Monday 11 November 2013

[Day 2] Dinner at Walt's Cafe (华特餐厅), Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

After spending an enjoyable day at Disneyland Theme Park, we head back to Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel to have our dinner at Walt's Cafe (华特餐厅). It is a posh restaurant that furnished in 1950s themed with warm lighting, dark wood floor and furniture that brings you back to Victorian era. And if you prefer to have early dinners with beautiful sunset as backdrop do remember to make your reservation earlier in order to secure a good seat for viewing pleasure.

[Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel] Side View Of Walt's Cafe (华特餐厅)
[Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel] Interior View Of Walt's Cafe (华特餐厅)
Love the interior set up of Walt's Cafe which look similar to those classic Victorian restaurants in US. The serving crews that we encountered that night were very patience and they really takes time to explain the items on the menu to us (due to a bit of language interpretation) and also give us their best recommendation to suits our preference.

[Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel] Menu of Walt's Cafe (华特餐厅)
[Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel] Set Menu of Walt's Cafe (华特餐厅)
Basically there are two types of menu at Walt's Cafe which allows you to choose either from their a la crate items or pick up their Lunch/Dinner set which comes in 3 or 4 Courses ranging from HK$288 - HK$318 (SG$47 - SG$51) per person which is a good deal for fine dining menu.

[Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel] Walt's Cafe (华特餐厅)
In the restaurant there is a corner for Fresh Salad ingredients which on display near their open kitchen area where guests who ordered salad dish can pick up their desire salad ingredients while the serving staffs will prepare it freshly on the spot.

[Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel] Walt's Cafe (华特餐厅)
[Walt's Cafe (华特餐厅)] Crusty Bread
Before the salad we have some really yummy Crusty Bread that is different from the usual dinner bun/roll. Rey loves the bread which has a crispy crust on the outside and yet soft moist texture in it. For me I feel that it goes well with some butter or use it as dip together with the soup.

[Walt's Cafe (华特餐厅)] Walt's Garden
Next is our Walt's Garden Salad which ingredients are picked up by the chef (on our behalf) and with little bit of this and that they are and toss together with a special salad dressing. Most of the ingredients in is taste great except for one item which is very "sourish" for my liking :p a

[Walt's Cafe (华特餐厅)] Soup Of The Day - Minestrone
[Walt's Cafe (华特餐厅)] Soup Of The Day - Minestrone
Soup of the Day is Minestrone which we all love. The taste of the soup is just right with hint of sweetness and mild sour taste that refresh your taste palate leaving you craving for more.

[Walt's Cafe (华特餐厅)] Pan-fried Miso Of Cod Fish
My main course is Pan-Fried Miso Of Cod Fish. The boneless cod fillet is very fresh with firm texture and buttery taste that is cook in perfect timing. Although the portion might look smaller as compared to the sirloin steak but trust me you will be full before dessert is served.

[Walt's Cafe (华特餐厅)] Grilled Sirloin Steak with Seasonal Vegetables And Potato
On the other hand, D ordered his favourite Grilled Sirloin Steak which he prefers it more than Cod Fish. Indeed I have also "pinch" a slice of the steak (medium well) to try and it is really good with its semi-chewy texture.

[Walt's Cafe (华特餐厅)] Meatball With Tomato Sauce on Mashed Potato
Not to forget our little friend. Here's Rey's Meatball With Tomato Sauce on Mashed Potato served on cute Mickey plate which the chef specially prepared for kids.

[Walt's Cafe (华特餐厅)] Meatball With Tomato Sauce on Mashed Potato
Instead of the usual pasta with meatballs, this version has being replaced with mashed potato and it's really yummy to go with the freshly made meatballs which are moist and juicy. You must be wondering how I know...... that's because Rey let me try out one of the meatball and it does taste great especially when eaten together with the sauce and mashed potato.

[Walt's Cafe (华特餐厅)] Rosemary Almond Apple Tart with Vanilla Ice-Cream
Before we ends the meal we have Rosemary Almond Apple Tart with Vanilla Ice-Cream for dessert. Apple Tart and Vanilla always sound heavenly when pairs together and now they even add-in Rosemary so how can you resist it!

[Walt's Cafe (华特餐厅)] Rosemary Almond Apple Tart with Vanilla Ice-Cream
Bottom layer is a nice and warm apple tart which top with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream then layer with a piece of crispy caramelized almond crisp together with a nice custard sauce to go with it.

With this delicious dessert it ends our last night in Hong Kong Disneyland with sweet and wonderful memories that we had for the past two days. Till then we shall look forward to be in this Magical Kingdom again and hopefully for the next trip we can managed to get a room in Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel to experience it's Victorian style room furnishing and facilities.

3/F, Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel
Lantau Island, Hong Kong
Telephone: +852 3510 6000
Website: Official Website

* Note:
- Mentioned from Hong Kong Disneyland website, Halal-certified food is available at Walt's Cafe restaurant upon request too.

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* Disclosure: Hong Kong Disneyland Magical Experience was partially sponsored by Hong Kong Disneyland. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are on our own.

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