The Sky Terrace 428 there is also a Sky Gallery which displays 17 historical photos that enable visitors to step back in time to the old Hong Kong and see how it has changed over time.

[The Peak] The Peak Lookout Restaurant
The Peak Lookout Restaurant has beautiful setting with both indoor and outdoor seating that offers panoramic view of the Peak but too bad we don't have enough time to hang around for some afternoon tea to enjoy the views.

For your information, The Peak Tower is located at Victoria Gap and is directly connected to Hong Kong City by The Peak Tram, which runs between the Peak and The Peak Tram Terminus on Garden Road that is within a short stroll from the Central MTR station.

[Hong Kong City] Busy street along Man Yiu Street towards Hong Kong MRT Station.
[Hong Kong City] Busy street along Man Yiu Street towards Hong Kong MRT Station.
From the Peak Tram Station, we took a short walk back to Hong Kong MTR Station to have our afternoon tea (at Tim Ho Wan, will share on another post) as well as doing some last minute shopping before boarding the Airport Express Train to Airport. .

[Hong Kong MRT Station] Hong Kong Airport Express Train
Hong Kong Airport Express Train
Hong Kong Airport Express Train
The traveling time from city to Airport takes about 30 minutes and since we already checked in our baggage it's pretty easy for us to move around and also the Airport Express station is just located in the same building as the Hong Kong MRT Station which can easily accessible to the IFC Shopping Mall too.

The interior of the train is quite spacious with comfort 2 seaters seats on each side of the walkway and plus there is also a screen showing the departure times of all the flights in the airport terminals which is somehow similar with the Phaya Thai Express Train that we took in Bangkok.

Hong Kong Airport Express Train
[Hong Kong International Airport] Post Office
Rey managed to get hold of some postage stamps to send a Postcard back home to Singapore before boarding our flight.

[Hong Kong International Airport] Ready For Check-in
[Hong Kong International Airport] Roasted Goose
[Hong Kong International Airport] Wanton Noodles
After check-in since we still have around an hour and the half of waiting time before boarding our flight we decided to grab some food to satisfy our craving on their local delights like wanton noodles and roasted goose. Although these might not be the best in town but at least we were happy at that moment and we shall be back soon to explore more of the Hong Kong street food and hopefully Macau too .

On Board United Airline from Hong Kong to Singapore
[United Airlines] In-Flight Dinner Menu
The Kid's Meal on board don't really look appetizing and my boy even comments that the bread look kind of scary which supposed to resemble a "bear" head shape. We were also kind of upset with their in-flight services where the serving staffs don't even bother to check on the kid's meal until I have to ask them when they finished serving all the food in the cabin.

[United Airlines] In-Flight Dinner Menu
Overall we were quite disappointed with the food served from United Airlines in-flight menu perhaps I have better experiences with other airlines food. And the coffee served on board was really diluted like maybe 1 coffee bag to 3 cups water, so can you imagine the taste?

Lastly with the flight back, it concludes our weekend getaway trip to the Magical Hong Kong Disneyland and till then we shall plan another trip to explore other parts of Hong Kong and it's well-known local food hopefully soon.

Itinerary for 3D2N Hong Kong Disneyland (2013) travelogue are as follow:-
~ [Day 1] Weekend Getaway To Hong Kong Disneyland
~ [Day 1] Lunch at Crystal Lotus (晶荷轩), Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel
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~ Disney's Hollywood Hotel (香港迪士尼乐园酒店)
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~ [Day 3] Buffet Breakfast at Chef Mickey (米奇厨师餐厅), Disney's Hollywood Hotel
~ [Day 3] Taking Disneyland Train to Hong Kong Station for In-Town Check-in via Hong Kong Airport Express
~ [Day 3] Visiting The Peak, Hong Kong
~ Dim Sum Lunch at Tim Ho Wan (添好運)

* Disclosure: Hong Kong Disneyland Magical Experience was partially sponsored by Hong Kong Disneyland. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are on our own.


  1. Hi Ellena,

    Where did you get the postcard in HK as i couldn't seem to find any when i was there last month. I'm going again this sunday and appreciate if you can share with me where you got it? And where is the post office in HKIA located? I am defintely sending a postcard home!

    Thanks so much :)


    1. Hi Vanessa,

      You can get postcard from their bookstore or tourist souvenir outlets or some hotel gift shops also have. As for the postage stamps, we get it from those postage machines at the airport or u can check with the hotel staffs. B/w tourist souvenir stall that sells postcard also have stamps. HTH :)


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