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[Day 2] Exploring Hong Kong Disneyland ( 香港迪士尼乐园) - Part II

After our Greet-And-Meet breakfast session with Disney Characters at Enchanted Garden (Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel), we took the park shuttle service back to Disneyland to continue our adventure with the rest of the attractions apart from what we had on Day 1. And with some planning on the night before, I have already listed down the attractions that we are going to "conquer" with the help of the Disneyland FASTPASS to cut down the waiting time on those popular attractions.

[Hong Kong Disneyland]
[Hong Kong Disneyland - Main Street, USA] Featuring Attractions, Restaurants and Shops
Pass the park entrance, our first stop was at Main Street, USA where there are two rows of shops along the street offering Disney Character merchandises such as Disney themed toys, cookies, candy, clothes, stationary, food and etc.

[Hong Kong Disneyland - Main Street, USA] Character Greeting
We were lucky to see Mickey and Minnie at the Gazebo opposite the Disneyland Railroad Station posing for photo taking at around 11.15am when we reached the park. But since we already had our photo taken with Mickey during breakfast at Enchanted Garden earlier, we decided to skip the long queue for this.

[Hong Kong Disneyland - Main Street, USA] Mickey Waffle

You can get this freshly made Mickey Waffle from Main Street Market (marked B on the guide map) which cost HK $50 (SG$8.00) each. The serving is a few time bigger (around 12 - 15cm in width) then the usual mini mickey waffle we had at the breakfast buffet and it's just nice to share between 2 person.

[Hong Kong Disneyland - Main Street USA] Victorian Collection
Along the street we can easily spot Halloween-themed merchandises available in the shops or theme park due to Halloween is around the corner. Here is a shot of Rey posing with those spooky items at the newly opened Victorian Collection located in Main Street USA.

[Hong Kong Disneyland - Main Street USA] Market House Bakery
If you are looking for some snack such as bread and pastry to munch along the way while queuing for the rides or etc. You can pop by this Market House Bakery which is hosted by Maxim's; a well-known local chain bakeries and restaurants in Hong Kong.

After moving off from Main Street USA we head towards Fantasyland to redeem our FASTPASS for The Many Adventure of Winnie The Pooh ride. Rey is so excited about the ride firstly because he is a Winnie The Pooh fans plus we didn't get to try the Winnie ride in Tokyo Disneyland due to the long waiting time which is more than 120 minutes.

[Hong Kong Disneyland - Fantasyland] The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh
[FASTPASS Available] Finally we are at the Winnie The Pooh attraction to redeem our FASTPAS  which allows us to take the ride on either 12.10pm / 1.10pm. To avoid long waiting time for popular attractions, Hong Kong Disneyland has installed FASTPASS Card at 3 of their major attractions such as;– “The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh” at Fantasyland, “Space Mountain” and “Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters” at Tomorrowland.

To redeem your FREE FASTPASS, simply insert your Park admission ticket into one of the FASTPASS Distribution Machines which are located at the designated attractions. And on the FASTPASS you can find detailed instructions and time of entrance so you can go for other ride(s) before returning to the attraction stated on your Card at the instructed time.

More detail of the Disneyland FASTPASS can be found here.

[Hong Kong Disneyland - Fantasyland] The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh
As you can see there was long queue waiting for the Winnie The Pooh Ride with approximately waiting time of 50 minutes. Luckily we had redeem our FASTPASS earlier. [Returning using FastPass with waiting time less than 10 minutes]

[Hong Kong Disneyland - Fantasyland] The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh
[Hong Kong Disneyland - Fantasyland] The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh
Winnie The Pooh ride features an oversize beehive shaped motion car ride which bring you travel through Hundred Acre Wood and immerse yourself in the stories of Winnie the Pooh. It is quite a fun and relaxing family ride without any "unexpected" horror.

After completing the ride, you can hop over to Pooh Corner to shop for some Winnie and Friends related merchandises too. Rey was overwhelming with all the Pooh's items where he bought a few things like Winnie The Pooh T-Shirt, Key Chains, Fridge Magnet and Lunch Box. Beside Pooh there are other Disney Characters items for your selection too.

Further down from Winnie The Pooh Ride (above), towards the right side of the park we stopped at "it's a small world" where one can take a relaxing boat ride and enjoy a vision of world peace and happiness in all the countries of the world with the "it's a small world (after all)" song singing at the background.

