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Disney's Hollywood Hotel (迪士尼好莱坞酒店) @ Hong Kong

[Disney's Hollywood Hotel @ Hong Kong]
Disney's Hollywood Hotel is one of the two available within Hong Kong Disneyland Resort in Lantau Island, Hong Kong. It is themed to 1930s Hollywood with around 600 guest rooms, five restaurants and a gift shop plus outdoor pool area.

For guests who are going to Disneyland Resort or Disneyland Hotel (for meals) there is also a complimentary Resort Shuttle Bus service available outside the hotel main entrance with 10 - 20 minutes interval of waiting time.

Disney's Hollywood Hotel
The hotel "check out" time is before 11.00am but if your flight is late in the evening they do have luggage deposit service for in-house guests or you can do a Airport Express Check-in (post coming soon) if you are intending to explore the city area like what we did.

[Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Lobby Area
This is the front desk area at Lobby where you can make enquery, check-in/check-out for rooms, currency exchange and etc. The earliest "check-in" timing is after 12.00pm depending on room availability so you can just hang around at the lobby area or have a quick bites at one of their cafe while waiting for the check in.

[Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Sea View
Disney's Hollywood Hotel has about 600 guest rooms each with the garden view, the sea view, or the park view over 8 levels that caters for every type of guests need. Following a same Deco design for each room makes it simple and yet elegance to the rooms featuring a stylish mix of modern (the flat-screen LCD TV) and past which wouldn't make guests feel too out of place in the 1930s Hollywood.

You can read more about our room facilities and view a short video clip over at another separate post here.

[Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Sea View
From our room at eight floor we can get a pretty good Sea View through the full length glass window overseeing the magnificent view from far. But it's a bit pity that some of the views are block by the trees below so it the hotel is built with higher floors I am sure the view will be ever better.

[Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Floor Plan Directory
All the rooms in the hotel are equipped with Boardband Internet access via guests own laptop computer with an access charge. More details can be obtain from the Guest Services counter at lobby area. But guests can still use the FREE WiFi service around the Hotel Lobby Area by connecting to the Wi-Fi network known as "HKDL-BB".

For your information, this FREE WiFi service is available at both Disney's Hollywood Hotel and Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel lobby area and dining locations.

[Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Lobby Area
Cozy area at the hotel lobby for guests to hang around while waiting for their rooms registration and check-in.

[Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Lobby Area
[Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Lobby Area
Children's Corner with comfort sofa for kids to enjoy their favourite Disney Cartoon program.

[Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Celebrity Gifts
Celebrity Gifts Shop features most of the popular Disney Characters gifts, apparel, collectible trading pins, sundries and etc. It is located beside the Lobby entrance and opposite Studio Lounge.

[Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Side View Of The Celebrity Gifts Shop
[Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Celebrity Gifts
Although my boy is already "grown up" for this kiddy water tumbler but he just can't get his hand out of these cute Winnie The Pooh designed tumblers.

[Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Celebrity Gifts
This is be a perfect gift for friend(s) who is getting marry or it is as good as a wedding anniversary gift too.

[Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Celebrity Gifts
With all these cute Disney Character merchandises I am sure both kids and Adults can spend up to hour(s) in the shop admiring and choosing which to bring home as gift or souvenir for self collection.

[Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Studio Lounge
[Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Studio Lounge
Located just off the main Lobby, the art deco theme of the hotel continues with the colouful high-backed chairs and soft sofas seats. with a full bar service offering specialty cocktails and mocktails (see what we ordered  at another post here(post coming soon)), Studio Lounge is a place to relax and enjoy the view over the lawn through the full length windows.

As you can see from the menu above, other than cocktails they also offers snack and food like pizza, burgers, noodle soup and etc to cater the demand of the hotel guests.

[Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Chef Mickey Cafe
[Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Chef Mickey Cafe 
[Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Chef Mickey Cafe
Chef Mickey Cafe offers casual International Buffet with local favourite Cantonese courses as well as specialties from Asia and US featuring a European bakery and pizza fresh from their wood fired oven. You can read more about our Buffet experience plus Meet-And-Greet session with Chef Mickey here. (post coming soon)

[Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Hollywood And Dine Cafe
[Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Hollywood And Dine Cafe
[Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Hollywood And Dine Cafe
Hollywood and Dine is located at another end of the hotel featuring quick meal break with items likes fresh fruit, salads, juice, congee, cakes, pastry, tea and coffee and etc. This is also an ideal snack bar for guests to grab something to munch before meals if  they are back at the hotel during a midday rest from the Theme Park experience.

[Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Malibu Games
[Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Malibu Games
All kids will definitely love Mailbu Games which is just beside the Hollywood and Dine cafe. And this service is also a complimentary for in-house guests' kids to enjoy their wide variety of classic arcade style games.

[Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Outdoor View
[Disney's Hollywood Hotel] View of the Hotel
[Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Outdoor Facilities - Piano Pool
In the early morning or late evening, you can take a short walk around the Hollywood themed garden to take some photos with the vintage Californian cars or with sea view as background. If time is favorable you can enjoy pool time at their Piano Pool to cool down the summer heat which I think it's a great idea to pamper yourself during vacation.

After all you do need some "me" time just for yourself to enjoy some peace and relaxation away from busy city life.

[Disney's Hollywood Hotel] Postage Service
If you would like to send a postcard or mail back home to your friends or as a memory, you can use the letter pad/postcard provided in the hotel room and purchase the postage stamps from the Bell Services (at Lobby front desk) like what we did. Between they also provide mailing service on behalf for guests so just leave your mail(s) with them will do.

Itinerary for 3D2N Hong Kong Disneyland (2013) travelogue are as follow:-
~ [Day 1] Weekend Getaway To Hong Kong Disneyland
~ [Day 1] Lunch at Crystal Lotus (晶荷轩), Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel
~ [Day 1] Exploring Hong Kong Disneyland - Part I plus Short Clip on Firework
~ Disney's Hollywood Hotel (香港迪士尼乐园酒店)
~ [Day 2] Breakfast Plus Meet-and- Greet with Disney Characters at Enchanted Garden (翠乐庭餐厅)
~ [Day 2] Exploring Hong Kong Disneyland - Part II
~ [Day 2] Dinner at Walt's Cafe (华特餐厅), Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel
~ [Day 3] Buffet Breakfast at Chef Mickey (米奇厨师餐厅), Disney's Hollywood Hotel
~ [Day 3] Taking Disneyland Train to Hong Kong Station for In-Town Check-in via Hong Kong Airport Express
~ [Day 3] Visiting The Peak, Hong Kong
~ Dim Sum Lunch at Tim Ho Wan (添好運)

* Disclosure: Hong Kong Disneyland Magical Experience was partially sponsored by Hong Kong Disneyland. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are on our own.

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