[Hong Kong Disneyland - Fantasyland] "it's a small world"
[Hong Kong Disneyland - Fantasyland] "it's a small world"
Some of the "miniature" themes featured during the boat ride where you can see and feel the happy moments through the songs and visions.

[Hong Kong Disneyland - Main Street USA] Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad; Main Station
[Hong Kong Disneyland - Main Street USA] Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad; Fantasyland Station
To get an overall view of the theme park, you can hop on to the Disneyland Railroad which featured an antique train that transports guests around the park with two dropped off points at Main Street USS or Fantasyland.

Depending on where you board the train, if you starts off at Main Street Station it will travel through Adventureland and the Rivers of the Jungle River Cruise. Then the train arrives in Fantasyland and makes a stop at the Fantasyland Station. After which the train will move on to Fantasy Gardens, Mad Hatter Tea Cups, the walkway to it's a small world, and travels underneath the queue line of The Golden Mickeys to Tomorrowland where they view Space Mountain and the some of the tracks of Autopia and etc then back to the main station.

Look what we spot after the train ride along the way to Rafts and Tarzan's Treehouse (@ Adventureland)! There is this man making balloon sculpture for kids and he can easily twist and turn colourful balloons into cute animals or Disney characters like "Mickey" shown above.

[Hong Kong Disneyland] Magical Coin Pressed Machine
For penny collectors, there are a total of 12 coin pressed machines located in different attractions of the theme park. And each machine has 3 Disney designs coin with a slogan of "Hong Kong Disneyland" pricing at  HK $15 (SG$2.45) each coin. I did try out one which you can see from the photo above, but I missed out Winnie The Pooh design because I did not know they have one till later on when I am writing this post :(

[Hong Kong Disneyland - Adventureland] Tarzan's Treehouse
In order to move between the land to the treehouse, Rafts are used to ferry passengers to and from the Tarzan's Treehouse which is encircled by the Rivers of Adventure that is quite a similar arrangement to Disneyland's Tom Sawyer Island. We feel I was quite fun taking the raft ride across to the island (for those with young kids remember to keep an eye on them while on the raft for safety purpose) to explore the Treehouse despite of the scorching heat.

At Tomorrowland we conquered three rides such as; Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters (super fun as we go for it thrice), Orbitron and Autopia. For your information, if you are looking for exciting ride, go for the "Space Mountain" which is a thrilling high speed indoor interstellar roller coaster (min height to ride is 102cm).

[Hong Kong Disneyland - Tomorrowland] Starliner Diner
[[Hong Kong Disneyland - Tomorrowland] Starliner Diner
We settle our lunch at Starliner Diner that serve fast-food like burger, fried chicken, grilled chicken with rice, hotdog bun, salad and etc. We ordered two set meals (Fried Chicken Basket Combo, HK$84 (SG$13.60); Jumbo Hotdog Combo, HK$78 (SG$12.60)) to share among the three of us and surprisingly their fried chicken set taste quite good as compared to the hotdog set with crispy outer layer and yet tender juicy meat within.

On top of the meals, I also order a Mango Pudding which comes in cute Mickey head designed that cost HK $26 (SG$4.20) .

[Hong Kong Disneyland - Tomorrowland] Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
[FASTPASS available] Since we already obtained the "FASTPASS" ahead before our lunch we just need to enter through their "FASTPASS" lane which is beside the Star Command souvenir shop at the specify time stated on the card.

Other than Toy Soldier Parachute Drop, this is another family fun game where everyone can enjoy together. Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters allows you to help Buzz Lightyear defeat Emperor Zurg. The ride vehicle is equipped with a steering wheel and two blaster guns where you can use the steering wheel to rotate your vehicle to face front, back or side to side. Along the whole ride, you and your partner can use the provided laser blaster guns to shoot Zurg and his minions to earn points and conclude your ranking at the end of the ride (refer to the photo of the shooting target below).

[Hong Kong Disneyland - Tomorrowland] Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
This ride is so fun and exciting that we redeemed their FASTPASS tickets thrice one after another to cut down queuing time so that we can enjoy the rest of the rides at Tomorrowland and get back to it on the specify timing.

[Hong Kong Disneyland - Tomorrowland] Star Command Suppliers
After the ride you can shop around at Star Command Suppliers for their related products like Buzz Lightyear toys, water bottles, cups, T-shirts and etc as well as other Disney Characters merchandise..

I must thanks to the latest network technology that I am able to communicate (thru WhatsApp using the local Hong Kong 3G SIM) with mum who is way back from Singapore to get her opinion on which design she prefer before picking it up for payment. Between can you guess which piece she choose in the end :p

[Hong Kong Disneyland - Tomorrowland] Boys in Space Suits!
[Hong Kong Disneyland - Tomorrowland] Orbitron
Rey always get excited with rides that "fly" high up into the sky so even if the waiting time is about 20 - 30 minutes under the hot sun he still insists that we go for this ride.

Orbitron is a rocket-spinner attraction with each "flying saucer" that is able to accommodate four riders in two rows of two riders. And here we are, after 20 minutes of queuing time we are up in the air with the boy piloting our own flying saucer. It is indeed a fun ride with good view around the Tomorrowland zone.

[Hong Kong Disneyland - Tomorrowland] Space Mountain

Located at the end corner of Main Street USA, there is this Victorian-style cafe known as "Corner Cafe" which serve Main Course, Dessert and Afternoon Tea Set.

[Hong Kong Disneyland - Main Street USA] Corner Cafe
For the price of HK$298 (SG$49.00) we get to enjoy a four-tier high tea set shown above (items might varies depending on their daily bakes) which is good enough for 2 - 3 pax sharing. And each high tea set also comes with any two choices of beverages from:- Assorted Tea, Premium Coffee Selections or Soft Drink.

The items for the Magical Afternoon High Tea Set (奇妙下午茶) are:-
~ Profiteroles And Fresh Fruit Tart
~ Salmon Quiche Tart
~  Mini Wagyu Burger
~ Green Tea Creme Brulee And Macaron
~ Miniature Sandwiches
~ Tropical Of Seasonal Fruit Plate

As you can see from the above photo their macaron, scones, miniature sandwich and fruits are decorated mostly in mickey mouse shapes to surprise your visual as well as whet your appetite with those cute add-on designs.

We had a great time pampering ourselves with this Magical Afternoon High Tea Set - 奇妙下午茶(Mickey themed) while catching up with the "Fights of Fantasy Parade" place the link (Mon - Fri: 3.30pm; Sat: 3.00pm) through the window view facing the main street.

Between the High Tea Set is available daily from 3.00pm until 5.30pm or you can pick up something lighter such as their Afternoon Dessert Set @ HK $78 onwards.

[Hong Kong Disneyland - Tomorrowland] Autopia
After tea-break we went to Autopia (2 minutes walk; opposite Buzz Lightyear Ride) which feature electric cars ride that allow guests (max 2 pax per car) to cruise along the highways mastering the twists and turns. And from the above photo showing the queues waiting to get on board you will know it's popularity within the zone. Although the estimated waiting time to the ride was about 45 - 60 minutes but thanks God it only took us about 25 minutes before we hop on to the ride.

Electric car ride is one of my boy's favourite even since he had his first trial in Tokyo Disneyland last year. And as usual I am the passenger who sits behind while he in-charge of the wheels.

[Hong Kong Disneyland - Tomorrowland] Autopia
[Hong Kong Disneyland - Main Street USA] Emporium
Before leaving the park, we went to the Emporium at Main Street USA to grab some gifts and souvenirs for ourselves and friends. And indeed they have many limited edition range of Disney Characters merchandise which you don't want to miss out. 

[Hong Kong Disneyland] My Boy's Loot From Pooh Corner Gift Shop
Rey bought a Pooh T-Shirt @ HK$195 (SG$32) which is the last piece for his size (XS) as well as fridge magnet HK$45 (SG$7.50) and a 2-tier Winnie The Pooh Lunch Box with cutlery and lunch bag @ HK$140 (SG$23).

[Hong Kong Disneyland] Park Main Entrance
Stunning night view of the Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad Station (the building at the back) near the main entrance of the park.

Surfing Mickey Fountain near the park entrance with beautiful coloured lighting.

Although it was our last night in Hong Kong Disneyland but I am sure we will be back soon for more magical moments and family fun times since the distance between Hong Kong and Singapore is quite near (3hours + by flight) as compared to other Disneyland overseas. But till then we will treasure all the wonderful memories that we had over the past two days. See you soon Disneyland!!!!

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* Disclosure: Hong Kong Disneyland Magical Experience was partially sponsored by Hong Kong Disneyland. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are on our own.

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